How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction

How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny. It will not be a secret for anyone that after long-term use of the taps, limescale begins to appear on them over time, which should be removed not only for aesthetic purposes.

But before that, it's worth learning how to remove plaque from the tap and what tools can be used for this.

Why plaque appears

Any kitchen or bathroom has a washbasin or sink with a tap, which is connected to the water supply network. The water from the pipeline is very rarely really of high quality and it contains various components.

It is due to the fact that the quality of the water "does not shine" that a white bloom can appear on the tap, which is calcium and magnesium deposits. Also, the formation of plaque will be facilitated by regular heating of water to high temperature values.

Major mistakes

There are several major mistakes that people make when trying to clean the taps from various contaminants.

Using a metal brush

How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction Some people like to use hard metal sponges to remove plaque. But keep in mind that in fact it is better not to use them, as this leaves scratches and other mechanical damage on the surface of the crane.

For this reason, rubbing a plaque-contaminated surface is better with something else, less traumatic.

Using poor detergent

Choose the right detergent before cleaning, as some of them cannot be used either.

Abrasive particles

Sometimes it happens that there are abrasive particles in detergents, which can also damage the surface of the tap when applied. For this reason, we advise you to carefully study the composition of each product that you plan to buy. If there are many abrasive components in the composition, it is better to refuse to use such a tool.


How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction Some people who they like to clean with the strongest compounds, they believe that the best thing is to use products with acids. But keep in mind that for cranes, such compounds are not suitable for coating and will even harm them.

For this reason, liquids containing the following acids cannot be used to clean dirt:

  • Sulfuric.
  • Phosphoric.
  • Salt.

If you use them, then the surface will eventually begin to be covered with dots of dark color, which cannot be washed off.

Mixing several products into a single one

Someone even prefers to mix several detergents, believing that the resulting composition will perfectly cope with the removal of lime plaque. But sometimes the result is so unexpected that you have to completely change the crane.For this reason, it is better to abandon such ideas and use other, more gentle methods, which are described below.

How to clean the faucet from plaque with folk remedies

We suggest considering home remedies that will help to remove limescale from the faucet with your own hands easily and simply, with this without harming you or the crane.

Laundry soap

To wash off lime-type deposits, you can often use ordinary laundry soap, which is found in every home, as it has a disinfectant act. Experts recommend buying 72% soap, since it is several times more effective than what we are used to using. To remove dirt, wipe the chrome surface with a bar of soap and rinse with warm water.


How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction Most people why- then it is mistakenly believed that only fumes can be removed with soda, but in fact this is not at all the case. Baking soda products help to effectively fight limescale contamination on the tap.

Important! To make a wear remover, add 300 grams of baking soda to 1 liter of water. Then stir the mixture until you get a thick mixture. She also needs to wipe the contaminated coating.


Use regular vinegar to quickly clean taps and remove limescale deposits. It should be diluted with water, one measure of vinegar and two water, and then soak a cleaning cloth in this solution.

Next, wipe the plumbing fixtures with the mixture, and after 15 minutes, rinse the faucet with plain water and wipe dry.

Lemon (acid)

Use fresh lemon juice or citric acid, which is available at any grocery store, to fight limescale. Cleaning lime-type dirt is carried out in several steps:

  • How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction Apply acid to a cloth.
  • Wipe the dirty surface.
  • Rinse off the remaining agent with heated water.

As you can see, it is not difficult and will not take much time.


You can remove dirty plaque from the surface with the help of any Coca-Cola drink. To do this, take an ordinary rag and soak it well in a sweet liquid, and then throw it over a dirty tap. After 30 minutes, remove the cloth and rinse the surface with water. If there are any traces of plaque, repeat the procedure.

Soap for children

You can remove dirt and plaque from the surface of the tap using another non-standard product, namely baby soap. Before use, it should be diluted in equal proportions with warm water and mixed thoroughly. After that, moisten a small piece of cloth in the mixture with which you will wipe the tap. Then wipe it again with a cloth that will be moistened with clean water.


To remove limescale from the tap, you can even use those familiar to everyone.

... toothpicks! They are definitely in every home. To remove plaque, carefully grab a toothpick by both edges with your fingers, and then carefully apply it to the surface and stretch it along.

This removes any salt deposits quickly and does not require the use of additional cleaning agents.


