How to choose projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic and layout? Types of construction - Review + Video

How to choose projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic and layout? Types of construction - Review + Video Modern technologies do not bypass the construction sector. Over time, the popularity of some materials is lost, they are replaced by other more popular ones.

Brick at one time replaced the tree, and now the foam block claims its place. It has its advantages and disadvantages, as, indeed, any building material. Projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic are very popular due to the versatility of the construction and the attractive appearance of the finished housing.

Foam blocks are dimensional parallelepipeds, which are made from water, cement, sand and foam-forming components. Thanks to the last component, air bubbles appear in the blocks. The foam block is notable for its affordable price, good body and sound insulation qualities. In addition, the material is easy to handle. It is also worth noting the economic benefits of building a house from foam blocks, since the material itself and adhesives will require relatively little.

How to choose projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic and layout? Types of construction - Review + Video

Houses with an attic have their own advantages

For example, here you can arrange things that you do not use constantly, but you are not going to throw them away. Also, the attic can be used as a recreation room, nursery, bedroom, a place for cozy gatherings with friends, arrange a home theater. There are a lot of options for arrangement, it all depends on your personal preferences.

Advantages of a foam block house with an attic:

  • Efficiency . Using a foam block for building a house with an attic, you have the opportunity to save your family budget.

  • Reduction of heat loss through the roof . The attic is sheathed with insulation so that it can be used as a living room, at the same time the heat in the house is retained better
  • Low load on the foundation of the house when compared with a full-fledged two-story building.
  • Free projects of foam block houses with an attic are provided to the attention of land owners. They can be used for permanent residence or as a summer residence.

Features of the foam block as a building material

  • As already mentioned, the construction of houses from the foam block is considered economically profitable.

    The laying of the material, due to its size, is several times faster, and the foam block itself will have to be spent less than a standard brick.

  • The use of special glue for connecting foam blocks to each other, makes it possible to build a monolithic structure. This ensures a reduction in heat loss in the house, since there are no cold bridges between the blocks. The thickness of the seams is 3-5 mm, allows you to connect the blocks without much effort, using a small amount of adhesive.

The ability to retain heat makes the foam block a versatile building material.

Due to these abilities, you no longer need to buy insulation for the walls.As a facing material, you can choose any one you like.

How to choose projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic and layout? Types of construction - Review + Video

  • Indicators of resistance to moisture and open fire, for a foam block height. In addition, the material is not subject to putrefactive processes, the formation of mold and mildew. The foam block can withstand temperature surges.

    A very important point in the quality of the foam block is that a favorable microclimate is created from it in the house due to the breathing walls.

  • The edges of the block have a perfectly flat surface, so you get smooth walls without the need to apply layers of plaster.
  • Foam block houses keep cool in summer heat and do not waste heat in winter. Thus, the cost of heating the house is reduced.
  • Environmental friendliness of the foam block.

    The material is made from natural ingredients and complies with quality standards.

  • Long service life with preservation of appearance.

The technology of building a country house from a foam block with an attic

The frame of the house

In this context, this is more related to the roof. Its construction should be approached responsibly, otherwise the slightest errors can turn into big troubles. Mineral wool and basalt insulation are used as insulation for the roof of the attic.

Plywood or drywall is used for roofing from the inside. For direct roofing, materials are selected that are lightweight, since the foam blocks themselves are not heavy. In order to sleep well and not worry about the quality of work with the roof, hire a team of specialists. They will design the roof of the house and the attic at the same time, calculate all the nuances.


If you want to get an original building with an attic - order an individual project in the architectural bureau.

When designing houses, such features are taken into account

  • Dimensions of the construction site;
  • Number of residents;
  • Purpose of a residential building (seasonal or permanent residence);
  • Construction budget.

After solving the main questions

... you can start choosing the layout of the house from foam blocks.

The most popular projects of houses made of foam blocks with a layout are buildings of 6 x 6 m. This project does not require too much money, and is suitable for a family of 2 - 3 people. It can also be used as a seasonal summer cottage. A typical project provides for the presence of 2 rooms on the ground floor and one more in the attic. If desired, the number of rooms can be increased, but this will reduce their area.

The first floor is rationally dedicated to the combined kitchen and living room. Upstairs you can arrange a bedroom. To increase the area of ​​the house, you can attach a veranda or terrace.

Projects of houses from foam blocks

  • There are also projects of houses from foam blocks 6 x 8 m, 6 x 9 m, 6 x 10 m .such buildings are large in size, and also differ in shape, in this case it is rectangular.

    These houses are suitable for families of 4 - 5 people.

Such a project proposes to arrange on the ground floor a living room, a kitchen (optionally, it can be combined with a living room), a bathroom. It is most convenient to take the stairs leading to the attic from the corridor. Upstairs there are living rooms in the amount of 2. The dimensions of the house of such a project allow making rooms of comfortable sizes, which will be divided by a hall.

  • How to choose projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic and layout? Types of construction - Review + Video Projects of houses from foam blocks 7 x 9 m make it possible to translate big ideas into reality. Often, such projects provide for the location of the kitchen of the living room, hall, bathroom and bedroom on the 1st floor. The attic is equipped to accommodate a bathroom, another bedroom, a dressing room, and a utility room.
  • Projects of houses from a foam block of 8 x 10 m are already large houses with an area of ​​80 m². this is where you can give free rein to imagination and make cherished dreams come true.

    You will get a comfortable residential building that can accommodate almost anything. The attic can be made in an intricate shape. The number of rooms will allow a large family to live in the house, as well as accommodate guests.

  • Projects of houses from foam blocks with an attic designed for an area of ​​more than 100 m² is a full-fledged roomy country house, ideal for permanent residence of a large family. You can order an original design or do everything yourself.

    Small decorative balconies in the attic will decorate the building. It can also be supplemented with windows, which will bring a special comfort and open access to the sun's rays.


Most modern layouts of houses with an attic made of foam blocks are created in conjunction with a garage. Conceptionally, these houses are designed in such a way that from the garage you can go straight into the house without leaving the street. Both a house with an attic and a garage are built from the same material, in this case we are talking about a foam block.

How not to get lost in the abundance of foam block house projects? They can be free or custom made. Here it is important to decide on the type of desired building, its size, budget (how much you expect). Feel free to ask the professionals about your concerns. For construction, select only high-quality materials, only in this case you can be sure of the durability of your future home.