How to choose a miter saw - which is better to choose? The best options + Video review

How to choose a miter saw - which is better to choose? The best options + Video review Choosing a miter saw? How to choose the best saw for installation and finishing work. Any builder engaged in installation and repair work simply cannot do without such a tool as a miter saw in his everyday life. The miter saw sometimes helps the master when performing complex work, but it is often quite difficult to choose this device from the huge range on the market.

In this article we will give you practical advice on how to choose the right miter saw and what to look out for.

Why do you need a miter saw?

Many newcomers to the construction industry may have this question, since a miter saw is an extremely unusual complex mechanism.

Let's figure it out. A miter saw is a mechanism for working with wood: actually, making ends, cutting patterns in wood. The miter saw has interchangeable attachments for cutting various patterns, which greatly simplifies the task for the builder, because it is easier to cut a pattern with a saw than to suffer by hand, right?

The device has a huge range of uses, which makes it versatile and practically irreplaceable assistant to the builder.

What to look for when choosing a miter saw?

Main functions

With the purposes and functions sorted out, now let's talk about the most important criteria when choosing a miter saw.

And so, if you are looking for a quality saw, you must meet the following conditions:

  • How to choose a miter saw - which is better to choose? The best options + Video review Cutting width.

    This property will determine the maximum width the master can work with. The cutting width of a miter saw is curled from the diameter of its blade.

  • Angled thread. One of the important properties of a miter saw is carving and cutting wood at a certain angle. Usually, many companies can offer such a function for a saw already in the basic configuration, however, not all.

    Sawing wood at an angle is quite convenient and sometimes necessary, so if your future saw can boast of sawing at angles of 15, 30, 45 degrees, you should definitely take it.

  • Cutting accuracy. In a sense, the builder is a real surgeon, because the future product, its practicality, etc., will depend on the accuracy of the wood cut. Therefore, when choosing a miter saw , you should pay attention to the maximum rotation speed of the saw blade , because the larger it is, the cleaner the cut, the more accurate and quality it is.

An excellent option for a novice builder, whose eye has not yet been trained, will be the presence of a special laser pointer, which will show how to cut correctly, and most importantly, exactly.

  • Attaching the miter saw to the surface. The miter saw is not a toy, therefore, when choosing it, special attention should be paid to the quality of its attachments to the working surface.They must firmly fix the saw to the table so that it does not fall under any circumstances during operation.
  • How to choose a miter saw - which is better to choose? The best options + Video review Engine power.

    One of the important qualities that determine the operation and function of the miter saw is its engine. Based on the next paragraph, you will find out in connection with what to choose one or another engine.

  • The purpose of the miter saw. When choosing a miter saw, you must be guided by its direct purpose: whether you buy a saw for yourself, or for a production scale. Of course, amateur saws differ from professional industrial saws in a more serious device, a powerful engine, a large disc diameter and other characteristics, therefore when choosing a miter saw , for the most part, you need to understand for what specific purposes you are purchasing it.

  • Materials to work with. When choosing a device, you also need to consider the materials on which you will be working with the miter saw: wood, plastic or metal.

Depending on this, you will find saws with different saw blade strengths.

How to choose a miter saw - which is better to choose? The best options + Video review

Additional miter saw functionality

In addition to sawing or carving, the miter saw can also have additional functionality that will be very convenient when working, however, often such devices have to be purchased separately from the saw itself:

  • Dust removal. Some professional saws may already have a complete dust extraction system in their configuration, which is very convenient and helps to keep clean and tidy when working, but for most saws, you need to buy additional equipment for comfortable work.

  • Protective devices for saw blade. There are many stories when a craftsman injured his hands on the saw blade during his work, therefore there are special covers that protect most of the blade, leaving the part in direct contact with the material open. It is convenient for the crane, and most importantly - safe.
  • Laser pointer. As mentioned earlier, the red laser pointer is a more convenient item for beginners.

With its help, you are always guaranteed to make the most accurate cut.


And so, in this article we have considered the most important aspects when choosing a miter saw. We hope you have emphasized the necessary points for yourself and now you can easily purchase this device. How to choose a miter saw - which is better to choose? The best options + Video review