How to choose a toilet for an outdoor toilet: do it yourself or purchased

How to choose a toilet for an outdoor toilet: do it yourself or purchased Country toilet for outdoor toilet + Photo and Video. The toilet is a practical structure, which is most often the first to build of all buildings in the summer cottage. I think you agree that without him it will not be possible to create conditions for a comfortable stay. Such basic amenities are boring even at the beginning of construction and when using a summer cottage with a house as seasonal housing.

There are several factors that determine the comfort of a toilet: absence of unpleasant odor, availability of water to remove dirt, reliable design, aesthetics of the building and, of course, a convenient country toilet for an outdoor toilet that can become a good replacement for your home counterpart.

Next, we will describe how to do everything yourself.

Toilet for a summer residence - general information

Buy or build?

You can buy a ready-made toilet for an outdoor toilet, for this has a huge number of models on the plumbing market. But if you wish, you can save money and build an equally practical structure that will be cheaper and made by hand. The final choice will be taken by the owner of the cottage himself, but first you will need to familiarize yourself with all the available options.

A country toilet for an outdoor toilet is often called a podium, a pedestal, a throne.

Such designs do not differ in functionality, but they differ in the type of installation.

If you decide to install a separate room, which will be located on the street, you will receive many advantages:

  • How to choose a toilet for an outdoor toilet: do it yourself or purchased Compost that costs nothing. As, probably, many people know, latrines in summer cottages have a large amount of fertilizers, in the presence of which you can easily and inexpensively increase the productivity of your garden.
  • Unloading the main toilet in the country. Since suburban areas are rarely connected to a centralized sewage system, its functions can be performed by a septic tank or a cesspool, which has limited volumes.

  • It is not necessary to enter the house. When the planting or harvesting season begins, you really don't want to be distracted from your garden! Here, a separate toilet will help out, which is located on the site. It is also suitable if you have a large area and you are sitting with guests in a gazebo - no one will need to leave the house, since a comfortable toilet will be nearby.
  • A decorative effect. If you approach this issue creatively, you can get a beautiful and stylish summer cottage design element.

A country toilet, which is installed at the very end of the site, is an important element of use. On the material market, you can find suitable elements that will help create an aesthetic and comfortable construction and easily install the toilet.

Features of the operation of a toilet for a country toilet make it possible to use it in every suburban area.For such garden structures you will not need a "knee", as there should not be stagnant water.

Types of toilet bowls

Stereotypes are so ingrained in the human head that many of us still associate country toilets with something bad, uncomfortable and unpleasant smelling.

But when arranging a modern toilet, you can buy a convenient toilet, which will make using the WC more comfortable. For the most part, this is the merit of the manufacturers of plumbing equipment, which are customer-oriented and have developed a whole line of toilet bowls through which waste will flow into a cesspool, and not into a sewer.

Types of toilet bowls for giving factory production

  • Plastic. This is the most popular option for a summer residence. The toilet seat and frame are made of durable plastic, and there is no cistern to drain.

  • Ceramic. Its distinctive features are its beautiful appearance, high weight and durability, and the latter significantly complicates the process of equipment installation.
  • Wooden. This construction is short-lived and consists of an opening, a cesspool and a platform. There are many types of such toilets: with a seat, in the form of a chair, and others.

  • Dry closet. To install such a toilet bowl for a summer cottage, it is not necessary to dig a cesspool, since, unlike other types, it can be used as a stand-alone application. Waste will fall into a separate compartment, and the toilet is cleaned using a special cleaner.

Any garden type toilet must meet certain requirements. Here you need to highlight strength, lightness, wear resistance and durability.

But it will also be important that the toilet itself is convenient to use and maintain, and also has an affordable price.

Interestingly, that for street toilets they do not put a drain tank, since with its active use the cesspool will fill up very quickly.

If you choose a country toilet for a heavy weight outdoor toilet, there is a risk that it will fall into a cesspool. For this reason, experienced craftsmen are advised to give preference to those models that are made from lighter options. Ideally, you should choose a structure that can be quickly installed and removed if necessary.

Installation of different types of toilets

Installation of a peat toilet

There is a model of a toilet that will be not only economical, but also practical. This is a compost (peat) toilet that is installed by the plant fertilizer supplier. Consider the 2 best options - conventional and biological.

