How to choose a kitchen to order, or advice for those who are going to a furniture salon

How to choose a kitchen to order, or advice for those who are going to a furniture salon How to choose the right kitchen to order: useful tips + photo

Custom-made kitchens are a rather laborious and demanding activity, for which it is important to properly prepare so that you get exactly what you want.

So, what should you pay attention to in order to choose the right kitchen to order?

Choice of style, layout, technology

It is important to start planning your own kitchen by looking at photo examples of kitchen rooms, and it will also not be superfluous to visit friends and acquaintances who have recently made repairs and installed a new kitchen.

Viewing will give you the opportunity to decide:

  • With a layout that best suits your premises.
  • With a stylistic direction for the future room.
  • Once you have decided on the style and planning, you should decide what kind of technique you will have.

At the expense of the last point - here we are talking about the idea of ​​a refrigerator (and what it will be - built-in or free-standing), oven or microwave, extractor hood (whether it will be built-in or separate), dishwasher a machine, as well as other equipment - a cartoon, a coffee machine, an electric kettle, a toaster, and more.

How to choose a kitchen to order, or advice for those who are going to a furniture salon It is important to think in advance where exactly this or that equipment will stand or be stored so that you are 100 % is confident that you have enough storage space and that you have enough power outlets.

The best way to think through everything and not forget anything at the same time is to draw your own kitchen, and you can do this both on paper and in an online constructor. This is the only way you can take into account all the nuances. The photo shows an example of a kitchen room with appliances, which are all built-in, as well as with a non-standard copper hood.

Selection of the manufacturer

The next, and very important step, will be the choice of who will make your kitchen. You can make a "list" of manufacturers while you browse the Internet and explore your friends' kitchen sets, as well as while visiting different furniture showrooms. Very important points in the choice will be the ratio of the price of kitchen furniture and the services provided, the availability of an exhibition sample (so you can carefully inspect everything, including the assembly quality), a portfolio of work done (you can assess the quality of installation work, the complexity of completed orders) reviews (from friends you trust or on the Internet).

Comparing the cost of your kitchen from different manufacturers is allowed only after you have finally decided on the project and filling (accessories, facades, countertops, decorative elements). Comparison of the cost per running meter will not give any idea about the cost of your particular kitchen set from the manufacturer, because most often it is in this way that they try to attract the attention of customers.

Please note, that the cost of a kitchen set and conditions for different representatives and dealers, even of the same factory (manufacturer), can vary greatly.

The budget for the kitchen - what will be included in the price

The cost of the kitchen will be calculated according to the following parameters:

  1. Dimensions and complexity of the future headset for the kitchen (for example, you want two levels of upper cabinets).
  2. Facade materials (painted MDF, solid wood, painted glass or plastic).
  3. Table top (it can be made of wood, stone of artificial or natural origin, postforming).
  4. Filling the kitchen space (external and internal fittings).

In the meantime, we propose to consider an example of a special angular mechanism Le Mans. There are many helpful tips on how to choose a custom kitchen. For example, when choosing a complete set for a kitchen, it is better not to save on filling the lower kitchen cabinets, because they are the most spacious and most often used. For this reason, it is important to choose drawers and closers for full extension. Do not forget about baskets (cargo) in order to organize the storage of special groceries, bottles and other products, as well as about special inserts for cutlery.

We suggest considering inserts for cutlery from Nettich.

Also remember that fittings (nets, baskets, cutlery inserts) are designed for standard size and width cabinets. When viewing a photo or a real kitchen (exhibition samples can also be attributed here), you should pay attention to different ideas for storing dishes, products and appliances in the kitchen.

When calculating the cost of a headset for the kitchen, you should ask the potential manufacturer to describe the complete set and filling of the kitchen, which was taken into account during the calculations. This will give you the ability to calculate the cost of the kitchen from different manufacturers.

The photo shows an example of using pull-out baskets for storing spices, bottles, potholders and other small items needed for cooking.

Making an order

One of the criteria for choosing a manufacturer will be detailed documentation when ordering a kitchen. In the event of any controversial issues, the documents will help you resolve them within the legal framework.

The main packages of documents include the following:

  1. Agreement (it must contain the manufacturer's legal data, payment procedure and final cost, installation and delivery procedures, as well as possible penalties if the terms of the contract are not met).
  2. How to choose a kitchen to order, or advice for those who are going to a furniture salon In addition, you must be given a specification, which will contain all the names of colors, decor items, countertop manufacturers, used hinges, drawers and other kitchen elements, as well as the dimensions of the cabinets.

  3. The specification can be supplemented by a sketch or computer 3D project, where the dimensions of the cabinets (height, width) will be indicated.
  4. In addition to all of the above, you should also ask for the operating conditions and guarantees (what exactly can be attributed to the warranty case, and what not, how to properly care for pieces of furniture, what are the maximum loads on the shelves, etc.).
  5. It is necessary to stipulate in advance, and then to document the cost of all additional services (installation, delivery, sink insertion, installation of built-in equipment).

As you understand, the documents should contain the most complete information about your kitchen and furniture.

Detailed information will give you the opportunity to avoid situations with replacing components or making changes to the project without the consent of the customer

Installing the kitchen and accepting work

Now that you know how to choose a kitchen set, let's talk about installing and accepting work. Most often, the installation of the kitchen is carried out by the person who made the furniture, but if you ordered the kitchen in the salon, then you should immediately clarify about who will install it. Sometimes large furniture showrooms recruit staff and hire installers "from outside" with a huge number of orders, which does not always turn out well for the customer. Usually it takes a couple of days to install a kitchen with an average complexity, but sometimes it can take longer if you have a complex enough set.

When you accept the headset after installation, you should definitely pay attention to:

  • No external damage to the facades (scratches, chips), frames , countertops, appliances.

  • Check every locker - open and close each one.
  • Check the gaps between the fronts, they must be the same.
  • Make sure your headset is bundled with the specification.

When you are sure that everything is in order, you can sign the certificate of completion.

Nuances worth paying attention to

There are several points worth paying more time and attention to:

  1. If you are going to buy a kitchen set for a second house or in a new city apartment (or simply replace old furniture), then you should pay attention that the main zones in the new kitchen are located by analogy with the old one, especially if you have been for a very long time lived with the same headset.

    The discomfort of getting your reflexes up can get very annoying. For example, if you always had a sink in the left corner, and a stove in the right, then in a new kitchen it is worth adhering to this order, since otherwise in the next six months or a year you will feel discomfort and go to the stove, while you just want to pour water.

  2. It is advisable that you use rails for ladles, spices and slotted spoon - this will help free up space on the kitchen surface.
  3. Built-in refrigerators are great appliances, but for a small kitchen, where every centimeter counts, it is better to install conventional appliances that have a larger internal volume for the same size.

Do not forget about the lighting, which must be above the work surface, along its entire length, and also built into the bottom of the hanging cabinets.