How to Choose a Quality Cork Laminate - Review + Photos & Videos

How to Choose a Quality Cork Laminate - Review + Photos & Videos Cork flooring and regular laminate are familiar materials for most of us. But, modern technologies do not stand still, inquisitive minds create more and more synthetic and combined materials for interior decoration.

Cork laminate is just the material that combines the advantages of laminate and natural cork. There are several types of this type of flooring, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. With the observance of the technology of installation and proper care, such a coating will last you a long time.

In this article, we will try to focus on the main pros and cons of cork laminate. We will tell you what the material is made of, for which rooms it is most suitable, what classes of wear resistance cork laminate has, I myself bought it from St. Petersburg here https: // skill-spb. ru /

We will provide a brief instruction on the installation of this floor covering, as well as find out what to look for when buying it.

Cork laminate.



The lock cork laminate has three layers:

  1. The back side consists of cork chips mixed with glue and compressed. Layer thickness - 1 mm. A board with a wood-fiber structure is taken as a basis. density - HDF (extremely high). A lock-type connection is cut from the ends of the plate.

    This allows laying the material in a short time without much effort

  2. The second layer is a pressed cork 1 mm thick. Its function is to keep warm
  3. The third layer is wood veneer. The most commonly used veneer is cork oak. A topcoat is applied with vinyl or varnish.


Cork laminate is laid using the so-called floating method, the essence of which is the absence of glue for fixing to the floor. The boards are connected by the locking method, snapping each other into the grooves. Even a beginner in this business can cope with such a task, especially since no additional equipment is required.

Advantages of cork laminate in the interior

  • Environmental cleanliness safety for the human body. This material can be used for laying on the floor in children's rooms, bedrooms.

    Also suitable for people with allergic diseases. That is, it has one more advantage - hypoallergenicity.

  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation. The material can be safely laid on a concrete base; cold will not come from it. This is especially true in the winter season.

  • The material is not prone to absorbing odors, dirt and dust.
  • How to Choose a Quality Cork Laminate - Review + Photos & Videos Durability. Even after several years of operation, the laminate does not lose its original qualities.
  • Does not build up static electricity.
  • Resistance to stress and damage.

    Even heavy furniture does not leave marks on the coating.

  • Excellent appearance and harmony.Miraculously, such a coating fits into various styles of the interior, it looks especially organically in country and eco style.
  • The coating is resistant to putrefactive processes and fungal infections.
  • High level of fire safety.

  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Ease of installation and repair if necessary.

Disadvantages of cork laminate

  • It is unacceptable to lay the material on warm floors, due to the fact that their efficiency will be only 20%. This is due to the good heat retention properties of the cork laminate.
  • Poorly tolerate point effects.

    For example, walking on stiletto heels on a laminate of this type will not work without damage.

  • Expensive material. The price of cork laminate for 1 m² varies from 24 to 55 dollars.
  • Protective vinyl or varnish coatings, need to be renewed from time to time.

Scope of cork laminate

Directly depends on the material class:

  • 31 class is used for floor coverings in rooms with low traffic (children's room, bedroom).

    Service life of 10 to 15 years with proper care.

  • Class 32 has an average level of wear resistance. Such material is laid in rooms with an average degree of traffic (nursery, corridor). Service life is about 15 years.
  • Class 33 cork laminate is laid in rooms with a high degree of traffic (living room, corridor, kitchen, offices).

    Service life 20 years.

  • Class 34 - the most wear-resistant cork laminate. Suitable for premises with the highest level of traffic, as well as in crowded places.

Types of cork laminate

Solid veneer

The most expensive cork laminate. Has large dimensions, with a total area of ​​one slab up to 6 m².


The material includes cork and veneer. The price for this type of laminate is average.

Made of fine cork chips

This is the cheapest laminate. Manufactured by the press method.

Important !

In appearance it is very difficult to understand what kind of material is in front of you - a clean veneer or a crumb of cork.

Take the price as a guideline. Quality natural material cannot be cheap.

Technology of laying cork laminate

Experts recommend starting work on laying their cork laminate in the warm season.


This is due to the fact that the material does not like sudden temperature fluctuations, which can be reflected in its further operation. You will need the following tools for work:

  • How to Choose a Quality Cork Laminate - Review + Photos & Videos construction level;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • ruler;
  • rubber mallet;
  • pencil and tape measure;
  • plinths, thresholds.


After purchasing a cork laminate, he must be given time to mature in order to adapt to the room in which he will be laid.

Stages of laying cork laminate

  • Prepare the base for laying the material. The floor under cork laminate may have slight deviations, which is not the case with materials with an adhesive backing. Despite some indulgences, the floor still needs to be cleaned and dried if necessary.

    Repair cracks and chips, knock off ledges. A base of poor quality is filled in a new way. The moisture level of the floor must not exceed 10%.

  • How to Choose a Quality Cork Laminate - Review + Photos & Videos Installation of the substrate. This step can be skipped, because not every type of cork laminate needs it.

    The substrate is laid only in cases where there is suspicion of moisture accumulation (bathroom, ground floor, under which there is a damp basement). For the substrate under the laminate, a polyethylene film is used, which is laid with an overlap, and the ends are released 4 cm up. A polypropylene backing or technical cork is placed on top.

  • Planks are laid with the longitudinal axial side vertically to the window opening in the room. This will make the joints invisible.

    The slabs are first laid near the distant wall in rows. The grooves point towards the wall. Between the wall and the cork laminate, it is necessary to leave a space of about 1 cm, this will prevent deformation of the material during installation. The joint from the end of the next row is shifted by 1/3 of the previous rows. The new panel must be attached to the groove at a certain angle, then lowered to the floor.

    You can use a rubber mallet for a tight connection.


With excessive moisture, the cork laminate deforms, cracks appear between the boards.

Caring for cork laminate

Caring for cork laminate is extremely simple:

  • Periodically clean it with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Wash with plain water without adding chemicals;
  • Do not use substances with abrasive particles, they will scratch the surface;
  • Forget about stiff bristled brushes;
  • Renew the sheeting with varnish or vinyl;
  • Apply mastic to vinyl flooring every 2 years;
  • To avoid the appearance of black stripes on the cork, do not wear slippers with rubber soles at home.
  • Stick special felt pads on the knives of chairs, tables and chairs.

How to understand how high-quality cork laminate is?

Pay attention to the ends, they should have an even cut. The panels must be packed with high quality, the packaging is intact without breaks.

Good quality cork board has the same size, no gaps are visible when joining. The bottom layer of cork laminate is dense and strong without additional fractions.

Very dense bottom layer without inclusions.

The wear resistance class should be high, then the floor will serve you for a long time.High class of wear resistance, since the cork itself is not very strong.


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