How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video

How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video Many building materials for the construction of houses are sold in modern markets, of course the price category is different.

But there are also decent budget options and such material is foam block.

This material is safe for human and animal health.

In this article we will find out how much it costs to build a house from foam blocks.

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General information about foam blocks


If the foam block is compared with other stone materials, the indicators for gas permeability and capillarity are much higher.

From the foam block it is also possible to build an extension to the house . Not so long ago, a material such as aerated concrete appeared on the construction markets.

How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video

Aerated concrete has a low weight, it also has soundproofing and heat-insulating qualities. And also this type of concrete has sufficient strength.

Production technology

The types of materials depend on the production technology: foam concrete or aerated concrete .

Aerated concrete

How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video This is a more durable material, but this material costs a little more expensive than foam concrete. For this reason, foam concrete is more in demand.

Foam concrete

Cement, water, sand and foaming agent are used to make foam concrete, since all materials are available, so it has a low price.


Blocks are produced in different densities and the scope of application will depend on this. To make thermal insulation, blocks marked D400 are used; blocks marked D1200 are used to build walls and foundations.

There are also intermediate brands, and since the blocks are lightweight, the construction of a building can be done by hand.

Foam blocks during construction


To keep the climate in the house moderate, then they build walls from 40 cm foam blocks, and the walls should be insulated with a five-centimeter layer of basalt wool or other similar material.

Before choosing a facing material or insulation for a house made of foam blocks, you must take into account that the facing material should not impede air circulation.

It is best to use mineral wool to insulate a house from foam blocks.

How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video

Walls made of foam block in no case, you can not paint it with paint, this will not allow the surface to "breathe ", and also it is impossible to make finishing with cement plaster and insulation from expanded polystyrene.

Laying blocks

Foam concrete is laid on cement mortar , but this is not entirely profitable since the consumption of the mortar is large. A house made of foam blocks, like buildings made of other materials, will have shrinkage, therefore, it is recommended to wait from five to ten months before filling the walls.

Foam blocks can be cut, it can also be grooved, drilled, milled and other similar work, because this material is easy to process.


To strengthen the structure of the house, experts use reinforcement. The fittings are best laid in those places where the window sills will be located.

How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video

The same reinforcement is used after four or five rows of masonry, and so that the reinforcement does not interfere with performing strobes are made for her.

After laying the reinforcement, all the gaps are poured with adhesive for foam blocks.


To build a house from foam blocks, it will be enough to equip strip foundation . For a strip foundation, blocks of the D700 - D1200 brand are best suited, their width should be about fifty centimeters.

In order to equip a reliable foundation, it is insulated and waterproofing is made.

To make the masonry of the first row, use an ordinary mortar, this is necessary in order to be able to align the blocks in level.

Then the laying is carried out using a special glue mass . In the event that the dimensions of the foam blocks differ by three millimeters, then they cannot be planted on the glue solution.

In order to make a floor, it is necessary to make a reinforced layer of mortar.

The thickness of which will be twenty millimeters.

If the blocks are more than one hundred millimeters wide, then the overlap can be made monolithic.

Cost calculation

Labor cost

To calculate how much it costs to build a house from a foam block, you need decide whether you will hire professionals to build or build the house yourself.

When building on your own, it will take a little less money to build. Also, the price of building a house from a foam block depends on the future dimensions of the house.

Houses from foam blocks are much cheaper to build than from wood or brick.

Since foam blocks are able to pass air, it is compared to a tree and there will never be high humidity in a foam block house.

Since foam blocks are not very durable, it is not worth building multi-storey buildings from it.

How to build a house from foam blocks: Cost calculation + Video

Cost of materials

To find out how much it will cost you to build a house from a foam block, you need to take into account the cost of building and finishing materials.

The inside of the house is best finished with such materials as drywall, decorative plaster, lining. Siding is used as an exterior finish.

Building material such as foam block is budgetary. As you understood from the article, it is also practical, and from it you can build a house from foam blocks with your own hands.

We hope this article was helpful. Good luck.

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