How to choose the right builder and finisher

How to choose the right builder and finisher How to choose builders ( finishers) for building a house

Professional interior designers often assist clients in selecting construction teams.

Naturally, all designers have a team they recommend. But sometimes you shouldn't trust the first suggested command. We invite you to find out how to choose builders and master finishers.

So let's look at what the first meeting should show.

At the first meeting

  1. Ready for work. It's funny, but sometimes people come to a meeting with such an expression that says "well, try to persuade me to work with you." Everything is clear here - the master does not fit.

  2. How to choose the right builder and finisher General behavior (must be adequate). When talking, do not underestimate the upcoming difficulties of repairs or even construction; it is better to exaggerate them a little - and sometimes this is enough for everyone who wants easy money to "merge" themselves.

    It's great if the foreman or foreman gets involved in a conversation and, in response to all fears, shows willingness to solve problems, and also propose solutions. In fact, during repair / construction, a keen interest is very important, and for a designer there is no worse partner than a performer who does everything automatically.

  3. Having the skill of reading drawings and the ability to ask. Being able to read and follow blueprints is essential for great results, but the most invaluable skill will be the talent for asking questions or commenting on discrepancies on time, rather than doing things "best" on your own.
  4. Mobility.

    If we are talking about working at a remote site, then the extremely important mobility of the master, a decrease in the use of instant messengers, mail, and the willingness to send photo reports.

Good advice! If the interview is going as well as possible, then further should visit several of the current facilities of the performer, and ideally at various stages of completion. Some customers may think that if the builders were recommended by close friends, then they can refuse to view the objects, but this is not at all the case. It is imperative to see the result of work with your own eyes, and also to make sure that the work meets YOUR expectations and quality standards, and excellent recommendations in this case will serve as a real foundation of mutual trust.

What is important to pay attention to on the object?

Cleanliness at the construction site is the main indicator that the crew is good

And it is also a guarantee that at the end of the repair work, you will not need to immediately do another one, and a small, but irreplaceable fastener detail will not disappear into oblivion.

So, the surface of the floor should be covered not just for visibility with a thin polyethylene layer, which will protect only from splashes of paint and varnish, but also with sheets of hardboard with a batting substrate and only after with polyethylene.

Such a coating will protect the parquet from the abrasive effects of dirt and dust.It will be great if there is also a construction vacuum cleaner in the builders' arsenal. Also, all pieces of upholstered furniture, if any at the facility, lamps and everything else should be covered. It is also important that the workers respect the good of the owners.

Also, window frames, and even more so wooden ones, must be closed. This is to ensure that the windows are not damaged.

Fact! In good construction firms, work at each facility begins with the organization of amenities - they install sinks for washing the hands and tools of workers, light up the rooms, make places for storing finishing and rough finishing materials.

What to look at in operation

  1. The quality of the electrical wiring. How to choose builders for building a house was considered.

    Now a little about the conditions. If the object is at the initial repair stage, you should look at the accuracy of the electrical wiring - there should be no diagonal strobes across the room (mini-tip: you need to agree on the mandatory photographing of all hidden works) The cables must be marked and the leads must be insulated. Life is still unpredictable, and the wiring is hidden in the wall surface.

  2. Details are the most important. Be sure to pay attention to the ceilings, and at the same time you should look from several points, in both evening and daylight.

    You should look at the joints of baseboards and wallpaper, and also study the processing of external tiled corners. If there are no special corner elements in the tile collection, then the tile should be filed down "mustache", more precisely, be made at 45 degrees. The mounting hatch does not say anything, and it's great if it is not striking.

  3. How to choose the right builder and finisher Find out all the performers by name. As a rule, you see the object and talk with the foreman, much less often with the foreman, but you do not see all the performers at once.

    But there is a certain person behind every well-executed situation. You should inquire whose hands it was and insist on getting the names of the direct executors. Feel free to memorize the names of all employees whose job you are satisfied with so that later you will be able to communicate and work with them directly. It is important to discuss what specific part of the work the builders will do and what is entrusted to subcontractors. There should be a healthy balance - naturally, keeping highly specialized craftsmen on a permanent staff is unprofitable, and it's great if the team has a proven craftsman.

    But it's bad if most of the work is outsourced. In this case, it is worth considering whether you have contacted a clever intermediary between you and the real performers.

  4. Work in case of force majeure. The moment is far from the most pleasant, but this topic is also worth touching on. Discuss who will be responsible for the safety of the property and what limits of liability are set.

  5. What should be the cost of the team's services. The price of services for many clients is a defining element.But here it should be understood that in order to determine a specific amount, it would be great to have a design project or technical task on hand. This will give you a final, clear and transparent cost + estimate that you can confidently rely on. It is possible to discuss the cost per square meter only in a personal conversation, and such a price will be far from reality.

    Still, perfect things can be done with the same square meter.

Useful advice!

If a tempting figure sounds during the first conversation, don't be happy right away - ask to explain how the pricing works. This is where the savings on the crew should be reasonable.

And the last thing is that repair is a joint work. If you want everything to turn out the way you need, you should constantly monitor the work so that it does not happen like this - you gave the money and keys at the beginning, and the next time you came to pick up the key and move back into the apartment.

This can give unwanted results.