We equip the cesspool

To ensure the smooth operation of the toilet, it will not be enough just to dig a cesspool and install a platform on top. With the operation of such an artisanal structure, unpleasant aromas will begin to scatter over the site over time.

There is also a huge possibility that the walls of the cesspool will collapse.

To avoid such an outcome, the walls of the cesspool should be strengthened with cinder blocks / bricks, after which we pour peat into the hole. It will help eliminate unpleasant odors and make it easier to process waste products into fertilizers that can increase yields.

A toilet for a summer residence, namely, its device is a combination of two composite structures:

  • How to choose a toilet for an outdoor toilet: do it yourself or purchased Bottom. There is a peat layer in the cesspool, which results in waste processing.

    It is very important that there is a closed pit, otherwise part of the waste will penetrate into the ground and groundwater.

  • Upper. This is supposed to be a pedestal or seat. Waste products fall into this part and then go into the pit. Such a system must be connected to a septic tank.

In both parts of the garden toilet there can be different lengths and widths, the dimensions of the structure depend on what the owners of the cottage have needs. The ideal parameters are a cesspool of at least 1 m, and a toilet seat at least 42 cm.

Attention! The general scheme of the construction of a country toilet looks like this - a toilet seat, a cesspool, a ventilation pipe, a window, a baffle board, holes for pumping out waste, a clay lock.

Every owner of a suburban area should know that for good work of street models of toilet bowls, only one cesspool and a platform are not enough. You will also need to engage in reliable strengthening of the structure so that there is a good foundation and measures are taken to avoid bad odors.

Please note, that for the best effect, after excavation, the walls should be lined with bricks, and then covered with peat. It is a great ingredient that removes unpleasant odors and helps with recycling.

Installation in this case is quite simple. This almost completely eliminates the possibility of errors during installation and inconvenience in use.

Installation of a dry closet on peat

But often on summer cottages, dry closets on peat are also installed, since these structures can be transferred or installed permanently.

Installation of such structures is not difficult and does not require special skills. The work of peat dry closets is based on composting - with the help of biologically active components, waste becomes compost. Peat or peat mixture with sawdust is used as an activator for processing.

Peat is a component of natural origin, which has a huge number of advantages. The main thing is environmental friendliness, safety and the possibility of obtaining compost at home, which will help fertilize your garden.

A toilet for a country toilet using peat has many advantages:

  • portability, namely the fact that the booth can be installed anywhere in the garden, namely and move it without the use of specialized equipment.
  • Perfectly serves when building a house and all the time while the sewer is being carried out.
  • Convenience of service and installation.

The design features of a peat-type dry closet has the following basic elements:

  • 1st tank (upper). It contains peat and a distribution mechanism.

  • 2nd tank (lower ). Waste is processed into a container, the volume of which can be from 45 to 235 liters. A toilet bowl with a lid is installed on this container.
  • Ventilation pipe. It helps to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Excellent functioning of peat-type toilets is possible due to the well-established biological processes of waste decay. All waste gets into the 2nd tank, mixes with peat, and becomes a nutritional medium for microorganisms that process waste into liquid fractions, gaseous elements and solid waste.

When installing the gas outlet pipe, take into account that it must be up to 4 m in length and be straight. The efficiency of the ventilation process depends on the latter factor. Choosing the right design will help reduce the likelihood of unpleasant odors inside and outside the booth.

Plastic toilet bowl for country toilet and its installation

To save time and get excellent results, you should select models that are made of special modified plastic. Let's go through all the stages of choosing and installing plastic toilet bowls.

Choosing a toilet

Plastic is a relatively inexpensive, wear-resistant, strong and durable material. Factory ready-made options will cost more than wooden toilet seats, since high quality PVC is used in the production. The most popular manufacturers are rightfully named "Rosa", "Cersanit", "Jika", "Colombo", "Slavia".

Such designs for outdoor use do not have a "knee".

Please note, that for the summer cottage you should choose a straight plastic toilet bowl, so that the waste does not linger in it, but falls directly into the compost pit.

The best option for a toilet for an outdoor toilet is a plastic toilet, which has the following advantages:

  • How to choose a toilet for an outdoor toilet: do it yourself or purchased Large assortment of colors and shapes.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Wear resistance and increased strength.

