How to choose an electric gate

How to choose an electric gate Electric automatic gates - how to choose them

The topic of this article is electric garage doors. He will deal with the varieties of garage doors, with their dimensions, technical characteristics, and what other materials they make and what additional functions they are supplied with. The main task of the information provided will be to assess the proposed designs by the market.

It is worth starting with the fact that literally 20 years ago no one would even think about the variety of modern proposals. At that time, only one model reigned - swing.

Massive gates that always creak, covered with oil paint, which after a while begins to flake off.

Although it should be noted that it was made of thin metal, this structure boasted high security and resistance to burglaries. Such gates could serve for decades, but they were very inconvenient in terms of comfortable use.

Varieties of garage doors

In addition, in the winter time in front of them it was required to shovel snow, even a small thickness, because the structural doors simply did not open. Times have changed, and the range of garage doors has also changed.

There are a lot of offers on the market, and the problem, most likely, will be the choice of suitable models. But swing gate models are still on the market. They confidently occupied their niche, because they have a low cost due to their simple manufacture, and, as mentioned earlier, they are highly resistant to burglaries. Such designs consist of two sashes, there are also single-sash models, but they are not so in demand. Purely structurally, each sash is a rectangular frame made of a metal profile, which is sheathed with an iron sheet.

Consider other types of garage doors.


The doors got this name because they consist of sections that are located horizontally and are interconnected by means of hinges. The number of sections can vary from 4 to 6, and the width of each can be in the range from 0.35 to 0.6 meters, and the length is up to 7 meters.

The sections are either non-insulated or insulated. In the first case, a slab insulation is used, which is trimmed on both sides, and therefore the thickness of the sections becomes enormous - up to 4.2 cm. It is imperative to lay an elastic seal along the contour of the sections.

Requirements for the thermal insulation layer - minimum water absorption.

For this reason, polyurethane foam is most often used as a heater, and much less often polystyrene foam. As a material for the manufacture of sections, a galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of up to 0.1 cm, aluminum alloys or wood (a rather expensive option) is used. Purely constructive sectional garage doors - sections that are interconnected by means of hinges. Rollers are attached to the sides, which will facilitate the movement of the gate structure when closing and opening.

Guides should be installed under the rollers, which are made of two parts - horizontal and vertical. The parts are interconnected by arcuate elements.

That is, when opening, the gate rises up, where it is located under the ceiling in a horizontal position. This modification is automatic, because a special electric motor is installed for it under the ceiling. He will pull the entire structure towards himself by means of a chain or cable.

But it even provides for a manual opening method. This is in case the garage is de-energized. The design of sectional garage doors makes it possible to install them into openings of any size. They are in perfect harmony with roofs of different shapes. Experts say that this type is the most versatile in terms of architectural content.

As for the external type of finish, manufacturers today offer painted doors that are covered with plastic or heat-resistant glass, aluminum or wood plates. On the market you can find models with wickets, and this option is quite functional, albeit expensive.

The advantages of sectional garage doors include:

  • Saving space both inside the garage and outside it.
  • The insulated model has excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics.
  • Universal dimensions, gate dimensions are selected for large openings - width up to 7 meters, and height up to 6 meters.

But there are other disadvantages:

  • High cost.
  • Low resistance to burglary.
  • Complex construction - difficult repairs.

It should be added that sectional doors can be installed not just vertically, but if models that open into the wall. They are installed inside the garage, where two guides are installed - one on the floor and the other on the wall of the garage.

The photo below shows the model.


There are electric gates for the fence, but for now let's consider a different type of gate. From the name itself, it will become clear that when the gate is opened, it makes two movements - turning and lifting. Moreover, they perform them simultaneously. Ultimately, the entire structure will be in a horizontal position under the ceiling.

Structurally, such gates represent one solid sheet, which will fully cover the opening. To make the closure airtight, a sill is made from below with a height of about 3 cm, against which the lower frame of the canvases rests. From the sides, external frames are installed, into which the canvas will drive. The movement itself is lift-and-turn, and it is provided by a hinge-link mechanism. In this case, the gate can be closed and opened both manually and by means of an electric motor.

