How to assess furniture

How to assess furniture 5 ways to assess the quality of furniture at a glance

Probably you agree that if you ask the seller directly about the quality of the furniture that you decided to look after for yourself, then you are unlikely to be answered in the affirmative / honest. That is why you need to come already "savvy" in this matter in order to choose worthy pieces of furniture. Today we will tell you how not to fill cones during the purchase and at first glance distinguish high-quality pieces of furniture from low-quality ones. Agree that it is better to learn from other people's mistakes. The most common material is chipboard, which will be discussed below.

Next, consider how to assess the quality of furniture.

Presence of a strong unpleasant odor

How to assess furniture First of all objects furniture should not have a sharp, pronounced chemical aroma, which begins to appear when using low-quality chipboard. It is important for all people to be surrounded by ecological pieces of furniture.

Please note, that all pieces of furniture made of laminated chipboard must have a certificate of hygienic safety, and it must be shown by the seller when purchasing the goods, and in the absence of such a document it is best to refuse products.

For residential-type premises, you can use chipboard, which has the E1 marking, but if the value is E2 or higher, then such a material cannot definitely be used to create pieces of furniture.

A pungent aroma will characterize the fact that a poor quality stove was used, in which all formaldehyde indicators were exceeded.

This can affect the state of human health, and after purchasing such furniture, a headache can become a constant companion, as well as serious disorders in the human body. It is interesting that the permissible formaldehyde content for the CIS countries is 10 mg for every 0.1 kg of board, and in Europe the requirements are much stricter - 8 mg for 0.1 kg of chipboard.

An unpleasant odor begins to appear if the formaldehyde content is 14 mg or more for every 0.1 plate.

Assessment of the appearance of the material and the quality of the edges

During the purchase, you should pay attention to the general condition of the material - it should not be chipped or damaged , scratches, which will indicate that low-quality materials were used in the production and all technological processes were violated. Moreover, high-quality furniture will not show the glue seam. It is worth checking not only from the outside - pay special attention to the areas inside the object.

Checking the condition of the edge

It is the edge that helps to protect pieces of furniture from mechanical damage that sometimes appear during use. Poor connection to the surface can lead to the fact that slabs will delaminate in the future. Open ends will indicate that the products are of poor quality, and the manufacturer is completely unscrupulous.Actually, such models will not last long.

Please note, that formaldehyde will be released into space through uncovered end-type connections throughout the entire time, and this is very harmful to health, even if its content was previously permissible.

All walls of the ends must be securely sealed with an edge, which is made of very high-quality plastic, because a paper copy does not do the job well. To check in the store, you do not even need to ask the seller to move the product away from the wall - it will be enough to pull out any shelf of a removable type, and if there is no edge on it, then the same picture will be with all other internal details. Also, it should not protrude above the surface, and if you notice such a defect, then the furniture was made in artisanal conditions.

Evaluation of furniture is necessary in order to avoid such a phenomenon that often occurs in serial production. What should consumers do then? The correct answer would be to choose furniture in another salon, because it would be stupid to risk your own health and funds because of an unscrupulous manufacturer.

Remember that the miser always pays twice (and sometimes even three times). If you do not have enough money to buy more expensive and high-quality furniture, then you will only have to modify it yourself. To do this, you need to buy a melamine edge and then glue it with an adhesive and an iron. This will help keep your family safe from the constant release of formaldehyde.

Evaluation of fittings

The guarantee of longevity of each piece of furniture depends on what type of fittings is used - on this expense item no need to save.

But how to distinguish (at least visually) which hardware is used?

All fasteners should be carefully examined:

  • High-quality hinges are made from dense steel nickel plated and the surface should be flat. Verified firms put their logos on every detail.
  • Check the guiding elements, lifters - they don't put a logo here, because there is no place for it, so you shouldn't look for it, you can only check the quality of opening. The consultant must definitely know from which company the details are used.
  • When checking the details of the fasteners, there should be no squeak, all boxes should walk along the guides smoothly, and the sashes should be even, and sagging is unacceptable; all Euro screws must have a protective cover.

High-quality fittings are produced by such manufacturers as Gram, Bloom, Siles, Ferrari, Havel.

Manufacturer's warranty obligations

If you decide to buy ready-made pieces of furniture, you should check that they are not handicraft, and each company only puts a shaped hologram on the product - this will be a guarantee of the product's quality.If necessary, you can always check with the master of the technical control department, the team that carries out the cutting and edge cladding of the material, as well as packaging.

In case of disputable situations or if you have a warranty case, it will help to restore the entire production process - it will be enough just to show a photo of the hologram. A hologram is an insignia with a unique number that will correspond to a specific product.

How to assess furniture There is another estimate - the manufacturer's warranty. Verified companies are able to provide not only a certain service life of products, but also provide a guarantee for accessories. Durability is an indicator of the quality of the furniture, and the lower it is, the worse the quality of the materials used will be. Moreover, most of the companies provide service for the released models. This means that they are ready to be responsible for the result of their work to consumers.

Please note, that if a particular piece of furniture fails after the warranty period, the service plant will make it at a low cost.

Assessment of the quality of packaging for furniture items

You can also assess the quality of furniture by the packaging that is needed for the transportation of goods, so pay special attention to this item. Verified companies pre-clean pieces of furniture from small debris that can scratch the surface during transportation in packaging, and then pack the product in a three-layer corrugated cardboard, and it is desirable that such a material be moisture-resistant impregnation and additional reinforcement of the corners. Finished pieces of furniture should be stored only in a heated warehouse, where there is no risk of moisture and temperature changes, because all this can affect the quality of the products.


Now you know how to correctly distinguish high-quality furniture from low-quality and what should be paid attention to first of all.

Moreover, the best option would be to study customer reviews on large Internet sites in advance. We hope this review helped you make a quality purchase and you won't be disappointed.