How to choose a French awning blind for decorating a window in the house? Tips for choosing a material + Video

How to choose a French awning blind for decorating a window in the house? Tips for choosing a material + Video Marquise curtains or French curtains are associated with luxury and expensive interior for many. And this is quite understandable, because the products for decorating windows of such a plan could be afforded by wealthy people who own castles and estates. In this regard, for sewing such curtains, they bought only expensive, high quality textiles, exclusively natural.

The fashion for French curtains appeared in the period of the XIV-XVII centuries in France. At that time, everyone tried to stand out and decorated their estates with special splendor and luxury.

Scattered curtains with pleats along the entire length of the product, helped to create interior designs in Rococo or Baroque styles.

It is noteworthy that such curtains have not lost their relevance for several centuries, do not go out of fashion, and constantly attract attention to themselves. Such curtains in a wonderful way refresh the interior of the house, add chic and high cost, and also help to easily create the desired style in the room, but with a modern touch.

General information of French curtains

Distinctive design features


French curtains are suitable for framing window openings in any premises: private houses, apartments, cottages, restaurants, cafes, theaters. The atmosphere in such rooms always sets you in a solemn mood.

High cost of materials and design

How to choose a French awning blind for decorating a window in the house? Tips for choosing a material + Video At first glance, it seems that the French marquis curtain does not require much fussing around, and the work is not particularly painstaking. In fact, an experienced seamstress will tell you otherwise. In order to sew such a curtain, it is necessary to purchase high-quality expensive fabric, preferably natural (walk or satin). Often, a French curtain is sewn to order according to individual measurements of the window opening. And this is also the payment for tailoring and design development.

Special shape

French curtains are made in different shapes and styles. They go well with a lambrequin and are suitable for decorating windows in the bedroom, living room and even kitchen.

These curtains have a lift-and-cascade type of construction and sewing, since the fabric is gathered in vertical folds. The number of folds can be completely different, depending on the size of the window and your preference.


The folds on French curtains are called scallops.

Festoons on the French marquise curtain are made in the form of arcs, and the material is selected in size so that everything is harmoniously combined and enough for the window. The peculiarity of this textile product is that the curtains do not fall off the sides of the window, but are lifted up, and the folds themselves will be drawn much more clearly. For sewing awnings, fabrics are taken that are light, airy, in no case heavy, otherwise the scallops of the desired shape will not turn out.

You can easily attach the curtains, just like ordinary curtains, and the lifting mechanism is installed on the cornice.

As for leaving, there are no particular difficulties, except that it is preferable to take the product to dry cleaning.

Types of French curtains

How to choose a French awning blind for decorating a window in the house? Tips for choosing a material + Video Modifications to the design of French curtains differ variety. Textiles can be ordered at the atelier, or sewn by yourself, if you have experience with curtains. There are a huge number of ready-made ideas on various design sites, as well as magazines.

The length of the awning curtain can be different: to the window sill, cover the window, to the floor.

In order to create a decorative fold, use a special braid, sewing it on, you will get a kind of flounces.

The tie can also be different: light and with strong interference. The texture of the fabric affects how scallops will be as a result. And depending on the mechanism, French curtains are divided into lifting and fixed.

Fixed "awnings" are often used as tulle.

Best of all, this type is suitable for windows in the kitchen, they are created in such a way that it is possible to close the window opening in width. For this purpose, choose fabrics that are light, transparent, allowing sunlight to penetrate inside.

Lifting French curtains are equipped with a special mechanism that adjusts the height of the fabric. For a harmonious look, do not forget to choose the curtain rod on which you will hang the curtains.


Classic French curtains are a product that rises up and does not move apart at the sides. Modern designers suggest moving away from the classics a little and using various methods of designing curtains of this type.

Austrian curtains are similar in appearance to the French models. But they have one significant difference that you need to remember. The Austrian version of the curtains has assemblies only along the lower edge.

