How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings

How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings Housing from inexpensive frame-panel structures is built quickly, and is relatively inexpensive. 6 by 6 frame house projects are extremely popular. The fact is that the ratio of all important indicators (construction price, useful area of ​​housing) of these objects is recognized as optimal. [contents ]

Features of the construction of a frame house 6 by 6 meters

Already from the name of the object we can conclude that it is a rigid frame, which is lined with panels on the outside. The possibility of quick construction and the budgetary nature of such a home have long made this type of construction extremely popular.

There are some nuances that should be paid special attention to:

  • Not a very good indicator of environmental friendliness. It consists of the following: synthetic insulation, a large amount of adhesive, means for impregnating wooden elements. Responsible material manufacturers carefully monitor the content of harmful formaldehydes when using the substances they need. When dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, it is difficult for the average consumer to recognize various manufacturing disruption technologies.
  • A one-storey 6 by 6 frame house is almost impossible to redevelop.

    It is manufactured at the factory according to the selected project, and after the completion of the work, it is not possible to make changes. Self-"correcting", or straightening, can have a significant impact on the overall safety of a building. Handicraft panel elements in this regard have some advantage: they are easier to tweak or replace if necessary.

  • The frame is made of wood, and like any of its types, it is a rather capricious material. The insulation laid inside the walls serves as a bait for all sorts of rodents and pests.

    It can be easily solved with a certain amount of chemicals. But as noted above, this by no means improves the quality of the environmental friendliness of the building.

  • The panels of the frame-panel house 6 6 have a rather impressive weight. Accordingly, to simplify the assembly of the frame, the use of technology and a qualified approach is important. When building on your own, it is also important to strictly follow all recommendations, exactly following the existing plan.

    Otherwise, not only the appearance of the building may suffer, but also its safety.

We build on our own

How much is it possible to build a 6 by 6 frame house with a veranda without involving professionals, and without using factory "semi-finished products" for construction? In fact, it is quite possible, moreover, it is a frequently used practice.


How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings
House project

Without a thorough detailed plan, even a simple country house cannot be built. Without the necessary package of papers, any erected structure is doomed to be demolished, sooner or later.The point is not that they want to rip off additional funds from you, and not in someone's tyranny.

The reason lies elsewhere - without the research of qualified professionals, projects of even one-story frame structures can pose a real threat to the safety of people.

At the initial stage, before starting work, you will have to contact the architectural department or design bureau for a project or a drawing of a frame house.

There, specialists will analyze your specific situation with regard to technical conditions, the preferred type of foundation, layout and even the appearance of the future home, and will make the necessary calculations for a frame house.

When getting permission, a well-thought-out and competent project is approved much more successfully than a clumsy homemade sketch or sketch.

Material: what to prefer?

How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings
Building your own house hands

It is probably not worth explaining that the final result of construction work directly depends on the quality of the selected raw materials:

  • For the manufacture of the frame, a wooden bar of certain sizes.

    Its cross section must be such as to withstand the expected loads at any time of the year. The most suitable material with a cross section of 20 centimeters. This is usually used in the construction of winter-type dwellings.

  • What to choose for building strong and warm walls? What materials are optimal for a 6 by 6 frame house? This can be, for example, fiberboard or OSB boards. Their main difference lies in the components - more or less large sawdust.

    Double foam or special extruded polystyrene foam is used as filler.

  • The structure of the rafters is also frame. You can use a lighter beam with a smaller section. Particular attention is paid to its quality: it should not have any flaws, even of natural origin. Features of the roof structure serve as the dominant ones when choosing a roofing material.

    The point is the angle of inclination: the material should be the more structural, the steeper the roof slope.

All wooden elements of a 6 by 6 frame house must be properly prepared before being used. Impregnation and treatment with various protective compounds will protect the tree from pests and damage.

The base of the house

A neat frame house with an attic is much lighter in weight than a structure of the same size made of solid logs or bricks.

For this reason, it does not need a solid foundation.

And what can it be?

  • How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings Piles. But for the arrangement of the pile grillage, special equipment is needed. Without it, on our own, it will not work to drive heavy piles into the soil. One more "but" - with shifts or normal shrinkage of the soil, piles can lead. Their bias will affect the entire object.

