How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings

How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings The time when the dogs of large sizes, kept the chains, is irrevocably gone.

This is especially true for dogs, whose main task is to protect the territory of a private house. In any case, a tethered dog will not give you the full guarantee that your property will be protected.

Another thing is the content of "guards" in open-air cages with free access.

Let's try to figure out how to determine the size of an enclosure for a dog of a certain breed and calculate its size.

What are dog enclosures for?

Cynologists recommend training large dogs for the skills of guarding the yard and keeping them in enclosures. You can buy ready-made aviaries in special stores, but experience and practice show that they are not always able to meet the needs of the dog and its owner. Therefore, it is best, armed with the knowledge and advice of knowledgeable people, to make an aviary for a dog with your own hands.

Parameters for the enclosure


The size of the dog enclosure directly depends on the size of the animal, as well as its activity. It is necessary to determine the size of the structure taking into account the height of the dog at the withers, namely:

The width is determined by the size of the body of the body without the tail, and is about 1.5 m.

The length of the aviary is calculated taking into account the area and width.

In order to determine the required height of the structure, it is necessary to take the dog by the front paws so that it stretches out at attention and measure the size from the ground to the end of the front legs. Add half a meter to the resulting value, so you probably get the allowable height of the aviary.


The location of the enclosure for large dogs plays an important role. Your dog must have a good viewing angle for the quality performance of its direct duties.

Otherwise, keeping the animal just for the purpose of protecting the territory will not make sense.

Important !

Make sure to set up pet kennels in such a place that the animal is not disturbed by foreign odors that can weaken its scent, such as ammonia amber.

How to build an aviary

If dogs from the northern regions

How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings Place the rearguard of the structure with an orientation to the north. As for the southern sultry rocks, they will prefer the south orientation. For other breeds of dogs, the eastern direction is suitable, this is for those who do not care.


Let's talk about the foundation of an enclosure for large dogs. Experts say that there is no great need to establish its solid structure, since unnecessary expenses in this case are useless.

Aviaries are of such dimensions that they are not particularly susceptible to the influence of moving ground.The structure can be easily put on brick, ground or concrete blocks with dimensions of 400x400x200 in the corners and vertical supports, which are poured with concrete.

Frame structure

Structural steel is chosen to build the correct dog enclosure.

Also, wood is considered a good material. For smart dogs of the husky, husky, fox terrier breeds, it is preferable to use metal, because, if desired, they can gnaw through the tree. Of course, wood is less hassle, it is processed much easier than metal.

This option is more suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to use a welding tool.


Before use, wood must be treated with antiseptic compounds to prevent the development of rot, mold, and fungus.

The pillars are made of 150x150 timber, treated with bitumen mastic and immersed in concrete for strength. Install every 1.5 meters. Then the pillars are cut to the desired size and fastened with boards. Then comes the turn of the flooring, to which a strapping with a 100x100 bar is attached around the perimeter.

The roof is built last.

If the material is steel for the dog enclosure, then the support posts are made from a 40 x 40 x 2.5 profile pipe. For the floor, a frame is welded from the corners of 40 x 40 x 2 with a height of 15 - 25 cm from the ground. The flooring is made of boards, which are fixed with self-tapping screws.

The heads are immersed in wood and putty. Ridges are installed between the supports (panels sheathed with boards or lattice-type frames) by welding.


Ready-made kennels for dogs are often installed on the ground, into which the animal dumps waste products. Therefore, the floors have to be cleaned constantly. On the other hand, the dogs can easily dig a passage in the ground and get out.

This nuance depends on the breed of the dog, for example, Siberians do not have the instinct to dig the soil, since in their native lands the land is hard from constant frosts.

Large dogs, labradors, huskies, huskies need regular walking, and this contributes to the fact that they will not have the idea to choose from an enclosed space. In any case, it will not be difficult to accustom a dog to a latrine in the form of a vessel for these purposes, with a strong desire.

Aviaries for dogs prone to undermining

How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings Remember that that when constructing the roof of the dog enclosure with your own hands, you need to leave a gap for ventilation. This is done with care for the animal, because overheating for a dog is worse than cold.

The choice of material for the roof should be based on sound insulation characteristics.

Since dogs have excellent hearing, the monotonous sound of raindrops can affect the psycho-emotional health of the animal. Therefore, a soft tile or roofing material will be a suitable material.

A chain-link dog enclosure is a pretty good and budget design option.But some experts talk about the prohibition of this material, since dogs can injure their paws on it, pull out the hair in shreds.

We can talk about the safety of the chain-link only if the aviary is planned for the husky, because this breed is distinguished by a special mind and ingenuity.