  • Lightweight (weight), does not put pressure on the floor, which means there is no risk of falling through.
  • Ease of use, hygiene.
  • Nice price of the product.

You may have slight difficulties when installing a toilet in a summer cottage in the form of a plastic barrel.

In this case, it would be a good idea to choose the following materials for installation:

  • Sheet of stainless steel or rinsing .

    It will be required to create a transitional part between the oval holes of the toilet and the neck of the round barrel.

  • Boards . Will be needed when laying the floor.
  • Mastic .It will help to create good waterproofing at the joints of structural elements.

Installing plastic models

There are many models of plastic toilet bowls. Depending on the product and its type, the installation of the structure also differs. The simplest is the plastic garden toilet, which is shaped like a bucket. It is made of durable and reliable material that can withstand loads of up to 160 kg. The upper element is a plastic toilet seat.

Installation of a country toilet for an outdoor toilet consists in installing the equipment on a cesspool of the required size. Sometimes the owners of summer cottages have problems if they do not use a pit to collect waste, but a barrel dug into the ground. The thing is that the neck of a plastic barrel is always smaller than the inner diameter of the toilet bowl. Moreover, the neck of the barrel is round, and the toilet bowl (its outlet) is oval.

To connect these two connectors, you can use a sheet of stainless steel or rim, which must be rolled into a funnel.

In this case, the lower part of the cone must be made such that it corresponds to the diameter of the barrel neck, and the upper one must fit the size and shape of the toilet bowl outlet. The same upper part must be cut in the form of chamomile petals, and then attached to the floor with self-tapping screws.

At the joints between the toilet and the floor, we apply mastic for the car, which will serve as a sealant. To make everything look beautiful after installation, the structure should be attached to the rough flooring, and then the final coating is laid on it.

Sometimes, certain models of country toilets for outdoor toilet do not have a fixture for installation on the floor.

In this case, you can make narrow corners of the rim, and when using them, attach the equipment to the floor.

Installation of a ceramic toilet

Today, you can find equipment in the form of standard faience products, which are similar to those used in the country. Their advantages are as follows:

  • Ease of use.
  • Light cleaning with cleaning agents.
  • Nice appearance.

  • Ceramics cannot absorb unpleasant odors.
  • Perfect if you will be installing the toilet in an unheated room.

How to choose a toilet for an outdoor toilet: do it yourself or purchased But keep in mind that such products are heavier than their summer cottage counterparts, so they are not always can be used for mounting on a wooden deck. Wood sometimes does not withstand heavy material, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. This is ideal for structures that have a concrete floor.

Beautiful ceramic toilets are highly priced, and sometimes the price of one piece of earthenware exceeds all other construction costs.

To install a ceramic toilet in a summer cottage, reinforce the floor in the bathroom. Installing heavy equipment on a wooden deck is not practical.There are no inconveniences when servicing these products, and the plus is that the service life is longer and the toilet is more beautiful.

A faience product for an outdoor toilet is placed in the place where the installation will be carried out, and the markings are made.

After that, the toilet is removed, drilled according to the marking, and then a layer of sealant is applied to the base. When the installation is complete, put the toilet and bolt it.

Advantages of galvanized steel toilets

The most inexpensive option for an outdoor toilet is a country-type construction made of galvanized steel. The advantages of such a toilet bowl:

  • Ease of installation.
  • Flexibility.

  • Availability.

A steel toilet is a cylinder that has an ideal height for operation with allowances at the bottom and top. Its low manufacturing cost makes it very attractive for those who do not visit the country very often and do not want to spend a lot of money.

It is necessary to select a pipe of the required parameters (with a height of 0.4 meters, and a cross-section of 0.

3 meters). Where the allowances are, you need to make small cuts with an interval of 5 cm and bend the ends in the form of a chamomile around the entire circumference.

The lower ends are attached to the floor with self-tapping screws, and a prepared plywood sheet is attached to the upper ends. The width of the sheet should be at least 7 cm. Next, the base is adjusted to the required dimensions, the plastic toilet seat is attached from above with rivets.

We put the resulting structure over the septic tank.


Now that the construction is finished, make and install a frame around the toilet, it will need to be sheathed with boards. Sometimes a door is made in the front wall - this way you get a mini-pantry for storing household chemicals. Although such a toilet is far from attractive, everyone can make it and will not spend a lot of time and money on it.