How to choose the right decorative paint for walls: Review + Video

How to choose the right decorative paint for walls: Review + Video Decorative wall paint is an excellent alternative to boring wallpaper, capable of giving the interior a unique individual look.

The decorativeness of the coating directly depends on the prepared surface and the painting method. Wall paint can work wonders. With its help, you can create an imitation of wood, silky or velvet surfaces.

Decorative wall paints allow you to create a unique look for your home.

Manufacturers offer a choice of paints for decoration with the effect of silk, with the effect of sand, with the effect of velvet, marble, granite, plaster, precious metals (gold, silver).

Also, there are paints with the addition of mother-of-pearl, as a result of which you get the effect of a chameleon.

Decorative wall paints. General information

Similar effects are achieved by adding to the composition of special plastic substances that are in the composition of solvents. The action of these components is aimed at changing the physical properties of the paint, and after it dries, you will see the true beauty of the coating.


  • Economical consumption. To cover the walls of a room with decorative paint, a smaller volume will be spent than plaster for decoration for the same surface.
  • Long service life . The paint is able to retain its original appearance for several years, without cracks and burnout.
  • Effective appearance.

    The effects created are very varied and depend on the method of application and the surface itself.

  • Light coating weight. Decor paint weighs less than decorative plaster.
  • Texture. There are special types of wall paints that create a variety of whimsical effects.

  • How to choose the right decorative paint for walls: Review + Video Chameleon paint. Such paints change their appearance, at a certain angle and lightening.
  • Anti-static effect. Dust does not settle on the painted surface, as for example on wallpaper.
  • Ecological cleanliness.

    The composition of decorative paints includes natural substances and components.

  • Uniqueness of style. Decor paint will look individual on different surfaces.
  • Ease of application. Paint for wall decoration is applied without any problems, does not even require skills to work with it.


  • Small choice of finishes. If you compare it with the assortment of wallpapers, then there is a wide choice.
  • Ideal surface. Before applying decorative paint, the walls must be carefully leveled.
  • Low heat retention rate.

    Decor paint will not provide your home with additional noise and heat insulation.


The essential difference between decorative paint and ordinary paint is its density, which it receives due to the addition of special components to the composition.

Types of decorative paint

Assigned to walls, depending on the place of use:

  • For external work.
  • For interior work.

The most commonly used classification is according to the components of the composition that contribute to the formation of the film.

Water-based wall paints

This paint material has good water-repellent properties. When water gets on the painted wall, moisture evaporates, without penetrating into the coating. Such paints have excellent environmental characteristics, as well as a high level of fire safety. Can be applied to all types of surfaces except varnished and adhesive.

Acrylic wall paints

How to choose the right decorative paint for walls: Review + Video This is the most popular type of decorative paints. Its production is based on acrylic resins, which endow the material with special strength and elasticity. This type of paint looks great for a long time without losing color.


Acrylic paints for wall decoration are not recommended for use in rooms with high humidity.

Other types of wall paints

Alkyd decorative wall paints

They are made on the basis of alkyd resins, which provide special reliability covering. Most often, such paints are used in rooms with high levels of humidity and high temperatures.

The coating is able to maintain its original appearance for a long time. The disadvantages include an unpleasant pungent odor. Therefore, it is recommended to use this type of paint for wall decoration outside the house or in technical rooms with good ventilation.

Latex wall paints

Such paints are made on the basis of rubber, the distinctive feature of which is the formation of an elastic film. Such material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, has excellent moisture-resistant qualities. It is applied to any surfaces, repeating their relief.

Types of effects created on the surface of the walls


This effect is created by sand, shell rock, stone chips as part of decorative paint. The applied layer of paint will, of course, be thinner than the plaster layer, and will also be prone to sun and moisture.

Therefore, this paint is best used for wall decoration inside the house.


How to choose the right decorative paint for walls: Review + Video This is the result of applying decorative paint for walls with an effect silk is obtained due to the content of the material, liquid silk.

The painted surface has a delightful look, reminiscent of an expensive silk fabric. Different components give a different effect - matte or glossy.


The sand drill in this decorative wall paint with a sand effect allows you to create a similar result on the wall.

Quartz, river sand, glitters will only add to the wow effect.The surface can be matte or pearlescent, with beautiful highlights and tints in the sun.


Decorative wall paint with the effect of velvet gives such an appearance due to the addition of small hard particles to the composition of the material, which create additional volume. The appearance of the painted surface resembles velor or velvet.


This paint for wall decoration creates the impression of a variety of overflows of colors from different viewing angles.

To create such an effect, mother-of-pearl is added to the dyeing material. The paint is applied in a thin layer on a special substrate. For the intensity of the overflow, more layers are used.

Granite or marble

Decorative wall paint with the effect of marble or granite gives a similar result due to the presence of acrylic bubbles in the material with different shades, and natural materials in composition no. These bubbles, when applied to the surface, burst and give the impression of a marble wall.


When such paint is applied to the wall, a smooth coating is formed with the luster of noble metals - copper, silver or gold. By applying thicker layers, zones can be distinguished.

How to choose a good quality decorative wall paint?

Pay close attention to these characteristics:

  • Coverage. Affects the ability to overlap the previous material on the walls. There are covering materials and translucent ones.

  • Mat or gloss . The matte effect is able to hide various surface imperfections, glossy paints will increase the volume of the room.
  • Moisture resistance. Washable decorative paints are designed for 5000 wash and clean cycles.
  • Adhesion to the painted surface.

    This will determine how long the paint will last on the wall.

  • Antibacterial properties. This is important to consider when painting walls in high humidity areas.

Important !

Before starting to paint, apply a putty to the surface, fill up all defects and treat with a primer.


For applying decorative wall paints, depending on the desired result:

  • Brushes of various sizes.

  • Spatula and roller.
  • Spray gun.

Different colors should be applied according to the instructions to achieve the desired result. The metallic effect is achieved by applying the material in a certain number of layers. The marble or granite look of the walls is created using a spray gun.

To calculate the paint consumption per 1 m² of wall for wall decoration, two indicators must be taken into account - the perimeter of the walls and the height. Subtract the area of ​​door and window openings from the result.


The consumption of decorative wall paint is often indicated by containers. Otherwise, take as a guideline the consumption of latex paint - 125 ml per 1 m².

Leaders produced decorative paints for walls: Dessa Decor (Russia), Ferrara Design (Italy), Kreidezeit NaturFarben GMbH (Germany), Clavel (France).

Where to buy paint and what is the price?

How to choose the right decorative paint for walls: Review + Video