How to choose the best built-in refrigerator? Models overview + Video

How to choose the best built-in refrigerator? Models overview + Video Rating of the best built-in refrigerators + photo and description. Built-in refrigerator models are quite different from each other. They have different capacity, colors, and the presence or absence of support for different technologies. In addition, they may differ in the amount of electricity consumption. Here we will try to tell you about the best built-in refrigerators that have no serious drawbacks.

They almost completely suit the buyers. But why practically?

Ideals do not exist, and if the built-in refrigerator has a large capacity, and also has no drawbacks, then the cost will be cosmic. And inexpensive models can be noisy, or not so roomy, and upset with such shortcomings.

Which company should be trusted when choosing a built-in refrigerator

Most large companies try to produce only ordinary refrigerators, for example, this concerns the popular company Samsung and Indesit. It is for this reason that the market for built-in refrigerators cannot be called crowded.

Such products are offered only by those companies that do not pin their hopes on big sales. However, they do not live in poverty either, because the average price for one built-in model is several times higher than the cost of a conventional device.

In Russia, built-in refrigerators under the following brands have been the most popular:

  • Asko.
  • Korting.

  • Bosch.

But consumers pay attention to products from other companies, for example, excellent devices can be found at the VEKO and Combustion companies.

The best built-in models at affordable prices

ATLANT XM 4307-000

This is a relatively inexpensive model of a built-in refrigerator from a manufacturer from Belarus. It is two-chamber, and the freezer is located at the bottom. The device consumes about 290 kWh of electrical energy per year.

Isobutane is used as a refrigerant. Unfortunately, due to savings, Belarusians decided to abandon the introduction of the "know frost" system, and only a drip defrosting system is used. The device makes almost no noise (though this does not apply to all specimens). Otherwise, this is a typical Belarusian-made refrigerator. You have heard about many such devices more than once.

The difference between this model and the rest is only in the fact that it is a built-in refrigerator.

Advantages :

  • Glass shelves inside the device.
  • Able to keep the cold off for up to 16 hours.
  • Simple electromechanical type control.
  • Relatively small size.

  • The chamber volume is 168 liters.

Disadvantages :

  • The volume of the freezer is only 80 liters.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to defrost.
  • Turning off and on may cause interference to the electrical network.
  • There have been cases of undercompletion.

  • Some models have a rather noisy compressor.

Choosing the best built-in refrigerator is not easy, so there are a few more options worth considering.

Gоrкnje RКI 4181 AW

This is a pretty good model for those who like to save on electrical energy. the fact is that such a model belongs to the class of energy consumption A +. The manufacturer says that such a device consumes no more than 290 kW / h per year.

Unfortunately, the refrigerator has typical disadvantages for an inexpensive device. This can be seen in the fact that from time to time you will need to spend time on defrosting, and not every person will appreciate the fact that the volume of the freezer is only 61 liters. But the volume of the refrigerator itself has been increased to 223 liters, and this will be enough even for a large family.

Advantages :

  • Electromechanical control is used.
  • Relatively low consumption of electrical energy.

  • Large refrigerator compartment.
  • Glass shelves can withstand any load.
  • Minimum noise level.

Disadvantages :

  • Very small freezer.
  • Sometimes defrost is required.

  • Very thin plastic is used.

Consider one more model.

Korting KSI 17850 CF

The creators of such a device decided to make everything as simple as possible. The control is in the form of a standard temperature controller, and the device consists of two chambers, each of which is located behind its own door. There is no "know frost" system, which is why from time to time you will have to defrost the refrigerator manually.

There are glass shelves inside the device, and the total volume of space is 274 liters. A share of 70 liters is allocated to the freezer, and it cannot be said that this is enough.

Advantages :

  • How to choose the best built-in refrigerator? Models overview + Video Has a power consumption class A + ...

  • The controls are quite simple.
  • The refrigerator compartment is very large.
  • There are no complaints about the reliability of glass shelves.
  • Presence of a chrome-plated shelf for storing bottles with water or drinks.

Disadvantages :

  • The device needs to be defrosted regularly.

  • The compressor is not the most reliable.
  • Some instances have high noise levels.

Next, we propose to consider the TOP models.

TOP of built-in refrigerators

Korting KSI 17875 CNF

Which built-in refrigerator is better from the TOP? This device has a height of 177.5 cm, and the assembly was carried out from sufficiently high quality materials, and compresses consume only 293 kW per year.

The device is two-chamber, and at the same time the freezer is not very large, only 60 liters. This may not be enough, but then you can buy a separate built-in freezer. As for the refrigerating chamber, its volume is 200 liters. There is also a sound indication of open doors, which cheaper models do not have.You will also be pleased with the fast cooling / freezing mode.

A little disappointing is the drip defrost system, which the refrigerator is trying on. But for the freezer, defrosting is not needed, because the "know frost" technology is supported.

Advantages :

  • There are glass shelves.
  • The presence of the modes "super freezing" and "super cooling".
  • Availability of temperature indication.

