How to assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse + video

How to assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse + video How to correctly assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse + step by step instructions

Before making decisions on how to properly assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse, you will need to do a little preparation work. Find the most understandable and detailed design of the greenhouse frame, which does not require large costs or involve narrow-profile craftsmen for the installation of a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Usually, it takes at least 4 days to assemble the frame and lay the polycarbonate, subject to 100% supply of tools and materials.

What are polycarbonate greenhouses made of?

The main expense for a new building will be frame assembly, and therefore the first thing to think about when choosing a polycarbonate greenhouse project is it is the material for the structure of the bearing type. It is possible to assemble the skeleton of the greenhouse premises in several different variations, but the determining factor will still be structural reliability, and only after that it will be possible to talk about the cost of the issue.

Most often, in order to assemble a frame for a large polycarbonate greenhouse, craftsmen and different shabashniki offer 4 types of material:

  • Water pipes made of polypropylene.
  • Wooden blocks and slats, slab and non-shaped board.
  • Profile and aluminum tube.
  • Phosphate coated or galvanized square metal tube.

Naturally, we are talking about assembling a full-fledged frame of a stationary type with a small base and facing of polycarbonate walls.

If you choose a greenhouse frame - a temporary hut for 1 season, then the selection criteria will be based on the simplicity of the assembly process and the low cost of the roof. The greenhouse needs to be quickly assembled, and at the end of the growing season, remove, polycarbonate sheets and structural parts to be collected in bags until the new season. For this reason, if you are planning assembly and construction with your own hands, it is better not to use polycarbonate greenhouse drawings for greenhouses.

Wood and metal

Profiled steel pipe is considered the best and most reliable material from the general list. If you adhere to the basic requirements of building technology for a polycarbonate greenhouse, then a steel frame, which is lined with plastic, will be able to stand in a summer cottage for at least 30 years.

The next most reliable solution on the list is wood. Despite the fact that wood is inferior to aluminum and plastic in mechanical strength, this solution has one extremely important advantage - self-made polycarbonate greenhouse buildings, which are assembled on a wooden frame, are very easy to maintain and repair.

Good advice! When choosing the material from which you plan to assemble a greenhouse or polycarbonate greenhouse with your own hands, it is important to remember that you will also need to repair it yourself, and therefore the frame should be convenient in repair work and replacing damage.

In addition, the steel and timber pipe is better suited for the assembly process of a square polycarbonate greenhouse. Using a bar, a square, a corner or trimming a water supply metal pipe, it is much cheaper and easier to assemble a building with a gable roof than to bend the ceiling of the arches.

Advantages of aluminum and plastic for arched structures

How to assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse + video One from the methods of building a polycarbonate greenhouse with his own hand, it involves a simple copying of ready-made structures that are designed and manufactured by firms at the factory. So, if you consider ready-made kits available for sale, it may turn out that most of the models sold should be assembled from aluminum and plastic pipes with a diameter of 1.5 to 2.5 cm. The reason for this decision is obvious, and installation greenhouses made of polycarbonate with his own hand takes 2 hours of intensive labor, and therefore polypropylene and aluminum are excellent if you need to assemble small buildings.

Another advantage of the aluminum and plastic profile is that the material is insensitive to condensation, of which a lot will constantly collect under the sheets. If you need to fight for the good condition of a greenhouse made of wood and steel by means of varnishes and paints, then the aluminum frame can be assembled, forgotten and not remembered about it.



It's easy to assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse with your own hands, besides, the use of such material seriously increases the possibilities home craftsmen in planning and assembling temporary buildings. Thanks to the use of polycarbonate, new and already classic models have been designed. If certain species can be attributed to greenhouse summer cottages, which are required to be assembled on a separate basis, then the greenhouse option attached to the house can be assembled using only a few tens of meters of polypropylene pipes and from 30 to 35 square meters of polycarbonate.

The only drawback of this design will be the high price of plastic. Due to the strong shading from the house walls, the greenhouse frame needs to be assembled and glazed to the maximum with transparent and more expensive monolithic polycarbonate.

The structures listed above differ from each other not only in the shape of the roof and the profile of the bearing type beams. The main difference lies in the frame assembly method and polycarbonate masonry technology.Naturally, other examples of detailed assembly are also used for greenhouses of various sizes, and therefore, before trying to build a greenhouse with your own hands from a material such as polycarbonate, you need to master carpentry and welding, or learn how to assemble polypropylene solder pipes.

How to calculate polycarbonate

It should be said right away that it makes sense to assemble arched greenhouses not because of the lower costs for polycarbonate / metal, mostly due to the structural you just. If we take as a basis the drawing of a building in the form of a box and calculate the number of assembly units, then we can imagine how labor-intensive the construction of the arch structure will be, less time and effort for assembling a gable square scheme.

In order to assemble an arched greenhouse measuring 3 * 6 meters, the following materials are needed:

  1. To arrange the base, 200 to 210 pieces of red bricks are required, from 75 up to 99 kg of cement grade M300, sand and gravel - 1.5 cubic meters.
  2. In order to assemble the bearing arcs for polycarbonate, 7 pieces of square pipe 2 * 2 * 0 are required.

