How to build a House from straw - Step by step instructions + Video

How to build a House from straw - Step by step instructions + Video
The use of straw as one of the building materials in the construction of a house has been known for quite some time. For example, in southern countries and regions (Ukraine), straw has been successfully used to cover roofs. Also, straw was added to adobe, a mixture that filled the space between blocks in half-timbered houses in Germany as early as the 15th century. Today there is a technology in which straw is used as the main building material.
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Advantages of a house made of straw and clay

  1. A frame house made of straw blocks is different not only low cost.

    You can build it for free as you did before, but you can build it in an environmentally friendly and modern way ("a house for a million rubles")

  2. Also a huge advantage of a straw house is its excellent thermal insulation performance.
  3. In addition, straw is a "breathable" material, which provides a home for a favorable microclimate and optimal air humidity.
  4. Moreover, such a house is being built quite quickly.
  5. Environmental friendliness.

Straw block houses.


How to build a House from straw - Step by step instructions + Video

Construction of straw was born in the USA, Nebraska, in 80 years of the last century. The emergence of this technology was due to the fact that in the territories where the first settlers settled, there was an acute shortage of wood, while there were all conditions for growing crops, especially cereals.

And since it was during that period that the first agricultural machinery appeared, capable of bale straw into more or less dense blocks, people had the idea to build houses from straw blocks.

The modern approach to the construction of houses from straw blocks

Today, straw construction is experiencing its rebirth, the technology has been improved in many ways. It is not only economically beneficial for those who decide to build a house with their own hands, but also environmentally justified, since these houses are completely safe for humans and the environment, because the basis of the house is straw and clay.

Frame house made of straw blocks: construction technology


Frame house made of straw blocks - light enough in nature construction that does not require a massive foundation.

Walls of a house made of straw blocks

For the construction of a house from straw blocks, a frame is used that resembles the frame of a panel house. The frame is made of timber of the traditional square section.

How to build a House from straw - Step by step instructions + Video
The frame is already filled under the roof to avoid wetting the straw

The wall space is filled with tightly compressed straw blocks, which are fastened to the base and to each other with metal stakes. Blocks can be located both inside the frame and on the outside.

Before laying the blocks, the frame is covered with a metal mesh, it will be needed for the convenience of applying a layer of plaster.

Stacking straw blocks

The construction of load-bearing straw walls is carried out according to the principle of brickwork. Straw blocks are stacked on top of each other, and care should be taken to ensure that the seams of the blocks do not match.

How to build a House from straw - Step by step instructions + Video
Blocks are laid so that the vertical seams do not coincide

Securing and tightening the blocks

For tight and strong adhesion, the blocks are fixed to each other using metal rods of different lengths. The lower blocks of the first and second row are put on pegs fixed to the foundation at a distance of about 1 meter.

The next rows are secured with additional rods. As the rows are laid out, the rods are built up and fixed to each other. The end result is a long pin that goes through the entire height of the wall. Its lower part is built into the plinth, and the upper part is threaded. For a tighter screed, a nut is screwed onto the top of the rod.

Fire safety at home

Well-pressed straw blocks have good fire resistance, since there is practically no room left for oxygen, which is necessary for any material for its combustion. In addition, at the final stage, the straw walls are covered with a thick layer of plaster, which also increases such an indicator as the fire safety of the structure.

You can verify the fire safety of a straw house in this video:

Should you build a thatched house?


A straw house is one of the most energy efficient and safe houses made from natural materials. You can also build such a house very cheaply, because straw does not require a large investment. Clay is also abundant.

If you want to make a house with your own hands and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, or rather clay, this house is for you. An excellent option for budget construction, price-quality at a height!

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