How to choose a durable option for an apartment? Tips + Videos

How to choose a durable option for an apartment? Tips + Videos The choice of floor covering must be approached very responsibly. The best way to choose the most durable laminate flooring is not to listen to a sales assistant, but to thoroughly study all the information yourself. Find brand names on the Internet, visit the manufacturers' official websites, read all the characteristics of your favorite collections.

Now you can go to the shopping center with complete confidence that you will not be imposed on stale goods of poor quality.

How to determine the durability of a laminate

The strength and durability of a laminate is determined by a specific class.

On the shelves of building supermarkets you can see laminate of the following classes: from 21 to 23 - for an apartment and from 31 to 34 - for public premises.

  • Class 21 laminate is the most short-lived, it will last about four years. It can be placed in rooms with low traffic, for example, in the bedroom (if you go there a couple of times a day, preferably barefoot).
  • Class 22 laminate is the most common laminate, although its wear resistance is higher than that of 21, it is still insufficient to be used in the whole apartment. If you put it in the bedroom, it will serve you for 6-8 years, but in the living room for 5 years, no more.

  • Class 23 laminate is suitable even for kitchens and corridors, where the permeability is significantly higher than in living rooms. Its service life will be at least 10 years. However, this class is also referred to as budget options.
  • How to choose a durable option for an apartment? Tips + Videos Laminate marked "2" is not as popular today as it used to be. This can be explained by the fact that the guarantee for it is usually no more than 6 years, and by the fact that it is actively being replaced by "30s".

  • Class 31 laminate is the most cost-effective option. This type of coating can already be safely attributed to really wear-resistant materials. The stores offer a wide variety of models and colors, so it will not be difficult for you to choose a laminate of this class for the entire apartment. This coating serves for more than 10 years.
  • Laminate 32 classes are chosen by those who need their floor to look perfect in 10 years.

    Models of this class are somewhat more expensive, but they can already be used in small commercial premises with the traffic of several dozen people during the day. This coating usually lasts about 15 years.

  • Class 33 laminate is an excellent option for a cafe, office, shop or sports club. If you choose it for your home, rest assured, it will look as good as new in 25 years! In commercial premises with high traffic, such a floor covering will last 5-6 years.
  • Class 34 laminate is the most expensive and durable model.

    This coating can be used even in industrial premises. It is chosen by those who need a floor "forever".

So, if you choose a laminate for your city apartment, then 32 class coverage will suit you. If you have an active and large family, take the 33rd grade better.

Important !

If you have a baby or the sound of footsteps on the floor annoys you, choose a laminate with a thickness of at least 10-12 mm.

All other types of laminate do not have sound-absorbing properties!

Moisture resistance of the laminate

Moisture resistance is an equally important characteristic of the laminate. On store shelves, you can find coatings with or without moisture-proof properties, as well as absolutely moisture-resistant models. Their prices vary considerably.

The best option for both residential and commercial premises is a laminate with moisture resistant properties. By paying a high price, you can be sure of the durability of your flooring.

However, professionals do not recommend choosing fully waterproof models. Such a laminate is not made of wood, it is based on polymer materials. Although manufacturers assure the safety of such a coating, it is still not recommended to use it in residential premises. But for pools, attics and terraces, this is a great option.


Test the moisture resistance of the laminate yourself by sawing off a small piece of the board and placing it in water for eight hours.

A quality board will swell by about 15-18%, a bad laminate - up to 40%.

Moisture resistance also depends on the type of laminate - lock or adhesive. Adhesive laminate is fine if your floor isn't perfectly flat. Boards are laid on special glue, so no gaps are formed between them, and moisture does not penetrate inside. However, if part of such a floor is damaged, it will be extremely problematic to replace it.

Castle moisture-resistant laminate is a more modern alternative.

How to choose the right manufacturer


Choose laminate only from trusted manufacturers, as they provide a good guarantee for their goods.

Considering such characteristics as price and quality, laminate flooring can be divided into premium, comfort and economy classes.

Quick-Step and Belfloor are premium manufacturers. These companies delight customers with high quality, interesting collections and a variety of decors.

The most famous manufacturer of comfort class - the Tarkett company - is one of the leaders in the flooring market. Their catalog contains a variety of models for every taste and wallet.

If you are considering an economy-class laminate, pay attention to the German companies Kronotex and Egger. They have a very budget price, but few colors and weak specifications.

Always pay attention to the markings to avoid stumbling upon low-grade Chinese laminate flooring.

Reliable manufacturers indicate the information in full, it is not possible to find identification marks on the Chinese laminate.