    2 cm, with a length of 6 meters.

  3. 18 meters of 4 * 2 * 0 pipe are used to tie the foundation. 2 cm, in order to assemble horizontal crossbars and gables, another 30 meters of polypropylene pipe 2 * 2 cm is required.
  4. In order to assemble the greenhouse cover, you need 4 pieces of polycarbonate measuring 2.1 meters, and also with a thickness of 0.

    35 cm. For fastening, a standard self-tapping screw with a washer is used, the assembly of which requires from 120 to 140 pieces + 18 meters of an end-type edge profile for embedding polycarbonate honeycombs.

  5. Moreover, for the assembly process and fixing the greenhouse frame on the base, it is required to buy from 18 to 20 anchors, with a nut, washer, grover, as well as sheds - 6 pieces.

Please note that since the assembly of the greenhouse frame is carried out by welding, it is required to rent an excellent welding inverter for a couple of days, and even better would be to use a semiautomatic device with a mask and a set of electrodes.

Before the assembly process, bearing arcs and metal parts for the gables of the greenhouse must be sequentially and separating, at intervals of a day, treated with an aqueous solution of phosphoric acid, a primer and paints and varnishes for atmospheric works.

Preparatory stage

If we are assembling a polycarbonate greenhouse, a video lesson will definitely not be superfluous. But before that, it is important to consider the preparatory work process, which, first of all, is associated with the loading of the workpieces and the welding of certain parts. It will be much easier to assemble a greenhouse if the arches and pediments were made in advance, for example, arches from pipes were cut and profiled in a garage or in a home workshop. Naturally, you can do the same work at the place of the new assembly, but this approach greatly complicates and makes all the work slower.The most important stage in the preparatory work is considered to be the manufacture of arcs.

There are many recipes for how to bend a square pipe using a homemade method or using a homemade machine.

Good advice! If you have the opportunity, then ideally you should order a bend of the arc from the nearest repair or locksmith shop. So, the quality will be much higher, and you do not need to spend precious time and effort in order to assemble the machine, which will be needed only once during the entire construction period.

The cost of arc profiling services can be from 30 to 50% of the pipe cost.


The first thing you need to start planning and preparing for the assembly process is the choice of the area for the frame assembly.

Despite the fact that most of the details of the construction were made in the workshop, in order to assemble the frame, an area approximately 2 times larger than a greenhouse base measuring 3 * 6 meters is required. On it it will be possible to adjust the element and cut out polycarbonate sheets, transfer sand, cement, brick, and also make a batch under the base.

Site selection and installation of the base

How to assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse + video As a rule, the owners put the greenhouse box on the lightest part of the site, as far as possible from outbuildings and trees. But, in addition to lighting, honor and direction of the wind are also required, the flow of cool spring air can be very inappropriate, and therefore it is recommended to hide a polycarbonate greenhouse behind buildings, for example, behind a shed or a bathhouse. An additional condition for site selection will be the availability of groundwater and rainwater drainage.

Before assembling the greenhouse, it is likely that drainage or concrete gutters will need to be installed to drain moisture. As soon as the issue with the selection of the place is resolved, you can begin to equip the base. For marking, it will be easiest to use wooden pegs with a stretched cord, and then it is important to dig a trench to a depth of 0.25 meters and a spade bayonet width.

It is important to lay a film on the bottom, then gravel and sand, and the top layer of the largest crushed stone fraction is poured with concrete.

After about a day, you can lay out the base of the base to a height of about 2 bricks. Naturally, the greenhouse can also be assembled on steel pegs driven into the ground, but as practice has shown, on heaving ground, this method of assembling the base of the greenhouse will lead to deformation and breakage of the harness.

Greenhouse frame made of polycarbonate

The assembly of the supporting greenhouse part begins with the gable. If they could not be welded in a garage, then this will need to be done on the site. In order to collect the gables, it is enough to choose a couple of arcs with the same curvature.

It is important to lay the workpieces on the site, and it is important to pull the supporting ends with a thin steel wire and weld the lower section of the strapping. Further, in turn, it is required to assemble and weld the door frame and window window.After the metal has cooled down, you can start cutting the polycarbonate. To do this, the pediment frame is laid on a polycarbonate sheet spread on a flat area and the facing elements are cut out with a construction knife, as according to templates. It remains to install the gables on the base, lay and weld the horizontal crossbars, as well as the lower strapping pieces from a 4 * 2 cm pipe.

The lower frame part of the greenhouse, before the assembly process of arcs for polycarbonate, should be welded as best as possible and fixed on the base by means of anchors.

Covering with sheets of material

You already know how to assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse 3 * 6 meters. The final step will be the installation of support arcs and sheets of material. Most of the greenhouse frame, in addition to the foundation, was previously assembled with welding tacks with an electrode. This will provide an opportunity to assemble the frame and make changes at a time if there were any inaccuracies during the assembly.

The arches are laid in turn on horizontal crossbars, first in the center, then to the left and right of the first soul. Once everything is laid and leveled, you can begin a full-fledged electrode welding of all seams. At the end, assemble the polycarbonate cladding, and only after the complete assembly of the greenhouse can the gables be sewn up.