How to build a tree house with your own hands for children and adults? Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions + Photos & Videos

How to build a tree house with your own hands for children and adults? Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions + Photos & Videos How to build a tree house with your own hands? If you have a child in your family, he must have a separate place to play. If you have a summer cottage, you can create a convenient and safe playground, but it is much more interesting to bring another idea to life - to make a tree house with your own hands.

This can be the main place for the merrymaking, and the addition. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, if you pick up a simple scheme and good materials.

Drawing up a drawing and choosing wood

Before you start, you need to think over all the details and draw up a diagram of a tree house.

The main parameters are the area and height of the house, as well as the mounting method. Standard houses are rectangular shields with openings for branches. The roof and walls can be of any shape, and even made from scrap materials.

A ladder is required to enter this house. The rope option is not suitable here, as children can be easily injured, so you will have to take care of a strong attachment and reliability of the structure.

In no case should you nail the ladder to the trunk, as this will be detrimental to the tree, especially as the structure grows over time it can be deformed. If you still want a rope ladder, then keep in mind that the height should be low, and the child is old enough to use such a structure. Everything should be considered at the design stage.

It will be important to carefully study the wood, since reliability and strength, as well as the general level of safety of use, will depend on it. Don't choose old trees that have hollows or voids, or a lot of dead branches, but immature trees are also a bad option.

Which trees should NOT build a house on?

On poplar, willow or birch. The ideal option would be a maple, apple or ash tree with a trunk diameter of at least 30 cm, with a good root system, no parasites, and healthy bark. It will be easier to build a tree house with a straight trunk - this will make it easier to install and secure the base.

Building a tree house

Preparatory stage

When you finally decide on a tree, you need to try to prepare it correctly ..

. On the lower branches and trunk, remove dense small shoots, but cut large branches wisely. With an illiterate approach, you can ruin the whole tree, and it will simply dry out. To avoid this unfortunate outcome, leave large branches and create the base of the house on or around them.

Construction tools House materials
Hammer Edged board, section of which is 50 * 250 and 25 * 150 mm
Drill Bar 1.

5 * 1.5 meters

Circular saw / hacksaw Galvanized self-tapping screws
Slope Support beams, diameter 2 dm
Roulette Nails
Sandpaper Antiseptic impregnation for wood
Construction level Mounting plates made of metal
Screwdriver Oil / grease

Before starting work, be sure to treat the boards and timber with an antiseptic impregnation and dry in the sun. Thanks to this, you can extend the life of the house, and protect the surface of wood materials from rotting and dampness. Support beams in length should be more than 1-1.5 meters than the distance from the base of the house to the ground.

Since they need to be dug into the ground, after antiseptic treatment, cover the lower part of each beam with a good layer of solid oil, oil treatment or bitumen mastic.

Construction technology

Installing supports

To build a tree house with your own hands, you need to carefully measure the distance between the main branches and determine how the platform for the house will be located. The corners of the base need to be projected down and mark these points with a beacon. Using a drill, prepare holes for the supporting beams, and their depth should be at least 120 cm, and the diameter should be about 3 dm. At the bottom, you need to fill up a layer of sand of 10 cm, and then the same amount of rubble.

When this shrinkage pad is ready, you can lower the beams into the pits, level them and reinforce them with timber struts or cinder block.

All beams must have the same height and stand upright. Keep in mind that the trunk of the tree in this case can be between the pillars of the support or be one of the supporting supports. Now you need to mix the solution, pour it between the post and the walls of the pit, and leave to dry. When the base is ready and solid, you can remove the spacers.

We mount the platform

How to build a tree house with your own hands for children and adults? Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions + Photos & Videos When creating a frame for a house on take a bar with your own hands and cut it off so that it is the length you need. If, according to your project, the platform will rest on the pillars at all angles, and at the same time surround the tree trunk, fasten the supporting beams around the entire perimeter of the base. To do this, you need to raise each beam to the floor level, and level it horizontally, and then screw both ends to the inner surfaces of the posts. The finished harness should be well strengthened in the corners; for this, metal plates can be used.

After that, inside the frame, stuff additional beams, and they must be parallel to each other at a distance of 0.

2-0. 3 meters. Leave a hole of the correct size in the place where the tree trunk passes.Tap the frame from below with 2 transverse boards, while they should be located on both sides of the trunk. Finally, secure all connections inside the frame with metal plates and bolts.

Please note, h , when building a house, it is important to remember about branches and bark. They must be preserved, since without this the tree will die, and the built house cannot be used.

If the tree plays the role of one of the supports, the platform must be mounted differently. In this case, raise the timber to the level of the base of the future house, and screw it to the posts with two ends, and nail it to the trunk in the middle. Both beams should be located horizontally only.

After that, stuff other beams on top, and they should be perpendicular to the lower ones, and also have a pitch of 50 cm. Naturally, all elements should be bolted using steel plates.

And the last installation option is a fixing without a bearing support. If you plan to fasten the platform only to a tree, then two beams must be nailed to the trunk, 0.3 meters below the floor of the future house on both sides.