  • No freezer defrost required.
  • Low consumption of electrical energy.
  • There is child protection.
  • Door left open notification.
  • Virtually silent.

Disadvantages :

  • Very small freezer.
  • The refrigerator needs to be defrosting from time to time.

We suggest considering another popular model.

Asko RFN2247I

This is an excellent version of the built-in refrigerator, which consumes no more than 230 kW of electrical energy per year. It is the low energy consumption that is the main advantage.

Otherwise, this is a standard refrigerator, which is much inferior to conventional devices. In particular, in order to reduce the size, the device had to reduce the volume of the freezer to 60 liters. The know frost technology is supported only by the freezing chamber, while the refrigerating chamber uses a drip defrosting system. The device has electronic control, thanks to which the manufacturer managed to introduce temperature indication. In addition, buyers noted that the device is almost silent, and there are no complaints about the glass shelves, which are very well placed.

Advantages :

  • How to choose the best built-in refrigerator? Models overview + Video The refrigerating chamber is quite spacious.
  • The shelves are made of glass.
  • Low noise level.
  • You can check the temperature inside the device.
  • Class of electrical energy consumption A ++.

  • The freezer does not need to be defrosted regularly.

Disadvantages :

  • For some, the price will be astronomical.
  • The freezer compartment is not very spacious.
  • The refrigerator compartment does not support know frost.

And one more model, which is one of the best built-in refrigerators.


This is one of the few built-in device models that fully supports a very useful system " know frost ". This means that you do not need to defrost either the fridge compartment or the freezer compartment. But keep in mind that such a creation of South Koreans is also not ideal. The problem is that such a product belongs to the class of electrical energy consumption "A", which means that for a year the consumption of electrical energy will be 330 kW, which is not the smallest volume. In addition, not everyone appreciated the fact that when turned off, the device will keep the cold inside in a closed state for only 12 hours.

Still, the device has more advantages than a disadvantage.In addition, customers are very pleased that there are two zones of freshness, as well as a sound indication of an open door, as well as the ability to recognize the temperature inside the refrigerator and LED lighting.

Advantages :

  • The presence of a dry and wet zone of freshness.
  • The device signals a door left open.
  • No defrost required.

  • There is an indicator with the current temperature level.
  • Virtually no noise.
  • Super freeze available.
  • LED lighting implemented.
  • Glass shelves.

Disadvantages :

  • The level of electrical energy consumption for some people seems prohibitive.
  • Freezer with a volume of 60 liters.
  • Preservation of cold in the event of a power outage is short - only 12 hours.

We offer an overview of an unusual refrigerator.

Siеmens KI39FР60

This is a worthy product of German production, for which the manufacturer asks a lot of money.

Its main advantage is its low consumption of electrical energy (the refrigerator has an energy consumption class A ++). The device is made on electronic control, thanks to which it is possible to set a strictly defined temperature. The total volume of the refrigerator compartment is 251 liters. At the same time, the freezer, like most devices, is small - only 57 liters, and the remaining 132 liters are allocated for the refrigerating chamber, and another 62 liters are allocated for the so-called zero chamber, that is, the "freshness zone",

It turns out that in such a device you can store a lot of fruits - these are the best sources of vitamins. It should also be noted that the refrigerator defrosts on its own, and the freezer has a know-frost technology.

Advantages :

  • In a year, the consumption of electrical energy is 227 kW.
  • Freezer compartment does not require defrosting.
  • Keeps itself cold without food for 16 hours.
  • Large freshness zone.
  • Reliable shelves.

  • Temperature indication is available.
  • Super Freeze and Super Cool available.

Disadvantages :

  • High cost.
  • Not the best level of roominess.

Next, consider which refrigerator is worth buying.

Which refrigerator is worth buying

If you do not have funds for expensive devices, then you should pay attention to such a model as ATLANT XM 4307-000 . For such a refrigerator, the manufacturer asks for a small price, and at the same time it looks good, and does it perfectly with the main task. But keep in mind that the model is quite noisy, and it may also turn out to be undersized.

Another inexpensive option is the built-in refrigerator Gоrеnje RКI 4181 AW . It is more reliable in use, the compressor practically does not make noise, and will delight you with a spacious refrigerating chamber.

Only the freezer, which is not very spacious, can confuse you. Korting KSI 17850 CF can no longer be called cheap, but in terms of its characteristics it is inferior to expensive models. A drip defrost system is used here, the compressor sometimes crunches and clicks, which is annoying. The volume of the freezer is not the largest, but the main advantage is the excellent saving of electrical energy.

Korting KSI 17875 CNF will delight you with the build quality and the freezer capacity.

The device can also signal an open door, and will also tell you about the current temperature. But this model also has disadvantages, because although it does not need to be thawed, it can be small for a family of 3-4 people.

Asko RFN2247I is quite expensive, but you can count on it with uninterrupted operation for many years. The freezer device does not need to be defrosted from time to time, but note that the volume is small, only 60 liters. In addition, it is worth noting the competent arrangement of containers and shelves inside the chamber, due to which a lot of products can be placed.


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