How far from the fence can you build a barn

How far from the fence can you build a barn At what distance from the fence can you build a barn - standards, GOST and SNiP - a very popular question, the answer to which can be give taking into account certain components in the norms from SNiP.

Sources with incorrect information, for example, invited builders, are sure that for each such building it is enough to step back a meter from the fence.

They will consider that in this case everything will be done as the law requires.

Norms and rules for the construction of sheds

The distance from the fence to the shed is usually calculated according to SP standards 53. 13330.

2011. This is a slightly outdated edition of the popular and received the status of a document, which is known as SNiP 30-02-97. It has been edited more than once, since it was adopted to regulate the implementation of the construction process on a suburban area, a garden non-profit partnership and a gardening non-profit partnership. But the norms dictated by them relate to areas of small width, where it is not possible to observe fire-prevention distances, which are so important for a country house. It's just that, depending on its location, both SanPiN and fire safety are in effect.

The following should be noted:

  1. How far from the fence can you build a barn The importance of making changes to the standards that exist were formed in 2017, when it was discovered that a huge number of people built houses on their garden plots that meet all living conditions. Compulsory registration of buildings was made difficult by this circumstance. Because of this, in 2018, a law was created, which is widely known as the Law on Dachas. In the official wording, it is named as SNiP 30-02-97 with the amendments made in 2018. According to such a legislative decree, the "dacha" ceased to exist, but a new name in the terminology of law was formed - "garden house".

  2. Already in 2019, the law came into force, and now it is important to take into account the distances depending on which building will be registered on the site. If a person wants the construction of a residential building to be legal and it would be possible to obtain a residence permit in it, and also office. place of residence, he is obliged to draw up the required documents. If the owner chose to leave a garden house on the site, then certain circumstances must be taken into account. The fact is that this is not a residential building, but a building intended for living in the warm season, to which tangible restrictions will be imposed.

  3. Federal Law of 2018 takes into account that different requirements for an automatically recorded or registered building will be used. So, for example, they have different number of storeys, the degree of insulation and the creation of amenities. Sanitary and hygienic, as well as fire safety requirements, take into account whether the house is heated and how well the sanitary and hygienic structures required for permanent presence are equipped. This requires SNiP 2. 07.


Consider the nuances


Distance according to the normative order is calculated according to SP 30-102-99 under the name "Planning and development of the territory of low-rise residential construction". There are some points in it where the distance, according to the existing normative act, must be necessarily demolished to the border of the land plot from any type of residential building in the estate, blocked or semi-detached. The distance from the shed to the fence and the rest of the building codes required for compliance are regulated by SNiP. But regularly changes are made to laws and regulations, which are important to take into account.

Another SNiP with changes in 2018 also made certain adjustments to the requirements that existed earlier that year.

Features of standards for distances

There are also separate standards for distances that must be observed when installing a local sewage system, as well as a water intake device at the site (wells, wells and a sump). To determine at what distance from the fence you can build a barn, you need to take into account many nuances. Further, it is important to observe the distance from the window frames of a nearby house, it is required to put outbuildings according to the norms of regulated protection against fire, as well as insolation, sunlight on neighboring beds. The minimum indent is not always a complete measure to avoid accusations.

In certain cases, the adjacent land plot may be a darkened two-story building. Because of this, neighbors are deprived of the opportunity to use it as a garden and grow vegetables in the garden.

In difficult situations, it is worth spending an extra 0.5-1 meter inside the site, rather than after entering into lengthy litigation and constant confrontation. Building a house higher than 1 floor will require a household gap, which is needed to comply.

And if you install any structures without the required distance, you can fall under administrative-type responsibility or even a penalty for preventing the owner from exercising his rights to use real estate.

At what distance from the fence can a barn be built

A barn is a variable concept, which has different meanings. It can be a fire-hazardous temporary building, small structures on a foundation and with a roof, it is used as a storage room for storing tools. Another shed for building materials and accommodation for workers who carry out construction. In everyday terminology, an economic block, a capital building for keeping livestock in it, a barn with tools and a workshop - everything will fall under the conventional definition.

