How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video

How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video How to attach the countertop to the cabinet, the table in the kitchen with your own hands. When buying a kitchen in a store, you will surely come across the moment of installation, or rather, who will do it. There are two options - employees from the construction market where the purchase was made, or on their own. And if you recall the famous saying "if you want to do well, do it yourself", it turns out that it is better to take the initiative into your own hands.

This article will help you solve the problem of attaching a countertop to a kitchen set.

Installing a kitchen set

Tools and devices

In assembly work and direct installation of cabinets on There is nothing complicated in the kitchen, since for each product there is a detailed instruction, where everything will be described very simply. But before you start work, you should select all the necessary tools with which the work will be performed.

  1. Perforator (needed to hang cabinets if you have concrete walls).
  2. Drill (ideal if the walls are brick, and can also be used to replace a screwdriver).
  3. A screwdriver is a good option for a wooden house, since it is this tool that will help to assemble all the cabinets in the kitchen, as well as screw screws into the wooden walls.

  4. Construction square, tape measure are very important, because without measuring instruments it will not be possible to make any repairs.
  5. Level.
  6. An electric jigsaw is required to make cutouts in the countertop for the sink and oven. By the way, it can be used not only for plastic countertops but also for acrylic surfaces.
  7. Hammer / mallet.

The last tool is the most important, as without it it will not be possible to complete the assembly and general installation of the kitchen set.

Additional materials

This is an additional section that should be studied before starting work, as in It lists all possible additional materials that may be required when installing the headset in the kitchen.

  1. How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video Silicone sealant. For ease of application, it is bought with a special gun, and it is required in order to process the end of the countertop, in the place of the cutout for the sink.
  2. Cross-section ties.

    They are required for fixing two pedestals together, and this is many times more reliable than simple self-tapping screws.

  3. Silicone door strikers. Such elements make it possible to reduce the amount of noise, especially when the cabinet and the door contact.
  4. Self-adhesive plugs. With their help, you can easily and quickly hide the heads of bolts and screws on the front part.

Please note, that the cost of the materials described above will vary within 6 rubles for 1 piece, excluding the sealant. For this reason, the savings will be meaningless and functionality will be lost.

Assembly work

Before fixing the countertop to the cabinet or table, you should first install the kitchen cabinets. Some of the specialists make cabinets first from above, and then from below, and some vice versa. But this is purely a matter of taste, so you should not be guided by someone.

The main thing is to start doing something.

Bottom cabinets

The instruction is as follows:

  • Distribute the legs of the cabinet closer to the corners, since the load will be specifically on these parts.
  • Doors should be hung last, and all housings should be assembled first.
  • Fix all the pedestals together and set them strictly according to the level.

Good advice! If you start with the lower cabinets, then the worktop should be installed after the upper cabinets have been hung.

This way you can protect yourself from defects and accidental deformations.

Upper cabinets

Work is performed in the following order:

  • It is advisable to install the cabinets on special hangers that will be attached to a metal strip. Such cabinets will be many times easier to hang, and, if necessary, remove.
  • Removable shelves and doors should only be installed when the cabinet is securely attached to the wall.
  • The minimum distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the worktop is 0.

    55 meters.

But you can attach the cabinet as it is more convenient for you, since you will use the kitchen and everything should fit your height. The only thing really worth paying attention to is the cabinet above the hob / stove - too high temperatures will negatively affect the condition. But with regards to the headset, let's talk about the material of manufacture and how to attach the tabletop.

Selection of materials

Naturally, the selection of material for the countertop is not very diverse, but even 3 simple options can make you think and even puzzle.

Plastic worktop

How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video What is plastic? This is paper folded in several layers and glued together. The thickness of such a product will rarely be more than 0. 1 cm, since 0. 06 cm is most often used for the kitchen.

Note! If you decide to buy a plastic table, then be extremely careful, as there are surfaces with a thickness of 0.

03 cm, which is the most "delicate", fragile.

The base of the plastic countertop is a standard chipboard, which is short-lived and very cheap. But this was the case a few years ago, and at the moment, buyers are delighted with moisture-resistant MDF and chipboard. They are a little more expensive than the first option, but very reliable and it is a pleasure to use them in everyday life.

Advantages :

  1. Easy to install as it doesn't require any special and specific tools.

  2. Suitable for working with an electric jigsaw, because you can easily make a cutout for the bathroom.
  3. Reasonable price.

Disadvantages :

  1. Can be easily spoiled, since the surface does not tolerate any cuts, as well as contacts with sharp and heavy objects.
  2. Cracks and chips cannot be repaired.
  3. Not resistant to high temperature.

