How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video The woman is the keeper of the hearth, and in Russia she is also the keeper of all kinds of jars with pickles and jam, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms and other goodies.

And if the family has a summer cottage, then vegetable supplies for the winter will always be present in the house at least in a small amount.

You also always need somewhere to store seasonal items and shoes, construction supplies and household appliances and items that are not needed every day - irons, clothes dryers, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Therefore, every time the question arises of where to store all this so that the necessary is always at hand, but does not lie in all visible corners and does not litter the useful space.

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Choosing a place for the pantry

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video Every real hostess will be glad if such a functional space as a pantry appears in her house.

Sometimes, even in typical buildings, a pantry is provided, and a pantry in a private house is a mandatory room, already at the construction stage you need to think over its location and dimensions, assessing the potential significance of the pantry for you.

Pantry under the stairs

If the space of the house allows, then, in principle, it is possible to equip the pantry in the house in a room of any shape (complex geometry, bevel of ceilings, etc. .). For example, a storage room under the stairs in a private house is a very convenient and rational option.

Storage room with a window

It's good if it is possible to make a storage room such that it will make it possible to place storage systems with a depth of 35-45 cm, one or two, or better three walls, it will be a big plus if the exit from the pantry does not lead to the hall or living room. If there is a window in the storage area, this is a big plus. Natural lighting can be combined with lamps located on the ceiling or walls, plus, the window in the pantry always looks very stylish.

Choosing the style of the pantry

And in general, do not forget about style issues in the process of decorating the pantry, select stylish materials, combine various textures, add lighting on the shelves, - let the surrounding Your space will be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Stylish décor elements include wicker baskets, identical glass jars for storing bulk products, metal shelves or unpainted wood.

Shelves or cabinets?
How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video The most effective filling of a pantry is racks and shelves, since they allow you to use all possible space in the room, swing cabinets or drawers of various depths are also convenient.

If you settled on the option with shelves, then you need to approach this issue competently, calculating as accurately as possible what can be located on the shelves.This will make it possible to calculate the potential load on them so that they do not break or collapse if the weight of the items that will be stored on them exceeds the weight for which they are designed. Shelves can be made of chipboard or MDF.

If you like the idea of ​​swinging wardrobes, then the doors can be made of glass, so you can immediately see what is on which shelf.

A small pantry in the house can be visually enlarged by using white in the interior: it visually expands the space of the room.

What is the load on the racks?

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video If there are pantry is enough, then the shelves can be replaced with functional shelving. In this case, you should also take care of what will be stored in the pantry in advance, roughly estimate the size and weight of items in order to calculate the dimensions of the sections, the width of the shelves and potential functionality (for example, use drawers or baskets).
You also need to immediately think about this point: if the height of the pantry is quite large, then you need to provide access to the upper shelves and mezzanines. To do this, you can use a small stepladder, and it is better to think in advance where it will be stored, provide for a place for it in the pantry itself.

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video

What materials do we use?

It should be borne in mind that whatever is stored in the pantry, it will collect a lot of dust, so you should think in advance how to protect, for example, stored clothes from dust: for example, buy stylish and practical covers. As for the most practical materials, it is possible to carry out the interior decoration of the pantry with plastic panels: they just need to be washed and dry cleaned too.

There can be many door options - from a standard wooden door to a plastic folding accordion door or a screen, remember that the door should not knock out of the overall interior.

If the width and size of the cabinet as a whole allows, you can organize the space using an upright stand and metal swivel shelves mounted on it. These shelves are comfortable and very functional.

You can always look deeper into the closet so that nothing gets stuck. Plus, this option looks very stylish.

Any material can be present on the floor, but linoleum or tiles will be more convenient to use from the same cleaning point of view.

Selecting the version

  • How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video Pantry-cabinet

Various pantry options are designed not only for storing cans or food, but it can be a dressing room, utility room or even a small work area.

To use the pantry as an office, it is enough to organize a work surface with good lighting and a small comfortable seat, the choice of furniture in stores allows you to choose office items for any room in terms of dimensions.

  • Pantry-Dressing Room

If your storeroom will function as a dressing room, then it is necessary to provide a wardrobe or a shelf with hangers and stands for shoes. To expand the functionality of the wardrobe room, you can equip it with drawers for small items and not forget about the mirror.

  • Storeroom- basement

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video Another one an option for a house to make a storage room in the basement,
if the conditions in it allow it: a heated basement can become a full-fledged room or storage room, while an unheated basement needs additional finishing.

The filling of the basement pantry will differ little from the pantry in the house itself, the only thing that is worth preventing the appearance of insects or rodents by covering the ventilation openings with a fine mesh, which must be regularly cleaned.

It is also important to provide for the possibility of periodic disinfection of basement shelves, which should be designed for heavy loads, because this is where vegetables and other provisions can be stored in winter.

Try to take care of ventilation in advance.

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video Storage room next to the kitchen

However, the most convenient option is equip a pantry at home next to the kitchen or directly in it. Firstly, in the process of cooking, there is a regular need to use all kinds of spices, oils, seasonings that should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Pantry in a kitchen set

In foreign kitchens, a so-called pantry cabinet is used for their storage, it is located in the kitchen and is combined with the facade of a kitchen set, it is often installed in a corner niche in order to make the most of all the usable space of the kitchen area.

What to fill?

The filling of the closet-pantry can be varied, again, depending on your needs: it can be shelves with dividers for bottles or storage cells spice jars, you can also use the cabinet doors by placing, for example, metal baskets on them.

The ergonomics of the pantry

The placement of objects in the closet is also extremely obvious: in accessible places (at the level of the face and hands), objects are placed, the need for which appears most often, in the lower parts of the storage system can accommodate dishes, various containers, rarely used kitchen appliances.

Drawers can be replaced with drawers-trays made of wood or stainless steel, they are convenient for their spaciousness.

If your system assumes the presence of boxes, then you can make stylish signs on them to organize the arrangement of items.

Household appliances in the pantry

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video The closet pantry can become location, for example, a multicooker or coffee machine, in the event that an outlet is provided there.With this design option for the closet-pantry, you can be puzzled and make the shelves illuminated so that the closet-pantry is as convenient as possible.

In principle, a pantry closet can become a place for storing not only spices, oils and all kinds of cans, but if the size allows it, you can place a water heater, a gas water heater, in general, everything that takes up a lot of space and slightly spoils the interior of the kitchen area.

Additional pantry equipment

How to build a storage room in a private house and apartment: design ideas + Video If there is no possibility or desire to make a cabinet- pantry, then you can install a storage system that will look like pull-out racks on which metal limiter shelves are located. They can be used to place items or foods that do not need to be cooled. It's pretty handy and looks very impressive.

A pantry in a gourmet home can become the location of, for example, a wine cooler, cheese cooler, or a minibar.

A mini-pantry can be placed in a large kitchen, it is convenient if you install a motion sensor there with automatic light on inside.