How to build a half-timbered house with your own hands: Step by step instructions

How to build a half-timbered house with your own hands: Step by step instructions Fachwerk - a technology that originated in Germany in the 15th century, spread not only at home, but throughout Europe. Today half-timbered houses are built not only by Germans, but also in Russia. They are quite popular and have received a lot of positive feedback. How can you build this magnificent house yourself?


What is a half-timbered house? Let's figure it out

This is a frame house and this type of building structure is a set of strong beams connected at right angles to each other and reinforced with oblique cross-members (supports and braces). These supports (braces) give the structure greater stability, and the entire building - reliability and strength.

How to build a half-timbered house with your own hands: Step by step instructions

The space between the beams and cross-members, which, as a rule, are left visible from the outside, is filled with various materials, this is the frame at home, it does not matter whether it is a board, a timber is used in a half-timbered house.

How to build a half-timbered house with your own hands: Step by step instructions In ancient times in Germany the Germans used clay mixed with straw. There is even a house built in the 13th century, which was built by a German builder in 1347.

Beams from a bar during such a time did not rot, and the wood became as strong as a stone. This house will stand for more than one century.

Europeans have long realized the reliability of these houses, and they are gradually beginning to appear in Russia. And all this was done by hand, without the use of power tools.

It is surprising that a half-timbered house can last more than 500 years, which proves the reliability of this type of construction.

Today, technological solutions can be very diverse, in half-timbered construction, instead of walls, panoramic double-glazed windows, brick, wood, natural stone, etc. are used.

The peculiarity of German frame houses in Germany

A characteristic feature of a half-timbered house is the protrusion of each upper floor above the previous one. This historically formed feature is not connected with the desire to increase the area of ​​the upper floor. This was done in order to protect the facade of the house, which is also the supporting frame of the entire building, from precipitation and excess moisture. Thanks to these indents, the water flowing down the walls of the upper floors flows directly to the ground, and the facade of the lower floor remains dry.

Half-timbered houses

Despite the fact that the widespread use of half-timbered houses was to some extent associated with the desire to save wood, this technology has shown itself perfectly and has a whole several advantages.

This is a fairly inexpensive and environmentally friendly type of construction that you can afford to build yourself. Fachwerk houses are unusual and beautiful.

In modern construction, glued coniferous timber is often used, which provides buildings with strength and durability, but you can also use ordinary timber, the main thing is to choose a good quality dry timber.

Modern houses using half-timbered technology

Thanks to the use of modern thermal insulation materials, a modern half-timbered house will not only be aesthetically attractive, but also warm and cozy.

How to build a half-timbered house with your own hands: Step by step instructions

When choosing a material to fill the space between the beams, you can show your imagination and use, along with traditional building materials, glass, carved wood, clay mixtures, etc.

The painting of beams or filler with modern paints and varnishes will advantageously play and protect from moisture.

Having all these advantages, half-timbered houses are being built today, many are ready to erect such structures with their own hands. In addition, half-timbered houses, quite light in nature, do not require the construction of a massive foundation. A pile-screw foundation is perfect for them, which will allow you to put such a house even on a slope and save on buying land.

Video about modern glass frame half-timbered houses

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