The distance from the fence of the neighbors to the barn is also a variable digital designation, which will be calculated according to the rest of the nuances and distances:

  • Where is the land plot (village, garden non-profit partnership or city).
  • The intended use of the building (breeding chickens, goats, housing workers, or even storage of tools).
  • Where the roof slope will be directed (so that atmospheric precipitation does not fall on the neighboring area).
  • What is the height of the building, does it darken the adjacent allotment during the sunny time of the day, violating the standards of insolation.
  • Shed fire hazard.

  • The material of the fence built by the neighbors.

All pictures on the construction site, where the permissible distance of 1 meter from the shed to the neighboring border is indicated, is incorrect information about the norms that are important to observe. For this reason, taking into account the norms and rules existing in a particular case may require different norms of distance in each specific case. Claims for a distance of 1 meter can be made for anything. For example, a large roof height shades the area, water will drain in the rain and erode the beds, and noise will be heard from the cabins for workers.

What is important to consider

How far from the fence can you build a barn The new law stipulates what is important to start with build any building on the site, and it is required to register. This year, this provision of the law came into force. Further, the requirements for the developer began to include the demarcation of the site, registration of planned or existing buildings. Contacting the BTI or the Urban Planning Committee for permission makes it possible to avoid mistakes that can be easily made if you focus on the well-known minimum value. Even to build a fence, not to mention building a land plot, the new law will require specialist approval.

If the allotment is private, this does not mean at all that it is possible to carry out construction without taking into account the interests of other owners. But if it was they who violated all the norms that exist, then they will be subject to administrative liability or demolish buildings by court order. You know at what distance you can build a shed from the fence, and the proper distance can be achieved by obtaining permission from the authorities. It will be issued by component workers who will be able to tell exactly what to take into account and what circumstance is important to take into account. In any case, they will advise you to play it safe and build a barn at a distance of at least 1.

5 meters, not 1 meter.

Distances from the border of the neighbors' plot to the barn

The figure is very controversial, and its size will depend on the positionality of the situation that has appeared. Certain distances are not regulated by SNiP. But there are cases where clear numbers are prescribed. For example, if a roof hangs over part of a foreign site and atmospheric precipitation flows down.

In this case, the owner, even with documented rights to the meters, cannot build an outbuilding at his discretion.The remoteness of the fence from the shed may be necessary if the border of the allotment of land goes beyond the red line or is less than the required shift from the busy traffic of cars. The remoteness of the barn to the border of the site for various purposes can be carried out according to subtle principles. For example, a blocking option, but with a consistent distance. In this case, the outbuilding should be located far from the well or well.

If everything is observed, then it is possible to determine without much difficulty, at what distance from the fence you can build a shed.

A problem that has arisen can also be resolved by mutual agreement. In this case, both owners will leave 0.5 meters on their sides. This option usually suits everyone.

As a rule, the standards for distances are calculated as follows:

  • When placing a shed on the border of the site, it is possible if there are no ventilation holes. It also does not have to be the side of the plot that faces the road, and a mutual agreement must be signed with the neighbors.
  • It is better to move the shed for living creatures (poultry house, chicken coop or rabbit house) from the windows of neighboring housing by 8 meters, and this nuance is important to take into account.
  • The red line will assume a five-meter distance from the outbuilding.
  • From the barn to the border of the neighbors - 1-4 meters, as well as for the fence, depending on the type of application.

    At the same time, the building should be standard, built in compliance with all types of norms.

Consider the features of calculating the distance.


Sometimes the problem is that the neighbor does not want to build an economic block with this option in mind. While this is beneficial from an economic perspective, the job will be much easier and valuable space can be saved. The distance from the fence will be more than 1 meter, if there is a distance from someone else's house.

If we are talking about the distance from the windows, then there are certain subtleties. How important it is to retreat will be determined by the exit of ventilation windows to someone else's land ownership, the location of the residential building (front or rear side) and their types of construction. It is unlikely that there will be claims to the shed with tools, fertilizers and robe. But how many meters it is important to retreat from the fence during the construction of the utility block is decided by the type of those assembled into a single structure, how correct is their union with one solid roof. The SNiP indicates a distance of three meters from the utility block and the change house.

For this reason, it is erroneous to place such a structure at a distance of 1 meter, and it is true that if you build blocking with a similar building, the distance can be set by mutual agreement.

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