Now we propose to consider how to fix the countertop in the kitchen in more detail.


  • How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video Before how to start installation work, unpack the countertop and inspect it for chips / cracks.
  • If all is well, then check the level of the cabinets below. It must be set correctly.
  • In special ties, which are located in each of the pedestals under the very top, a hole must be drilled.

  • After placing the worktop on the cabinets, mark, if required, where the sink and hob should be. You don't need to commit yet.
  • Take an electric jigsaw and cut out the holes so that neither the cabinets nor the countertop are damaged.
  • Treat the ends that have been sawed off with a sealant, and then let it dry for half an hour.
  • Set up the countertop as planned.

  • Screw the screws through the ties in both pedestals.

Self-tapping screws should be screwed in 4 pieces for each pedestal - two should be located on the front tie, and two more on the back.

Please note, that if the base of your headset in the kitchen is leveled, and the countertop bends, it should be pressed down with force and the screws tightened. Particleboard products are easy to bend due to improper storage or ambient temperature.

Acrylic worktop


  • Reliability and durability, as any crack or the chip can be removed with a grinding tool.

  • Not afraid of temperature changes and high levels of humidity.
  • Huge selection of shades for every taste.

Disadvantages :

  • Do not process at home, as this requires special tools.
  • High cost.


In order to fix the kitchen countertop to the cabinet, you will need to contact the furniture organization and invite a professional measurer, since acrylic does not stick with your own hands at home.

After that, the master will make a project on which the kitchen set and the location of the sink / electrical appliances will be drawn. It will also be noted in which places the wooden blocks will be located, through which the fasteners will be carried out.

Please note, that if your kitchen has the shape of the letter "L", then the installation of the countertop should be ordered from the organization. This is due to the fact that you will need to grind and glue the surface.

This requires the following tools:

  • Make holes in advance in the places where the wooden blocks of the acrylic countertop will be located.

  • Lay the finished product as it should be in the project.
  • Screw in the self-tapping screws.

The third and last species remained.

Quartz countertop


  • How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video It is impossible to cause harm, since the surface of quartz has a special hardness of natural stone, and for this reason, even if a pan or knife accidentally hits, there will be no trace left.
  • The surface of the countertop is not afraid of hot pans.

  • The color will be identical to the natural material.

The disadvantages include high cost and weight, but all this is more than offset by the positive aspects.


This section is similar to what was indicated in the instructions for installing an acrylic tabletop, since the manufacturing technology of the materials is very similar. For this reason, if you have an indirect kitchen, you need to turn to craftsmen who are able to beautifully and efficiently glue surfaces.

How to install a bar counter

Very often, the countertop in the kitchen is often used in the form of a bar counter, where you can have breakfast and dinner.

This requires a special type of fastening, which will make it possible to securely fix the rack:

  • It is best to buy a steel pipe with a diameter of 5 in a furniture store see Ask to be cut immediately to size, and then the edge will be even, without any burrs.
  • You also need fixing elements for the bar counter, with the first attached to the table top and the second to the floor.

Please note, that if the width of the table is not more than 40 cm, then one support leg will be enough, and if more than 40 cm, then it is better to take 2 sets.

Fastening the countertop in the kitchen as a bar counter is performed as follows:

  • First, fix the fasteners to the countertop.
  • Insert the pipes into them and set them strictly according to the level.

  • Mark the floor for the lower anchorages.
  • Drill the floor, if it is not made of wood, and fix the fixings with the dowels-nails.

And now it will not be superfluous to find out what other features of the workflow are.

Process Features

Although it may seem easy to install a countertop, you should take it so lightly.

There are certain recommendations and features of fasteners:

  • How to attach a kitchen countertop to a cabinet and a table + Video If the tabletop will be installed on furniture corners, then it is better to do it this way - 0 should be retreated from the top edge of the nightstand.

    1-0. 2 cm and mark the center of the corner. After that, it should be fixed with a self-tapping screw, and 4 corners will be enough for each meter.

  • If using chipboard, be sure to buy a kitchen sealant, as otherwise the plastic surface may begin to swell a few weeks after using the sink.
  • It is advisable to make the headset level.

    Try not to leave the structure as it is when the wooden countertop sags.

  • When choosing hardware, it is worth choosing only stainless elements, as this greatly helps to extend the life of the headset.

These are the main points to remember if you are planning to fix the tabletop to the cabinet yourself.


Now you can definitely assemble the headset with your own hands and even fix it. If you want to see the whole process and make sure that you are doing the work correctly, we suggest watching a video tutorial.

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