How much is the decoration and its varieties

How much is the decoration and its varieties How much does it cost to finish a house / apartment

When buying a private house or apartment in which it was built only a frame, there is a need to "fill" such a house. for this reason, how much it costs to finish a house, you can find out further. We will tell you about the types of finishes, what specific materials are used for each of them, and what other resources will be spent. You will also learn about the approximate amounts that will be spent on finishing work.

Finishing work is the final phase in the construction of the house.

finishing is internal (that is, for the entire room) and external (for decoration and facade).

For this, it should be understood, in order to find out about the cost of finishing a private house inside, you should understand what such finishing includes. Modern life will dictate its own special rules.

What are the finishing options

A house for us is both a fortress and a place of work. In order for the interior to please with its functionality, as well as the aesthetic component, they have long resorted to finishing work.

They are carried out only after the building frame has been built and the walls have been erected. Finishing helps to draw an invisible line underneath the entire work, but also sets the point, complements the overall picture and completes it.

But its function is not just beauty, but also in most ways to prevent from the aggressive effects of cataclysms. A high-quality facade will act as protection against mechanical damage, as well as natural conventions, the appearance of corrosion (chemical and physical), mold, fungus, and also excess moisture. Excellent acoustics, air exchange and light filling are partly achieved through quality finishes.

Types of finishing works

Finishing works can be divided into several types. The most popular is their technology division.

  1. How much is the decoration and its varieties Plastering. A special mortar must be applied to the surface to level or decorate it. Plaster can be of three types - decorative, ordinary and special.

    A common type of mortar helps to level the surface of the walls, creating an ideal surface for further decoration. Part of it contains granite chips, synthetics and minerals.

  2. Painter. In such works, surfaces are coated with paint and varnish. They can be designed for both external and internal.

    The cost of paint for the facade is always much more expensive due to the fact that the quality characteristics must be at the proper level. They must be resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

  3. Cladding. This concept implies the installation of various panels and tiles of synthetic or natural composition.
  4. Wallpaper.

    Pasting wallpaper of different types and materials - vinyl, non-woven and paper.

  5. Floor covering.This will include flooring work, and lay or lay or laminate, cork boards, parquet boards, tiles, stone or even linoleum.

Let's consider further the differences between the works.

How the work is different

Some of the points that should be completed when decorating houses include developing a unique type of design, as well as buying building materials and the work itself.

The finishing works sometimes include the following:

  • Plumbing works.
  • Electrical work - installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, hanging chandeliers and lamps.
  • Stucco decoration - plaster moldings on the ceiling, and gypsum panels on the wall surfaces.
  • Plasterboard works - installation of ceilings that are made of several levels, niche creation, decorations and partitions.

Next, consider the external type of finish.


Exterior facade decoration

So, it's time to talk about how much it costs finishing. Almost all the time, the finishing process begins with priming the surface of the building. The average cost of a primer is 50 rubles per square meter. The next step will be the installation of insulation, and in order to create a cozy home, it is not enough to make it just beautiful, it is worth making it comfortable. Insulation helps keep the temperature inside buildings - cold in winter and heat in summer are not allowed.

On average, the cost of installing a heater is from 130 to 350 rubles per square meter. Further actions can be divided depending on what type of finish is selected.


Depending on the composition, the plaster can be divided into the following types:

  • Mineral.
  • Acrylic.
  • Silicate.

  • Silicone.

There are structural (textured) and coating type of plaster finishes. The first is the base, and the second is used as a finishing type coating. According to the structure, there are such types of plaster:

  • Bark beetle (cost 4000 rubles for 25 kg).
  • Fur coat (cost 5500 rubles for 25 kg).

  • Lamb (4600 rubles per 25 kg).
  • Paint (5000 rubles for 25 kg).

How is the cladding carried out and what materials are used?

Cladding with the material

For facade cladding, the following types of materials are most often used:

  1. Siding - vinyl, wood, metal (the cost of one panel is about 1,500 rubles).
  2. Flat stone (panels cost from 300 rubles).
  3. Sandstone (a square meter costs 140 rubles).

  4. Brick (the average cost of one brick is 20 rubles). A square meter holds about 30 bricks, taking into account the seam.
  5. Stone (granite and marble).
  6. Artificial stone (based on synthetics and plaster).

There are also thermal panels.

Cost of basic works

How much is the decoration and its varieties Electrification of the house will cost about 100,000 rubles if the area is about 100 square meters. If there is a wooden structure, then it is very dangerous to save on quality. The cost of finishing a private house from the inside can vary greatly depending on the square of the building. The costs of plumbing installation range from 60,000 to 145,000 rubles. This cost does not include the price of materials.

The ventilation system will cost 135,000 rubles if you use ready-made ventilation units. How much does home decoration cost? The average price of finishing per square meter of a country house with a ventilation system costs 1,500 rubles. The rough finish will include plastering work. If you calculate the squaring of wall surfaces, and this will come out at 135,000 rubles, which would have been spent on payment for work, as well as the purchase of materials. since at the moment, panels made of drywall sheets are used almost everywhere, and that kind of money can be saved.

A sheet of drywall costs about 300 rubles. The black finish of the floor surface costs about 470 rubles per square meter. You can save on such an item, because usually the screed on the floor is quite good.

Details can also affect the amount - someone is ready to purchase only inexpensive doors of unknown brands, and someone chooses doors made of natural wood, which cost more than 30,000 rubles. Lamps, chandeliers, sockets and other parts can be chosen cheaper and save several thousand (sometimes tens) rubles.

The cost of interior decoration of a country house depends on the materials that you wish to use.

A dacha, unlike an apartment, would like to be made closer to nature, and for this reason materials are chosen of a natural type, ideally made of wood. But wood on the floor surface, for example, parquet, will cost from 1,500 to 4,600 rubles per square meter. There are ready-made house frames on the market, both of the first and second types. This will be due to the fact that the construction of such buildings is faster, as well as with lower costs.

The difference between them will be small, but there is a serious difference - panel types of houses do not require plastering. This helps to save about 200,000 rubles.


The decoration of the house being built will be a tangible point of the entire estimate, and therefore good attention should be paid to the choice of materials in order to get the result, ideal in cost and quality. Even when discussing a project at home, you should not hesitate to ask such a question to specialists as many questions as possible - this will help to better understand needs and optimize spending.


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