How to choose a drainage pump for a private house? Review and description, characteristics and device + Video

How to choose a drainage pump for a private house? Review and description, characteristics and device + Video The device of the drainage pump: description, principle of operation, + Photo. It's good when your house has an autonomous water supply through a well, an artificial or natural reservoir on the territory of the house, a pool and a basement for equipment and utilities - it's really very good. But it is bad when you do not have a drainage pump that will purify water from contamination in a well and a reservoir, a pump that can drain water from a flooded basement, and so on.

In order to better know exactly how the pump works, when it is needed and how to operate it, we have collected all the useful information.

Design features and operating principle

Thanks to the drain pump device, you can automate and easily get rid of problems such as:

  • How to choose a drainage pump for a private house? Review and description, characteristics and device + Video Removing excess water after heavy precipitation has fallen, after raising the level of groundwater (from the basement, construction site), flooding.

  • Pumping out dirty water from a reservoir, a silted well, a pit or a sewer.
  • Irrigation of land in greenhouses or small areas.
  • Pumping water from container to container.

Almost every country house needs this pump, but all the problems will not be solved only with the purchase. Remember that you must also know the principle of action and the device.

This will make it possible not only to choose the right pump that will be suitable for specific tasks, but also to use it correctly.

Drainage pump device

This design includes in a simplified form the following element base:

  • Electric motor ...
  • Wing shaft.

    It can be located directly on the engine, or it can be separate, but this does not change the essence - the element is needed to ensure the movement of water inside the devices. It is made of stainless steel.

  • Pumping unit with suction pipes. In it, water flows through the holes directly into the pump. The diameter of the holes can be different, since it all depends on the size of the solid microparticles passed through.

  • Switch (float switch). It is needed to prevent flooding and idle water due to automatic on / off (it all depends on the water level).
  • Housing. The pump casing, which for this household product is made of plastic / steel. This makes the device mobile and easy to use.

Please note, when working with hard particles, plastic is more sensitive, so such devices will fail faster.

Principle of operation

If you know which structural elements are included in the "composition" of the pump, it will be easy to understand how the drain pump works. First, connect the device to the mains, and when starting up, the electric motor and the propeller shaft will start working first.The spinning blades form rarefied air around them and the pressure in the chamber will automatically decrease. Water will begin to flow inward, and due to the action of centrifugal force, it will move to the outlet opening, and from there into the pipe or outlet hose.

But the dirty water will be drained into a separate container or sump. This principle is also used for pumping clean water, but in large volumes.

Remember that for good fluid movement in the chamber, the total volume of particles (solids) must not exceed 10%.

The main differences between the device of fecal and drainage pumps

An equally important point is that the principle of operation of the fecal and drainage device is similar, but there are also a number of serious differences. The direct purpose of the first is to work with solid particles of a smaller diameter, where the permissible size ranges from 1.

2 to 1.5 cm, and drainage household models can pass about 0.5 cm (in rare models, the throughput limit is 2 cm).

At the same time, I would like to note that fecal pumps show the best results when working in a viscous environment, but it is important to take into account that when equipped with special grinders, the device automatically becomes 1.5-3 times more expensive.

Attention! Drainage pumps can in no way be used in toilet sewers. For this, ONLY fecal models are suitable.

How to choose the right drain pump

First, before buying, you should honestly determine what you expect from the pump, namely, assess the upcoming conditions of use. The range, type and main characteristics of the devices, as well as the final cost, will envy from this.

Data to evaluate before purchase:

  1. How to choose a drainage pump for a private house? Review and description, characteristics and device + Video The amount of work to be done.

  2. Quality indicators of water - size of solid particles, percentage of contamination, level of viscosity.
  3. Temperature of the pumped liquid. An important indicator, since during operation the pumped liquid cools the pump during operation. We do not recommend using the equipment in conditions where the temperature will be higher than +42 degrees.
  4. Possibilities when installing the device.

Submersible drainage pump or surface pump - which is better?

After considering the design of the drain pump, you should choose which type is better. An ideal option for a private house is a submersible pump. Its body is placed under water, and this makes it possible to pump out liquid from a great depth. Vertical models can be placed at a depth of 6 to 8 meters, and horizontal models at a depth (!) Of up to 100 meters! Please note that such devices need good sealing, but from time to time you need to lift the device for cleaning, which may not be convenient every time. For regular use at any time of the year, this is a great choice.

The surface pump is ideally suitable for infrequent use about once a season, for example, in the summer in the country.It cannot be immersed in liquid and is installed on a surface, so there is no special sealing on it. Any kind of precipitation or even fog can damage the device. Another significant drawback is that it cannot be used at great depths. The hose should be immersed in water to a depth of no more than 7 meters.

But the advantage is that such pumps can be used in hard-to-reach places.

We choose only the best - TOP-5 reputable companies

In this rating you will find both expensive devices and fairly inexpensive models. Let's see which manufacturers have been able to prove themselves and have created the best drainage pump device.

