How to choose a photo wallpaper in a bedroom interior? Review and Photo design and methods of combination + Video

How to choose a photo wallpaper in a bedroom interior? Review and Photo design and methods of combination + Video Photo wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom above the bed- Ideas + Photo. The bedroom is the most intimate room in the whole house or apartment, such a kind of personal territory. In addition, it is in this place that people spend up to 1/3 of their lives, and although this is just a dream, a special design of this room is very necessary.

Let's look at a relatively inexpensive and effective technique when creating a bedroom design - wallpaper. Unlike standard wallpapers, they do not need "accompaniment" in the form of additional decoration tools, it will be enough just to paste on a leveled wall.

Choosing wall murals

The main problem when choosing is a huge number and variety of plots. Choosing the perfect option for your bedroom will take some time, as you will have to explore the variety of options offered.

Varieties of photo wallpaper

This type of finishing material is available on paper, non-woven and vinyl bases. But this is not all types, so let's take a closer look at them:

  1. Paper photo wallpaper - natural and inexpensive, but not durable. Nevertheless, they are very popular.

  2. Vinyl wallpaper - their characteristic feature is the density and brightness of images.
  3. Non-woven photowall-paper - is also very dense and bright.
  4. How to choose a photo wallpaper in a bedroom interior? Review and Photo design and methods of combination + Video Fabric (coated with silk) - have an unusual texture, look more than spectacular.
  5. On canvas - dense and natural finishing material, has a high print quality.
  6. Fluorescent Wallpaper - Glow in the dark with a soft glow.

    For maximum effect, it is advised to purchase additional backlight lamps.

  7. With 3D effect - make it possible to make large-format, volumetric images on the walls that will produce the effect of depth. The picture will be quite realistic.
  8. LED with a chip - using the remote control, you can adjust the lighting and image. The price is high, as is the energy consumption.

Any type of bedroom can be chosen - this is due to the fact that the permeability of the room is small and the risk of damaging them is minimal. Because of this, you can not buy wallpaper with a protective layer. If you have pets or small children in your house, you can resort to the already good old method and glue ordinary dense wallpaper of a dark shade on the lower part of the wall, and place beautiful light wallpaper on top.

Classification by topic

Although this classification is conditional, but it will help you choose the right direction in finding and creating a bedroom with photo wallpaper:

  • Flowers : they could also be attributed to the outside world, but they are especially loved by both buyers and producers. You can make a bedroom interior with photo wallpaper using macro shots of flowers, but note that this scene is not suitable for every style.

  • Marine theme : the sea in all its manifestations has always been popular, and especially man and the sea, fishing boats, huge ocean liners. You will also like yachts and palm trees. This theme was created for the premises that were already starting to be decorated in a marine style.
  • How to choose a photo wallpaper in a bedroom interior? Review and Photo design and methods of combination + Video The world around us : landscapes, rivers, landscapes, lakes, animals, forest, insects , plants, waterfalls. They are perfect for any style of decoration, the main thing is to observe the color scheme.

    So you will fill the room with something new, unimaginably beautiful and, as it were, "push apart" the walls.

  • Paintings reproductions , wall paintings and murals are the perfect choice for those who love the classic style. But then you also need furniture and interior items that match the style. Such a luxurious design would be out of place in small bedrooms, but perfect for spacious rooms with high ceilings.
  • Glamor and pop art - those who are interested in even the smallest details of stellar life, as well as those who are followers of Shchukin's wife, will appreciate the style.

    This is a great choice and your favorite star will stay with you until your next renovation.

  • Abstractions is an unusual approach, as they can be interesting, original, and require such a mood of the owners of the premises. Like everything that is unusual and eye-catching, it can quickly tire the eye.
  • City is the best choice for those people who want to decorate everything in the loft or Hi-Tech style. To maintain the style, you will need to buy modern furniture, decor and lighting.

Practical advice

This will help you make the right choice, as well as competently paste the walls in the bedroom with photo wallpaper:

  • It is recommended to glue the photo wallpaper on the wall that you do not plan to make furniture, and the image will be perfectly visible. The door surface can be used as an additional area for photo wallpaper in a small bedroom.
  • How to choose a photo wallpaper in a bedroom interior? Review and Photo design and methods of combination + Video Do not forget about the properties of warm / cold tones when choosing. It is the cold tones (purple, turquoise, green and intermediate shades) that expand the space. Use red, yellow, orange and their shades to create a cozy, comfortable environment.

    But you will have to "pay" for comfort, and now we are not talking about money, but about the fact that the space will be visually narrowed.

  • When the image is placed vertically, the ceiling and its height will be visually increased, and the room can be made lower with horizontal wallpaper.
  • Wall mural in the bedroom above the bed is not recommended when you have a small room. The same applies to macro photography. They only reduce a small area.

Please note, that you should choose wallpaper exclusively to your taste, since not everyone wants pacifying and sleep-inducing photowall-paper, especially if you rely on the age category.

  • If you are planning to purchase multi-color wallpapers in rich shades, you should think carefully about what kind of lighting you will have, and then you can reveal the plot much better.
  • If you're stuck with perspective images, but you need to take care of additional ceiling and wall lighting. According to the recommendations of experts, it is better to give preference to photo wallpapers, where the perspective image will be on a light background, but it tastes and colors.
  • Wallpaper with a 3D effect looks unusual and fresh, but it is worth remembering that in large rooms such wallpaper will create the maximum "effect of presence".

    For small rooms, you can choose fluorescent backlit wallpaper that will emit diffused light, LED (where you can change compositions and images using the remote control), fragmented.

How to correctly create a combination in colors

In order to have harmony in the bedroom, as in other rooms in the house, you need to use the technique of maintaining a balance between bright accents and a calm tone. For example, if you chose an image of luscious greenery, then light furniture and walls will look great in combination. Classic - sea aquamarine is combined with light sandy shades. But if the wallpaper is in pastel shades, you will need several accents in the interior.

Important! People perceive all colors differently, and for those who find the combination unacceptable and strange, some may find it the best. For this reason, you should show your sketches and ideas to professionals, or just to good friends.


Photo wallpaper in the bedroom interior is an incredibly beautiful material for decoration, which gives many opportunities to create a unique and beautiful design. But after the article, still listen to yourself, and do as you like.

It's you who will fall asleep and wake up in a new bedroom, and not the author of the article, which means that you should do as you want.

So you can definitely wake up, and every morning will be kind to you!

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