The chain-link can also be used in the case of a large open-air cage area - more than 20 m², in which they are going to keep a large-sized and well-trained watchdog.

For puppies of large breeds of dogs

It is not recommended to make an enclosure made of wood here, since the desire to gnaw everything will play a cruel joke. Small ones can swallow chips, some get stuck in the pharynx, which will be fatal. For such babies, it will be advisable to build an open-air cage with soft walls, against which he can snuggle and calm down, like near a mother.

Medium-sized dog enclosures

Large psi can live in the open air all the time, so for them life in well-equipped facilities will seem like raspberries. The main thing is that it has everything you need for a happy dog's life.

  • How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings The total size of the aviary should be 6 - 10 m².
  • It is better to make the floor concrete and insulate it with wooden boards.
  • One wall must be closed and three open.

  • The walls are made 2 - 2.5 m high. This is the height the dog cannot overcome.


The optimal size of the enclosure for large dogs is 3 mx 3 m or 2 mx 4 m.

Let's give a specific example how to calculate the material for a dog enclosure.

Requires :

  • Welded mesh.
  • Brick.
  • Metal pipes.
  • Wooden boards.

  • Self-tapping screws and nails.
  • Varnish-and-paint materials.
  • Metal tile or slate, roofing material.
  • Metal frame for the door.
  • Insulation.

For an enclosure with wall dimensions 4 * 2 m and a height of 2.5 m, you need to purchase:

  • Brick - 400 pcs.
  • Welded mesh - 8 m.
  • Cement - 3 bags of 25 kg.
  • Metal pipes - 4 pcs.

    3 m each and 20 cm in diameter.

  • Varnish or paint - 1 can.
  • Slate - 8 m².
  • Roofing material - 8 m².
  • Wooden boards - 16 m².

General principles of arranging an enclosure for a dog, sizes and materials

The design of an enclosure must meet the following requirements:

  • An enclosure for small dogs is built with a total area of ​​about 6 m².
  • For medium-sized dog breeds - about 10 m².
  • For large dog breeds - over 10 m².

Regardless of the area, the aviary should have:

  • one open wall;
  • two open walls;
  • three walls are open.

Important !

Make one wall of the enclosure deaf, to protect it from cold winds and precipitation.

How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings Open walls of the enclosure are constructed from materials such as:

  • mesh-chain-link;
  • welding mesh;
  • forged elements;
  • metal pipes;
  • iron rods.

By type of roof overlap, aviaries are:

  • Open. They do not have roofs, the dog should not be in them all the time.
  • Covered. Aviaries with a roof, in which the animal can sit around the clock.

  • Partially overlapped. One part of the roof is covered, the other is left without overlap. In such structures, the animal can lie in the sun.

Functional areas in the dog enclosure:

  • Rest area. You can put a bed for sleeping.

  • Dining area. I have a bowl for food and water.
  • Active zone. In this place, the dog can do whatever his heart desires.

An important question that must be decided in advance is determining the location of the enclosure for large dogs.

It is often installed on the side of the house with a distance of 2 - 3 m from the fence. The location of the paddock away from the fence is necessary primarily for the dog, otherwise it will react loudly to every passing person or car.

The floor in the dog enclosure is made from:

  • Fine sand.
  • Soil.
  • Concrete.

    The floor is built at a certain angle so that water does not accumulate.

Cynologists advise you to use concrete for the floor. It is easy to clean and clean, it is possible to insulate it. Sand is not very suitable for this purpose, since it will accumulate on the animal's fur, between the phalanges, and may end up in the eyes and food. The ground often freezes in the cold season, sometimes it does not absorb moisture well.

Aviary for small dogs of such breeds as: pug, dachshund, Yorkshire terrier, jagdterrier, pug, Chihuahua, is built mainly temporary. The reason lies in the impossibility of such dogs to be constantly on the street. The construction is necessary only for walking the dog in the fresh air.

Features of the enclosure for small dogs:

  • How to build a dog enclosure with your own hands and what size do you need? Choice of location and materials + Photos and Drawings Size aviary no more than 6 meters.
  • Roof open or partially overlapped.

  • Height no more than 1.5 m.
  • Two or three walls are left open or closed, respectively. This ensures the safety of the animal.
  • The floor slab must be wood or concrete.

The best enclosure size for small dogs is 2 mx 3 m.

The dog enclosure is a universal place for eating, sleeping and playful outdoor games ... It is in your power to provide your pet with a carefree existence, and then he will delight you too.

Just stick to the basic rule, the animal should be comfortable in the pen.