After that, lay the remaining beams perpendicularly on top, while observing step 0.5-0. 7 meters and connecting everything from the ends with thick boards. You should have a rectangular structure that lies in a horizontal plane. After that, install additional spacers - take the beams with the same section and fasten them at an angle on the platform so that one end rests against the outer beams of the frame, and connect the rest on the trunk.

Laying the floor

It's easy to build a tree house with your own hands if you make the floor correctly. To make it, you need a high quality polished board. Before use, check the wood well - it should be free of knots and roughness, and if necessary, carry out additional grinding. Cut the boards to the size of the floor and spread them out on the ground for now to make the markings. This is required for that.

So that you can accurately cut holes for the trunk and branches of the tree, since you cannot make neat cutouts at the top.

So, you can start laying out the boards in a rectangle, and leave gaps of about 1-2 cm, measure the circumference of the trunk and mark the boundaries of the cutout on the floor of your future children's house in the tree. Please note that the floor should not adjoin the bark closely, as the structure will undergo deformation as the tree grows. If the prepared material corresponds to the drawing, you can proceed to fixing the floor to the platform.

Lay the boards on the frame in the same way as you laid them on the ground and leave small gaps of a couple of cm.

This is necessary so that the rain does not accumulate and stagnate, but immediately flows down. The floor must be secured with nails or self-tapping screws. The finished structure should be in a horizontal plane, not stagger and in no case creak.

Making the walls in the house

First, you need to install a solid frame made of timber around all the perimeter of the platform. To do this, you can use a material with a smaller section, for example, 5 * 5 cm.

The timber should be cut to the height of the walls and installed at all corners of the base, while fixing is done by screwing bolts (anchor) to the protruding support beams. Take care of the intermediate posts, which should be spaced in increments of 0. 4-0. 5 meters from the corner posts and fixed on the outside of the frame base. Do not under any circumstances fasten the uprights to the floor, as this connection is not considered reliable.

How to build a tree house with your own hands for children and adults? Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions + Photos & Videos Reinforce the intermediate and corner posts for the tree house with spacers, and then you can sheathe them with boards. You can make solid or lattice walls, it all depends on you. The shape and number of windows, as well as their location, also choose at your discretion. It is much more important that the openings are well protected and the child does not fall out of the house.

Installing the roof

The best option would be to make a roof in the form of a canopy.

At a height of one and a half to two meters above the walls, find 2 strong branches that are located opposite each other. Screw metal hooks to them and pull a good rope or thick cord between them. After that, we throw a piece of tarpaulin over the stretched rope and fix the ends at the corners of the house.

If you can't make a canopy due to interfering branches, you can make the roof differently. along the upper edge of the corner posts, attach a harness of bars.

After that, you will need to assemble two trusses and install them over the opposing walls. These trusses are connected to each other by a pair of wide boards, which are stuffed along the upper edge. Since the roof is small, no additional fasteners are required, and you can close the structure with any light material, for example, corrugated board, polycarbonate sheets or ondulin.

Similar to the floor, holes must be cut in the roof for large branches if it is not possible to install the structure in another way. Again, you cannot attach the roof covering close to the tree - be sure to leave a small space.

We make and install the stairs

How to build a tree house with your own hands for children and adults? Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions + Photos & Videos For a tree house with your own hands, you can make a rope, wooden straight, light lattice, short or long, steep and flat stairs. In this case, there are many options, and before choosing one, consider the pros and cons. One of the best options can rightfully be called a ladder in the form of a shield with slots. First you need to take a bar with a cross section of 5 * 5 cm and a length of 2.6 meters and attach it at an angle of 80 degrees to the base of the house, that is, almost vertically.

After that, mark the cutting lines with a pencil and saw off the excess. Cut the second timber in the same way.

After that, the finished material must be laid on a flat area, and filled on top of boards, the thickness of which is from 20 mm.The boards should be 15 cm wide and 60-70 cm long. In absolutely every workpiece, cut an oval hole to the width of a moan and carefully sand the cut.

Such cutouts should be located on one side, and not less than 5 cm from the end. When sheathing, the workpiece must be nailed so that the cutouts alternate - the first board with a cutout on the left, the second with a cutout on the right, and according to this principle to the end.

It is imperative to fix the boards to the beams with a solid sheet and not leave gaps. When the ladder is ready, attach it to the house, and secure from the outside with metal plates and bolts. Make sure the attachment is secure, as falling from a ladder can cause serious injury.

When the structure is firmly fixed, it must be treated with a primer with antiseptic properties, and then painted or coated with a special varnish for wood.

Finishing work

The final stage will be decorating the finished house and creating a cozy atmosphere. Paint all exterior surfaces to protect the wood from the atmosphere. Ideally, all tones should be the same so that the house looks harmonious. It is not at all necessary to paint a tree house from the inside, the main thing is that the boards are smooth and the child cannot drive a splinter.

For convenience, make several shelves for toys, put a basket or children's table. The floor can be covered with a soft carpet, baby pillows can be brought. It all depends only on the little owners of their first home, and they will gladly contribute to the design.


The principles of building tree houses are constantly improving, but if you are new to this business, try something simple. We are confident that with work, accuracy and following all the recommendations, you will succeed!


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