  • Reinforced concrete posts. To install them, they dig deep holes, cushioning the bottom with sand and rubble.Pillars are installed, the pits are filled with cement mortar. Reinforced concrete products have different prices; it is quite possible to find an option with a suitable price.
  • Arrangement of pillars on our own.

    The method of bricklaying or formwork is used. The brick method is less reliable, as under the normal workload typical of any object, the joints of the masonry can begin to crack.

All columnar bases have one important drawback - the cold floor in the room. To avoid such a nuisance, you will have to pay attention to its thorough insulation.


How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings The walls of a frame house can be compared to a certain multilayer cake, consisting of many different layers, including protective ones.

This is :

  1. the main frame made of wood;
  2. indispensable thermal insulation;
  3. a board made of chipboard materials;
  4. obligatory waterproofing layer;
  5. lathing, one of the types of decorative cladding.

Steam protection is placed inside, under the chipboard. Its role can be played by a special diffuse membrane. The construction of such a "pie" is easy to make with your own hands. Layers can be mounted in stages, or you can make them in advance, and only then insert the completed shields into their intended place.


How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings The structure of the rafters of the frame house does not differ from that for roofs of heavier objects. The system is the same - a set of trusses, rafter legs, battens and gables.

It was noted above that the value of the slope angle determines the nature of the roofing material. So that the snow can easily come off the roof without lingering on it, it is better to use options with metal for covering - ondulin or professional sheet.

DIY installation: typical mistakes

Before starting construction work, it would be nice to evaluate your own strength.

Amateur builders without professional skills often make fatal mistakes, the consequences of which can be more serious than it seems at first glance. This is not only a decrease in the operational comfort of the home, but even its collapse in extreme cases. What is important?

How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings Wood for construction must be of proper quality. Wood with normal moisture content, or factory-dried, deforms much less, thereby ensuring structural strength. This provision does not apply to untreated, wet whips.

What is the risk of using an unprepared or substandard material?

The frame is the basis of the entire structure. Consequently, twisting, bending or increasing the stress of an element will cause deformation of the entire structure. It is possible both a slight deformation of the wall, and its partial destruction, and the complete collapse of the entire structure.How to identify a marriage when purchasing? The edges of such bars can be dirty and crooked, if iodine is dropped on the surface, it will acquire a blue color.

The quality of a frame house also depends on the price of the preferred materials.

It is better not to save on the rigidity of the frame, it can turn out to be more expensive for yourself. Diagonal members located between the upright supports serve as structural reinforcement. Saving on them is categorically contraindicated, even if a very small house is conceived.

It is necessary to take into account the loads coming from above: weight of the structure, weather conditions, shrinkage. To increase the strength, you can make additional reinforcements crosswise.

Is it possible to properly equip window and door openings with your own hands? This is also a crucial part of the work. The shrinkage of the frame is noticeably less than that of log walls or cobbled walls, but it is still there. If this is not taken into account, some risks can be tolerated in subsequent operation.

How to build a 6 by 6 frame house with your own hands: materials, projects with an attic + Photos and drawings
Installation of windows

Before ordering double-glazed windows, you must invite a professional measurer doors and windows. The specialist will be able to carry out competent measurements and assess the condition of the openings.

You should not save on such seemingly trifles. Moreover, most manufacturers provide such a service virtually free of charge. Rather, it was initially included in the cost.

Materials purchased and arriving at the construction site should be given special attention. It must be processed, properly stored, ventilated.

Proper handling of the material will ensure that a high-quality structure is obtained at the output, which will be used for a long time and comfortably.

If all of the above scared a potential builder, disbelieving him of his own capabilities and strengths, you can consider a turnkey service. Such a frame house will cost more, but in this case the price is justified by the reliability and quality of further operation.

But you shouldn't be scared in vain either. A cozy frame house of 6 square meters , , with a serious and competent approach, will not become an insurmountable stage for a not lazy and handy master who has carpentry skills and knows how to use a tool.

The main thing in this is to correctly assess your own capabilities, and to use the recommendations and rules for the manufacture of frame structures. Then a home built with your own hands will become a source of joy and pride for its owner.

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