But the very same pattern of movement of the structure will cause certain inconveniences. For example, the lower part of the canvases necessarily goes beyond the garage boundaries, by about 1 meter. It turns out that you won't be able to park the car close to the gate.

As for the dimensions, there is a very meager assortment in comparison with the previous model. The maximum possible size of the canvas is 6 meters wide and 2.

2 meters high. But in terms of finishing, there are many more options. For example, you can install a wicket or windows in the door leaves. So, the advantages of overhead doors:

  • How to choose an electric gate Compactness.
  • Structural simplicity.

  • Low cost.
  • Easy to equip with automation.
  • There is no need to clean the snow in front of the garage door.

There are also disadvantages:

  • They can only cover rectangular openings.
  • If it is necessary to repair the blades, then it is impossible to do it partially, only the entire structure.

  • Not the highest burglary resistance.
  • The vehicle must not be driven close to the garage.

Let's consider one more variation.


This type of garage door received its name due to the fact that structurally it is a canvas, which consists of lamellas with a width of 1.5-2 cm, which, when opened, are rolled onto the shaft into a roll.

The latter is located in the upper part of the structure and is closed with a protective box. The lamellas are fastened to each other by hinges. Usually, manufacturers produce such elements immediately in a warmed form. But they are not very thick - up to 2.5 cm.

Making lamellas of thickness will not work, and they simply increase the diameter of the roll, which will complicate the opening. But such gates will rise vertically, and therefore no one interferes with anything. They can be opened and closed manually by means of a motor, which is located on the shaft or attached directly to it. As for the size ranges, the width of the opening should not be more than 3 meters, and the height is 3.5 meters.

The video shows how electric roll-up garage doors work. Advantages:

  • Ease of use.
  • Light weight.
  • Variety of decorative design.
  • Will not take up space either inside or outside the garage.

  • There is a possibility of automation.

The disadvantages are:

  • Quite high cost.
  • Low sound and heat insulation characteristics.
  • Low protection against burglaries.

It should be noted that roll-up doors can be installed on the inner walls of the room, on the outer walls, or straight into the opening.

In the latter case, the height of the opening will decrease by the size of the shaft with the lamellas that are screwed onto it. This must be taken into account when installing the garage door.


Such gates for the garage are one leaf made of a metal frame, which is sheathed with sheet or even tile material. There are three installation methods:

  • On the lower supports.
  • On the upper supports.

  • Hang on the console.

In any case, the door structure has rollers and guides.The first ones will move the entire structure along the second ones, and at the same time, the opening of the gate occurs by moving them along the garage wall. They can be opened by means of a motor or manually. The advantages of this model:

  • How to choose an electric gate Will not take up much space in the garage.

  • They are much cheaper than roll, sectional and lift-and-turn.
  • Easy to automate.
  • Highly resistant to burglary.
  • No need to clean the snow in front of them.

The disadvantages are:

  • Space is required along the walls
  • Concreting of the guides and the mounting location of the drive, which will increase the price of the product.

  • The gate cannot be removed.

Consider the last variation.


This type of garage door is not very popular among compatriots. In fact, such a structure is made of two sections that are pivotally connected. The gates are opened by folding the sections, like books, and pushed outward, sliding horizontally.

We suggest watching a video in which the owner of such a gate talks about the structure, details and how everything works.

If in such a category there is a variety in which sections can say horizontally. Moreover, a huge number of sections can be very large, and everything will depend on the width of the opening. The design has two pairs of guides - lower and upper, along which the sectional rollers move. In this case, the sections that are collected in a book are located when the gate is opened along the walls, without taking up much space.


So, we have disassembled all types of electric garage doors that manufacturers offer today. As you can see, they all have certain advantages and disadvantages. But the main requirement for all structures will be high resistance to burglary. Unfortunately, neither sectional nor roll-up models can boast, although they are the most convenient to use. For this reason, do not put them in garages that are not guarded.

The optimal in this case would be the use of swing structures, which have passed the test of time, were able to recommend themselves only on the positive side. In addition, installing a wicket in them is not a problem, and it does not take much time and money.