How to choose the right dimensions for your entrance gate? Instruction + Video

How to choose the right dimensions for your entrance gate? Instruction + Video Entrance gates - what is the width? Many residents of cottages during the organization of their site, often wonder how the entrance gate should be wide. After all, they should be in harmony with the fence and yard buildings, as well as have many functions.

Basically, the gates are built so that cars can enter and exit the yard, so it is worth calculating everything correctly, taking into account both cars and trucks.

It is important to take into account all the nuances

It is very difficult to take into account all the nuances that may arise. But still, there are certain points that depend on the materials, sections.

If the site is only at the initial stage of construction, supplementary building materials may be delivered, but it is necessary to determine the width and height of the doors.

It is also very important to note that fences are placed primarily to fence the yard. It is for this reason that when building a fence, take into account all dimensions, GOST and width.

Gate dimensions

The seizure of someone else's territory is strictly prohibited, for this reason it is necessary to arrange the shutters so that there are no conflicts with neighbors. And it is also necessary to carefully consider the location of the entrance gate so that it is convenient for the car to enter the courtyard, and not interfere with anyone.

Also, in order to avoid complications, it is recommended to install the gate so that it opens with the sashes inward.

By standards, the width of the entrance gate should be about 2.5 meters. But most people make a width of about three meters, as many trucks are wider than recommended.

Types of gates for entry

Depending on the customer's requirements, the gates are divided into several groups.

Some people want to save money and do not install automated systems to open gates.

And others, on the contrary, believe that it is very convenient to enter the courtyard without problems and obstacles, because constantly leaving the car when there is a lot of traffic behind it is completely uncomfortable. But still, such structures have a lower price, they can be repaired by hand, longer service life and are very easy to maintain.

Swing gates (wing). They include one or several valves.

It is necessary to mount them correctly, to select good supports. They mainly consist of shaped pipes. The need for a metal frame is necessary for a large load, which begins when opening and closing doors.

Only such elements will last a long enough period. But it is also necessary to take into account that with poor stability of the gate when it falls, a significant part of the fence may fall.

This type of volvulus will require a lot of space. The opening can be carried out automatically, as well as manually. A combined option is possible due to the fact that there is no electricity.

It is also possible to combine the number of doors. One of the most popular options is two-door.

For example, in the presence of a three-meter gate, the width of one leaf should be 1.5 meters. Sometimes there are gates with one door. But this option is not so convenient.

How to choose the right dimensions for your entrance gate? Instruction + Video Sliding gate .

Recently, this option is only gaining immense popularity. It perfectly reduces space, because the sashes drive into the inside of the fence. Most often it has only one door.

Would be an excellent option for a narrow area. After all, if space permits, the doors will simply slide when opened.

But the most important thing is that the dimensions of the fence give access for sliding the shutters. Remember one important nuance - the gate should not be blocked off, because if the gate stops working, the entrance to the courtyard will be blocked.

Folding fence view . It is also popular in narrow areas, a completely simple principle of operation. Gate leaves in the form of small sections are folded in layers when opening and closing.

The fence is folded into the yard area.

The plates are very compact and fit perfectly. But before you mount them, you need to carefully measure everything, assess the area of ​​the territory and find out the nature of the main fence.

Roller view of the gate . These types are also in great demand.

It is the folding or twisting of the gate upwards. You will need an additional metal frame that will withstand the brunt of the fence.

Such fences are similar to roller shutters, but with large sizes. Usually they are installed at the entrance to the garage, or under a special visor. But if you install a separate visor, then it will be possible to install a reinforced frame that will serve in several directions.


When installing the gate, it is necessary to realize that many structures must be mounted in compliance with all construction standards, otherwise it may not be strong and completely not last long. When choosing the right type of fence, everything must be carefully measured in order to finally make the choice.

The dimensions of the gate and passage also play an important role. Try to do the job with high quality right away, so that later you do not correct the unfortunate consequences.