Redrollo (Italy)

This manufacturer first declared itself back in the 70s of the XX century. The company was able to quickly gain popularity thanks to the production of high quality products, which also go well with a pleasant price.

Today Pedrollo is the leader in the manufacture of pumps of any kind. You will be pleased with a wide range of drainage devices. Separately, I would like to highlight the popular TOP series.

These submersible devices have an open centrifugal impeller. They were designed to function automatically when lifting and picking up fluids that do not contain abrasive substances.

In this series of pumps, the casing is made of an engineering polymer, which is additionally reinforced with fiberglass, and this in turn increases the impact resistance. The suction grill and impeller are also made of technical polymer.

Due to its unique protection and shock resistance, the pump can operate in various aggressive media and pump both water and chemicals. The device can also be used to pump out faecal wastewater and dirty liquid, in which the solid particles will not exceed 2 cm.

The model is designed for permanent use, can work in partial immersion mode, has a beacon for emergency shutdown.

It is a powerful pump that is very easy to operate. It is bought to remove water from swimming pools, garages and basements. It can even be used for watering the land at a summer cottage and the continuous operation of a small fountain in volume.

Dzhileks (Russia)

This is our, domestic manufacturer, which began to supply its products in the difficult 90s of the XX century. Despite the almost complete absence of normal salaries at that time, the products gained popularity.

This is partly due to the fact that the jilex drainage pump device was adapted to the operating conditions in Russia.

For example, models from Jileks are not very sensitive to frequent voltage drops. In addition, they are of excellent quality, but the cost is much lower than that of foreign counterparts. Another advantage is that a network of Jileks service centers is functioning well throughout the country, which guarantees that you will not have problems with spare parts and repairs.All models are represented by a single line called Drainer.

How to choose a drainage pump for a private house? Review and description, characteristics and device + Video These submersible devices differ in power, have a plastic case (sometimes stainless steel). They can work perfectly in conditions where the size of contamination ranges from 0.5 to 4 cm.

The devices themselves are economical and have a decent service life. The most popular model of the Dzhileks company is Drenazhnik 200 / 10f.

It has a powerful pump, the permissible immersion depth of which is 8 m. The model is also quite economical, since the rated power is only 0.88 kW. Bonuses include the fact that this model still has a float switch, and its operation can be adjusted.

Note that this model is equipped with a very durable plastic case and overheating protection system.

The advantages of the device include the possibility of long-term use without interruption, even with incomplete immersion. It can be used to drain wells, septic tanks, reservoirs, and more. Considering all the advantages of the device, its cost is more than pleasant.

Karcher (Germany)

The time-tested German manufacturer Karcher produces and creates unique drainage pump devices that are durable and reliable. They are great for pumping huge volumes, as some models have a capacity of 18,000 l / h.

The special Dirt series has been designed to pump out dirty water where the size of impurities should not exceed 3 cm. These are excellent pumps that are designed to work in flooded areas such as basements or cellars, as well as for ponds.

For pumping slightly dirty or even clean water, use devices from the Flat series. These pumps can be installed in drainage wells or in a pool. The peculiarity lies in the fact that they are pumped out almost dry, sometimes they can leave a layer of liquid no more than 0.

1 cm. All this is available due to the fact that such pumps have a level sensor with a special adaptive algorithm.

This makes it possible to react almost immediately to contact with water and adapt to the constantly changing working conditions. The best pump according to customers' opinion is the Karcher SDP 9500 pump. This is a very fashionable device for pumping contaminated liquids with solid particles no more than 2 cm in size.

It has a float switch and an oil seal made of ceramic and granite, which increases the service life by 30%.


But "Foreman" appeared on the construction market relatively recently. This company sells tools and equipment under its own brand. The pumps of this company are pleasantly distinguished by their price-quality ratio. There are four models in the pump line, the most popular of which is Prorav 8620 PP, which has a low price and excellent performance.

The device copes well with liquids of any degree of contamination, but the fractions should not be more than 3.5 cm in diameter. It also has a float switch. The pump can be lowered into liquid, but the permissible depth in this case is not more than 5 meters. Productivity is enviable - 12,000 l / h.

With all this, the pump is quite compact. It can be used to work in a well or pond.


These pumps are produced by the Moscow Pumping Plant. The line of devices includes both household and professional models. The pumps have built-in hermetically sealed electric motors, which are used to pump liquids with a density of up to 1110 kg / m 3 .

Impurities, or rather their permissible size - 0.5 cm. This is one of those devices that can be used at liquid temperatures up to +60 degrees, and because of this it is marked "T".

In this line, the demanded instance is the model 10-10 pump. This is a submersible drainage pump with a 1100 watt electric motor.

The head of the device is 12 meters, and the liquid supply is 18. These characteristics make it possible to use the pump for pumping out clay and sandy water from pits and trenches, as well as for flooded basements of a large area.


Now that you know everything about the drain pump device, you can go to the store with peace of mind and choose the model that really suits you. If you are not completely sure of what to take, you can always consult with the seller in the store or with a specialist.