How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction None it's no secret that salt is an abrasive material, and therefore, following the advice that abrasives should not be used for cleaning, many do not think that salt can be used in the fight against limescale. But if you use it in small quantities, it will do a great job of cleaning the faucet. So, you need to take 10 grams of salt and pour them onto a napkin, and then gently rub into the dirty mass. Then rinse the treated area with clean water.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a versatile product that can help fight a huge amount of pollution. The principle of use is the same as with ordinary soda - we mix it with water so that a gruel is obtained, and then we process the surface with it. The difference lies in the fact that such a mixture should be on the tap for at least 40 minutes, or better 60, and after that the tap should be wiped and polished with a dry cloth.

Tooth powders and pastes

If there is very little limescale on the tap, you can use tooth powder or paste. Apply the product to an old toothbrush, and then gently wipe off the plaque.

If it is not possible to remove the contamination at once, the procedure should be repeated.

Baby oils

And this last method is least often used. Few people know, but it is baby oil that is very effective against salt deposits and scale, plaque. To do this, wipe the dirty areas with a cloth soaked in oil. After that, wipe the residue with a napkin, rinse with water and rub dry with a clean cloth.

Overview of special cleaning agents

There are also special cleaning agents that are used to clean household appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Cleansing mixtures

Among the most effective cleaning agents, we single out several, which are combined in the TOP-5.

  • Top House

How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction They can be cleaned gas stoves, ovens, washbasin taps. The liquid contains special components that help to cope with salt deposits on any surface, all you need to do is apply the gel to the faucet, and then rub it with a cloth and rinse everything with clean water.

  • Cilit bang

This cleaning type composition helps to remove not only limescale marks, but other more serious dirt.

It is often used to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean.Use the product at least once a month so that plaque does not appear on the tap.

  • Sanox

To remove limescale from the tap, as well as get rid of dirt and even rust, use Sanox, which is produced in a gel. It has disinfecting properties, and also helps to remove bacteria and even pathogens of intestinal infections from the surface. When using the product, it should be squeezed out in small quantities onto the tap, rubbed with a sponge, and then everything can be washed off.

  • Syph

This is a slightly different product, which is released in the form of a spray. It should be evenly sprayed on the plaque, and after that the treated surface should be wiped with a damp cloth and the "wow" effect is ensured.

  • Ravak Cleaner Chrome

If there are salt deposits or even limescale marks on the tap, use this particular product. Before using it, the gel should be mixed with water, and then moisten a cloth in the solution and wipe the tap.


To polish the chrome plating, use special polishes.

  • Domax

After some time, the taps begin to lose their former shine, and it will be quite natural to want to restore it. This can be done by using a tool such as Domax. This gel is very effective, because after its application, a protective film forms on the surface against grease, scale and other contaminants.

  • Indesite

How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction For polishing chrome coatings the majority chose Indesit gel polish. The advantages of the product include the fact that it helps to quickly dissolve fatty deposits and salt particles, as well as the fact that there are no caustic elements in the composition.

What to do if the faucet is jammed due to the raid

Sometimes it happens that due to the raid, which has not been removed for a long time, the tap starts to jam. In this case, we suggest using one of two effective methods.

Vinegar solution

When the faucet stops working due to salt deposits, it must be removed and soaked in a solution of vinegar. Please note that it should not be too concentrated, so mix the components in a ratio of 1 measure of vinegar and 3 measures of water.


This solvent is recognized as one of the best and is often used not only for domestic purposes, but even for industrial purposes.

In order for the crane to start working, you will have to perform aerosol treatment of all places where a lot of salt deposits have formed.

Nuances of cleaning the aerator

The aerator is a special mesh that is in the taps in order to spray water from crane. Remove and inspect for various contaminants before cleaning. If there are too many of them, then use a vinegar solution in which the part should be soaked for 40 minutes.

How to disassemble the mixer at home

To clean the founder mixer, you can do it from the inside.

Let's find out how to disassemble different types of faucets.


To clean the inside of the faucet from limescale, first look at which faucet you have. Single-lever mixers are most often used. To get to them, first turn off the water, remove the plug and disconnect the screw for the fastener. Then remove the ball cap, trace and mixer block.

Only then can rinsing be performed from the inside.


To clean the inside of the two-valve type mixer, first unscrew the locking screw. After that, unscrew the valve-axle box and remove the gasket that is used for sealing.


How easy and simple it is to remove limescale from the tap for a penny: Instruction These mixers have enough complex design, so it will be difficult to disassemble it yourself. We recommend that you contact a professional with such a problem who can fix plumbing of any complexity.


To clean the ball mechanism that is used in a single-lever design, disassemble the mixer in the same way as described in the first instruction. First, remove the plugs with fasteners, and then unscrew the external mixing block with a ball mechanism.


Yes, all taps are gradually beginning to become covered with limescale, and it should be disposed of. To eliminate such contamination, you should familiarize yourself with the basic means and methods for cleaning chrome-type coatings.


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