How to choose the most economical and efficient heater. Inverter-type devices, electric convectors

How to choose the most economical and efficient heater. Inverter-type devices, electric convectors Each house or apartment must have an additional heating device. After all, it is not uncommon for failures in the heating system, leaks in pipes, as well as planned shutdowns during repair work. When buying a heating device, we want it to consume as little electrical energy as possible and at the same time have a high heat transfer.

In this article we will try to figure out which heaters are the most economical and efficient.

A heater is a special device used to heat a home. These appliances are becoming very popular as the cold season approaches, especially in multi-storey buildings with centralized heating on schedule. As a rule, cold weather occurs before the start of the official heating season.

Types of heating devices

Heating devices are electric, infrared, gas and diesel.

The most common devices are considered to be powered by electrical energy. They are the most economical, but not fireproof. Virtually silent and reliable. These are heat fans, oil heaters. The fans can run continuously with short interruptions.

Oil heaters are convenient for heating living quarters, since they do not emit any odors. They also have high performance indicators and generate heat well.

Oil cooler is perhaps the most widely used among the economical options. The following advantages of such models are distinguished:

  • Easy use;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Possesses inertness, i.e.

    after shutdown for a hours is able to keep warm;

  • Economic power consumption.

How to choose the most economical and efficient heater. Inverter-type devices, electric convectors A negative point of oil coolers is the absence of protective screens and grilles on the device, and since they are capable of heating up to a temperature of 150 degrees, careless touching can cause serious injury.

Important: After the time has elapsed, the oil has a characteristic of evaporation and must be changed in time.

Infrared heaters are used as an additional source of heat. They are very compact and highly economical. There are wall and floor types. With their help, they compensate for the lack of sun in the cold season.

Gas heaters are another option.

Their power can be from 1.6 to 6.2 kW. Using such a device, your home will be provided with constant heat. However, there is one drawback - such devices contribute to the combustion of oxygen and dehydration of air.

Therefore, this type is not suitable for use in apartment buildings.

Diesel appliances run on liquid fuel. They are used for heating country houses, mainly when there is no other type of heating. The units are powerful and reliable.

Examples of the most economical models

Now there is a wide variety of types of electric heaters:

  • Infrared;
  • inverter;
  • electric convectors;
  • micathermic;
  • ceramic panels.

In infrared, work is carried out due to the action of infrared radiation. The units are available in a compact housing. The heating element here is a quartz tube. With its help, close objects are heated, not air. Such a heater is suitable for short-term and quick warm-ups.

They can be used outdoors.

Inverter-type devices

Similar heating devices appeared quite recently and were immediately liked by the dacha residents. The device works on the principle of heat pumps, where warm air vapors are taken from the outside and transferred to the room through a heat exchanger. Moreover, this happens even during the frosty period. Freon gas is used here.

Under high pressure with warming up to eighty degrees, freon condenses in the internal block of the heat exchanger. Further, in a liquid state, it goes to the outdoor unit, where it goes back to gas. After it boils in the outdoor unit, it enters the heat exchanger of the indoor unit.

Thanks to these fluctuations, power consumption is reduced from two to five kilowatts per hour. Large rooms can be heated with these appliances.

Electric convector

Works on the principle of an oil heater. Heating is carried out by air circulation created by an internal heating element. Air circulation takes place by heating cold air, which, when heated, rises up, and then, while cooling down, goes down again. The process is constantly repeated.

Atlantic convectors are considered a reliable brand.

It will warm up a room of 20 m2 for about four hours.

Important: Convectors are considered the safest devices. Such a unit can be left unattended, since they are not able to heat up more than sixty degrees and do not dry the air.

Micathermic heating device

These units are produced in compact size. They work on the basis of infrared radiation.

The device contains non-metallic plates, due to which efficient heat transfer is ensured. For the price, such devices are much more expensive than analogues. The most reliable micathermic devices of the Polaris brand stand out.

Ceramic panel

The principle of operation is the same as for micathermic ones. This is a ceramic panel, which is placed in a special heat-conducting box.

Such a device can heat twenty square meters in a couple of hours.

Heater for houses and apartments

The apartment is heated by a central system. However, there should still be a fallback in case of lack or insufficient heating.And the simplest option is a heat fan, capable of filling the room with warm air in the shortest possible time. But he does not need a small amount of electricity, which is naturally not an economical option.

Convector and infrared devices are distinguished by long-term and minimum energy consumption. However, cheaper convector models have a lot of heat loss and are very loud.

The leading position today is still occupied by an infrared emitter. This, for example, is like the action of a fireplace that warms up all nearby objects and surfaces, thereby quickly and cost-effectively creating the long-awaited comfort.

A convector heater is considered the most economical option for a private house.

With their help, an independent heating system can be arranged.

Another option for giving - an infrared kerosene heater. They are compact and have a high power, the action of which a small room heats up in less than ten minutes.
Installation of a kerosene fireplace would be an excellent solution. The advantage here is that there is no need for either electricity or wood to function.

They do not emit any odors and do not spoil the atmosphere of the room.