How is the decking board fastener made? Fastening technologies and types of hardware for hidden fastening + Video

How is the decking board fastener made? Fastening technologies and types of hardware for hidden fastening + Video Terrace board or ship beam, this is a material that is constantly in an open space, and is exposed to the external environment ...

Covers of street terraces and gazebos are collected from it.

Used when laying the floor on balconies and loggias, making paths in the garden.

Cover the area adjacent to the pool. To ensure safe decking, special hidden decking fasteners are used.

General information about the board

What the board is made of

Such material is made of hard wood, with subsequent deep processing with protective chemical compounds. They extend its life and protect it from pests.

How is the decking board fastener made? Fastening technologies and types of hardware for hidden fastening + Video An alternative to natural materials, the board is produced by mixing, at high temperature and under pressure, wood chips and polymer filler.

From the resulting mass, a board is immediately formed in the dimensions for the required standard and the presence of profile elements, a groove and a ridge. Boards are produced in various colors. This is achieved by adding colors to the material during manufacture.

Standard sizes and profiles allow producing the required standard fasteners for this material.

Structural characteristics of the boards

Material from natural wood is made in length of 4000 mm.

the thickness can be 27 mm and 32 mm. The edges are made sloping, at an angle, tenon and groove. The ends are left for processing and have no peculiarities. The surface is smooth or grooved along its entire length.

The composite material has grooves on both sides, length 4000 mm.

Width 120 mm and 135 mm. Thickness 22 and 26 mm. the material is solid, not amenable to the influence of the external environment. It is made immediately in color. Inside the boards can be hollow or full-bodied.

The surface is made smooth or in the form of a velveteen pattern.

Decking board fastening

External fastening technologies

It is made using nails, self-tapping screws or galvanized screws. Furniture bolts are rarely used.

How is the decking board fastener made? Fastening technologies and types of hardware for hidden fastening + Video Nails and self-tapping screws are fastened through the board to the support. The method allows you to reduce the installation time, but leads to a violation of the integrity of the coating, does not eliminate the possible deformation of the material.

The wood product can crack under the pressure of the fastener.

Nails and self-tapping screws are made of metal subject to corrosion. After the completion of the fastening work, it is necessary to treat the places with the recessed hats of the hardware with putty and restore the paintwork.

Before fastening with screws or furniture bolts, it is necessary to drill a hole in the board 1 millimeter smaller in diameter than the thread of the hardware. This action will not destroy the board material.

Furniture screws and bolts are made of galvanized metal.

Concealed mounting technology

It is more reliable, professional, does not break the coating. Requires more time and attention. There is no possibility of material deformation.

For the device of covering with a decking board using this method, special fastening systems are used.

Details are selected for each type of board individually, but there is also a universal fastener.

Types of fastening hardware for hidden fastening of boards

  1. Nails and self-tapping screws , this is the simplest option. They are used for fastening to the bottom groove shoulder. The cover is assembled from boards with a ridge on one side and a groove on the opposite side.

The first board is attached to the timber in an open way.

At the edge with a spike, it is screwed through with a self-tapping screw, and the groove is pierced with a nail to the support, with the head drowning. Then the next board with a tenon enters the groove first. With the help of a rubber mallet, the entire part is punched for a tighter adherence to the joint. Then the collar is again pierced with a nail or self-tapping screw. All other boards are mounted identically.

The last board is attached along the outer edge with the same open method.

Attention! Fasteners must be directed in the log at an angle to the board. This secret will not allow the connection to relax during operation.

  1. Fastening with clamps . The part represents a square metal platform with several holes for nails or screws.

    In the middle it has an extruded part with teeth for gripping material in the form of a clamp.

How is the decking board fastener made? Fastening technologies and types of hardware for hidden fastening + Video The first board is fastened with self-tapping screws through and through, and the opposite side is placed in the clamp with the bottom groove shoulder. It is nailed to the support bar. The following parts are assembled in a similar manner.

The disadvantage of this attachment is the thin material for making the clamps.

After some time, the clamp weakens under the influence of deforming factors and the connection of the boards weakens.

  1. Fasteners with spikes provide reliable fastening of boards with a smooth edge without spikes and grooves. In appearance, they have names: key, cobra, cat. The main principle of their action is the presence of a pin with notches in the form of a nail. The hat has a hole for a nail and spikes, pointed and bent at an angle of 90 0 .

They are fastened by driving in the fastener pin in the lag, along the edge of the board, the head is nailed to it with a nail. Sharp spikes will point towards the next board. It remains only to put it on the mount with a hammer.

Important! In order not to damage the material of the part when hammering, it is necessary to use a gasket. You can use a wooden block from the remains.

These fastening parts are made of stainless steel. They serve for a long time, reliably holding together the wooden parts of the coating.

  1. Type-setting hidden fastening is carried out using parts in the form of stainless steel plates . They are designed to fasten two boards at once from the inside. Alternating the plates, boards are usually assembled from 6 boards at once.

    Then the block is attached to the support bar. For the ventilation distance between the parts of the coating, there are projections on the plates. They fit the standard board sizes between them.

  2. The secondary method of fastening a decking board is the device of a corner at the end ends of the covering after the completion of direct fastening of the material. It serves as an additional protection of the cuts from moisture and decoration along the entire perimeter of the object.


From the correctly selected material for the coating and the method of fastening, it depends on how long it will serve without repair and additional financial costs.


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