how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos In any home, the kitchen is one of those rooms that are constantly exposed to increased stress.

Here food is prepared, dishes are washed: this is accompanied by splashes of fat and water, steam, sudden temperature changes. And here the inhabitants of the dwelling are most often found, here they eat, drink tea and have lovely family conversations.

It is often in the kitchen that we meet with friends and acquaintances, conducting long "kitchen conversations".

This is a special place, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the owners want to see it cozy, modern, stylish and beautiful.

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Before buying wallpaper

Such a part of the house as the kitchen is exposed to significant loads, therefore, special materials are required for it requirements.

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen so that they are not only beautiful, but also functional and practical?

Exploring important requirements

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos There are some simple rules to follow when choosing the right wall covering for this room.

If you listen, it will help you find a durable and practical material.

Before proceeding with the purchase, it is advisable to study the possible finishing options that have already been implemented by someone using this material. Since there is usually high humidity in the kitchen, condensation is possible on all coatings.

Consider this if you are fond of paper wallpapers or bamboo, veneer and wood flooring - they are unlikely to be practical. The more practical washable embossed wallpaper is also not very hygienic.

So what criteria should a practical kitchen wall coverings meet? Let's list the most important ones:

  • Good moisture resistance . It allows for regular wet cleaning. For areas where heavy contamination is not expected, options with less protection are suitable.

    But areas near the sink, hood, around the stove and work surfaces should not be afraid of wet processing.

  • Resistant to light and bright sunlight . These qualities are determined by the lightfastness indicator. In order for the wallpaper to remain unchanged for a longer time and not fade, this indicator for kitchen materials must be high enough.
  • Water vapor permeability is a very important indicator.

    The higher its value in the wallpaper for the kitchen, the healthier the room microclimate will be.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Separately, you can consider a rather practical and convenient option for special wallpaper for painting. They can be glued to the walls of any room in the house, they are easy and simple to care for, their color can be changed quickly enough.

Let's listen to the recommendations of experts

What materials for finishing the kitchen do professional masters recommend? Let's try to listen to their experience.


Paper wall-paper having a protective coating.

This option does not have special aesthetics, but it quite has a right to exist. This is especially true when it is necessary to renovate the premises economically and quickly.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos


Combined wallpaper - paper vinyl backing. An excellent and practical inexpensive option, provided that the wall surface is fairly flat and without noticeable flaws.


Vinyl wallpapers are considered to be very functional, comfortable and beautiful.

They are actively used to decorate a wide variety of rooms and premises, including suitable for kitchen decoration. The higher the density of the selected material, the easier and safer it will be to wet the walls.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Foamed vinyl wallpaper is not a very suitable material due to its highly porous surface, which able to precipitate and absorb large amounts of cooking grease and moisture. In addition, they cannot boast of a long service life and good wear resistance. And for the kitchen, these are important qualities.


Non-woven wallpaper with a practical vinyl covering. A very practical material, easy to paste and subsequent use, does not need special care. A wide variety of colors and textures allows you to choose a coating of the preferred tone and pattern that best suits the design of the room. They can also be used for painting.

Glass fiber

Wall covering based on fiberglass.

This is a rather original and very effective option. With its help, you can create a completely effective, unlike anything else interior design, without much effort. Such wallpapers are not afraid of exposure to light, moisture, high temperatures and other adverse factors.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

They are easy to stick even on a not too leveled surface.


3D liquid wallpaper, do not confuse it with 3D photo wallpaper.

A great option for any kitchen. Beautiful, original, easy to use. They can be matched to any design solution, they look great both in a classic style and in modern and avant-garde styles.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen

However Whichever type of wall covering you are recommended, do not ignore your own preferences and preferences. Consider the aesthetics for the convenience and practicality of wallpaper.

Original bright details enliven the room, make it more original and effective.

Pastel tones create a soft, warm and cozy atmosphere.

Options for a small kitchen: colors and textures

What wallpaper to choose for a black-and-white or red kitchen, if you act on your own, without asking for the help of specialists.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Most often, the simplest solutions turn out to be effective and more original.If you find it difficult to decide on the right color - take wallpaper that is in harmony or contrast with the color.

Paintable wallpaper color

Or go further: get special paintable wallpaper. Like beautiful wallpapers, but hesitate to use them throughout the room? Feel free to combine them with other materials, combine colors and textures, visually dividing the space into zones.

Spectacular and unusual 3D coatings are very good for a large space, but in a tiny kitchenette they can look quite ridiculous.

Lighting changes size

Remember not only the rules for a harmonious combination of colors, but also the correct lighting. Pay attention to the location of the window openings in the room.

If the windows face the light side, it is better not to abuse catchy and bright colors.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

It is better to stay at the cool shades of blue, gray, green, blue and turquoise colors. Do not overuse variegated patterns and overly small details. Often, combinations of materials that differ in texture, tone or pattern are enough to get an original and very effective interior.

When choosing wallpaper for a small kitchen, it is better not to use too dark colors.

Conditions for liquid wallpaper

Not so long ago, such a choice would seem strange and impractical - this frankly expensive wall covering is not intended for rooms with high humidity. In addition, high-quality cleaning of finished surfaces is also quite difficult. However, the advantages of a decorative coating significantly outweigh its disadvantages.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Gradually, liquid finishing compounds have become one of the most popular materials for kitchen finishing. It turns out that the problem of water resistance can be easily solved: it is enough to apply a water-dispersion or acrylic protective coating to the surface.

The technique of applying such a wall covering also deserves special attention. It is allowed to apply the mixture only on a leveled surface, plastered and covered with a primer.

Application of liquid wallpaper

The application method is similar to working with plaster. But in this case, the thickness of the plaster should not exceed three millimeters. Various structuring techniques allow you to create a clearly visible 3D effect on an initially flat and flat surface.

The bulk and special texture of the surface can be achieved using special rollers.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

If you want to get a more familiar traditional coating, it is better to use a plastic plaster as a tool falcon. Thanks to a rich selection of different colors, actively using their combinations, you can get an original multi-colored panel with a bright effective pattern or a volumetric monochrome coating.

Vinyl covering for the kitchen

Vinyl wallpaper has recently become one of the most popular options for finishing the kitchen. They are completely different - homogeneous homogeneous and foamed, smooth and emphasized textured, imitating natural surfaces or with 3D images.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Such coatings have a number of advantages, a minimum of disadvantages, and are very popular among professional designers. and among ordinary users.

The obvious advantages of vinyl wallpaper are as follows :

  • long service life;
  • moisture resistance;
  • increased resistance to UV radiation ;
  • increased density;
  • a variety of reliefs, colors and textures.

Like any of the most wonderful finishing materials, vinyl flooring also has a minus. To some, it may seem very insignificant, but to someone quite significant.

These wallpapers have low vapor permeability, therefore, the room decorated with them must be regularly ventilated.

Applying vinyl wallcoverings

The process of gluing them is quite complicated, it requires some skill: they must be carefully aligned and they can shrink.

It is advisable to prepare the wall under them by covering with a special composition against mycoses. Otherwise, lack of air and high humidity will contribute to the active development of harmful microorganisms.

how to choose the right one? Review + Photos and Videos

Whichever type of wall covering you look for for your kitchen, don't forget the importance of combining it with the general design of the room.

It is advisable to follow the rules for combining colors, not to use too flashy and flashy on a large scale. It is better to highlight or emphasize individual small elements with bright colors.

Combine, create, do not hesitate to embody your ideas and fantasies. After all, the main thing is that the design created with your own hands should be liked by you and your family members: you will live there and spend a lot of time. And doing everything yourself is not so difficult - the main thing is to start.

The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing!