How to choose a light oak laminate in the interior? Review & Views + Video

How to choose a light oak laminate in the interior? Review & Views + Video Light oak laminate in the interior - which type to choose? See photos in the interior. If you decide to decorate the interior in light colors, then you made the right choice. This is a luxurious and sophisticated option, and this applies not only to the choice of light furniture, curtains and wallpaper.

Respectable space in an apartment or house can be created by using flooring such as light oak laminate.

A bold decision in interior design - a laminate in a light oak shade

Advantages of option

This solution will be an excellent analogue real wood.

Although natural oak flooring will look more than just attractive, it will be very expensive and not suitable for everyone. But the laminate in the shade of light oak in the interior has an attractive cost. This democratic solution will hardly differ from the original oak flooring. The color and texture remarkably repeat the color palette and surface features of real wood.

Light oak is one of the most advantageous solutions.

In this case, laminate flooring will be an excellent floor covering in the house, especially if played in an antique style.

This flooring will look harmonious in the space of rooms such as:

  • How to choose a light oak laminate in the interior? Review & Views + Video Bedroom.
  • Kitchen.
  • Living room.
  • Personal library / office.

  • Children's room.

Practicality, strength, beauty

And what other features does this material have? In an aesthetic sense, the "mountain oak" laminate of the 33rd class attracts the attention of many, as it looks exquisite both in an apartment and in a country house. Due to the high level of wear resistance, beauty and strength, the material is used even for finishing public areas, and this is not an isolated phenomenon, since the material is capable of being subjected to intense stress and at the same time not deforming.

But not only this quality attracts buyers who make a choice in favor of imitation of wood with the help of light oak laminate. We will pay special attention to the practicality of the material.

High quality laminate in light shade is easy to use, since dust is almost invisible. The material perfectly "hides" footprints. This type of coating does not leave scratches from toys abandoned by children, and also scratches from furniture legs, shoes and pets' claws do not affect it.

Besides, the light laminate "mountain oak" of the 33rd class will be convenient for cleaning the premises. The surface of this flooring is unique, as even if some streaks remain after wiping, they will not be visible.

Due to the color of the coating, which is as close to natural as possible, the negative features practically disappear.

Advantages of the material when used in the interior

How to choose a light oak laminate in the interior? Review & Views + Video Beautiful sherwood oak light laminate looks sophisticated.Many reviews from grateful clients and designers say that the material will look great even in an elite design.

The peculiarity is that it can visually expand even the smallest room in space. And this is a great advantage - the ability to at least visually add freedom to the room.

Even if you have a room with insufficient lighting, a light laminate will give your home bright colors, coziness, warmth and comfort.

In addition, the 33rd grade material is a versatile solution. With this design, the floor covering will be unobtrusive, and at the same time, it will harmoniously fit into almost any room design. There are many variations that allow you to organically install such a laminate in your living space.

How to combine light oak laminate with other materials?

How to choose a light oak laminate in the interior? Review & Views + Video Another nice feature of this product is that it looks great when combined with other materials and elements.

In the photo, you can see how the light laminate helps to create sophisticated combinations with furniture of other shades, while there may be a similar duet in tones, or contrast may be involved.

A complete duet largely depends on how well the materials were chosen. Usually they are matched to the shade of the laminate. You can also use white ash or mountain larch products.

Important: this rule should be taken into account - the texture and shades should not be close.

Either we create a contrast, or we are looking for the most identical options.

Contrast looks expressive, bright and stylish. But what is it and how to create it? Design experts advise combining light oak laminate with decorative accessories and furniture in darker and harsher shades. It can be mahogany furniture. Such a duet will look very natural, and the play of shades will help avoid boredom.

In addition to mahogany, which is not affordable for everyone, you can use gray furniture as an alternative. According to the reviews of those who decided on this combination, one can understand that they really liked it, as it gave the apartment an elegance.

Organic in any design

Another light oak laminate is advised to use with white. This will make the room more comfortable, warm and bring a touch of harmony.

By the way, with the help of some elements it is possible to make the color of the floor covering echo with other interior details:

  • Floor vases.

  • Pillows on the sofa.
  • Tablecloths.
  • Curtains.
  • Plaids.
  • Carpets.

Equally important, the light-colored finish will look great with metal and glass items. But do not overload the spaces with them, as otherwise you can get the abode of the Snow Queen.

Light laminate is an excellent base even for black furniture.For expressiveness and prestige of the design, dilute it with a rich and bright decor. These can be accessories, lilac items will look great.

Professional designers note that no matter which floor you choose, it will be the key to success, harmony and warmth. But gentle shades will help you do everything naturally and add romance to your home.