French Curtain Materials

Lightweight, flowing fabric that is easy to work with and create scallops is the best choice:

  • How to choose a French awning blind for decorating a window in the house? Tips for choosing a material + Video Silk
  • Velvet
  • Tulle
  • Veil
  • Batiste
  • Organza.

To decorate the bottom edge, use fringe or lace, ruffles and tassels. If an expensive, textured or patterned fabric was used for sewing French curtains, the decor can not be used so as not to overdo it, resulting in a product on the verge of kitsch.

Color solutions for French curtains in the interior

An important nuance when choosing an awning curtain is to pay attention to harmony in the combination of the general style of the room and textiles on the windows. If the reception with curtains was originally conceived as a window decor, and there is no need for protection from sunlight, choose fabrics in pastel colors, nude, with simple patterns that transmit light well.

Such options will best fit into the design of the kitchen, dining room or bathroom, if there is a window in it.

Bright colors, with rich expressive shades, will decorate the living room, bedroom or children's room.Dark shades are used in rooms with a large area, and a small room will be gloomy and gloomy.

Tip. Avoid choosing fabrics for curtains according to the color of the walls in the house, shades of a lighter color or darker will look much better.

Caring for French curtains

The main problem of everything textile in the house is dust. It settles on everything. If the furniture can still be wiped clean, then the fabric products must be knocked out and thoroughly cleaned.

Curtains on windows are no exception, very often we simply forget about them. Products made of dense textiles can be vacuumed, but such a number will not work with French curtains, they either need to be washed, which is not the most successful method.

Dry cleaning of French curtains is the best way to remove dust, dirt and stains from textiles. The latter option is best suited, since the fabric will not lose its original appearance, deform, or shrink. You can immerse curtains from the kitchen in the washing machine, for example, and wash at a gentle mode at low speeds, or use a steam generator.

We select a French curtain for the style of the interior

Designers convince us that a French curtain can fit into any interior design, as it is a classic. But in any case, it is advisable to adhere to the rules for the design of each individual room.

French curtains for the bedroom are chosen in light, pastel colors: beige, powder, cream. Everything gentle and calm - this is the ideal solution for a sleeping room. As for the materials themselves, designers are advised to choose environmentally friendly fabrics and natural ones. In addition, practicality will also not be superfluous.

French curtains in the interior of the kitchen are selected mainly from organza or cotton.

It is not advisable to pile up the kitchen area with complex decor and heavy fabrics on the windows. Everything should be light and airy, let in sunlight and tune in to a positive atmosphere. After all, dishes turn out to be most delicious if the hostess has a positive attitude and a good mood.

French curtains for the living room can be selected from more expensive and luxurious fabrics. It can be plain or decorated with a pattern and finishing materials.

You can complement the window decoration with a lambrequin or curtains.

French curtains for the nursery are chosen in light, unobtrusive shades, and are decorated at their discretion with beads, butterflies, rhinestones, pebbles, bugles. These options are suitable for girls. The curtains in the boys' room can be decorated with everything that boys love, or left without decor at all, focusing on other things.

How to sew a French curtain with your own hands

The process of sewing French curtains with your own hands is divided into several stages.

The first step is to take measurements from the windows. Next, you need to multiply the width by 1.5, the length by 2. Subtract the amount of material from the resulting amount. The edges of the fabric must be decanted.

Next, you need to wash the fabric or treat it with a steam generator. It is done so that the material shrinks. Then the bottom and sides of the curtains are stitched and markings are made for scallops. On the reverse side of the fabric, a fabric 3 cm wide is sewn. The process of gathering curtains is done as follows: the laces are threaded into the flat that were sewn, as well as the seams on the sides.

Then they need to be fixed at the top, and the lower ends are left free hanging.

In order to hang a French curtain on the cornice, you need to sew a braid from the seamy side, or make loops from the fabric that was used for the curtains.


If you have chosen a cotton fabric (80 cm wide) for a French curtain, take 3-4 lengths. Make up the required width from them and calculate the scallops so that they fall on the joint of the main strips of the material.


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