how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video

how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video This article is for those who are going to purchase a beautiful double interior door . Let's try to understand the features of its design, installation, choice of materials.

Learn the difference between swing doors and sliding doors. The better is a solid wood door from fiberboard or MDF.

How to harmoniously fit the selected structure into the interior of the house, how to implement a design idea and refresh it by installing a swing door.

The main function of interior doors

What is an interior door for? The answer is separating one room from another.

After all, it is very important to preserve, for example, privacy or to hide the entrance to the bathroom or toilet from prying eyes, to block the way out of smells from the kitchen. Interior double doors have a more complex design, which distinguishes them from standard ones, and also requires skills and certain experience in installation. In this case, it is necessary to observe all the nuances of compatibility with the doorway, and the overall dimensions of the room.

In the modern world, it is the aesthetics and attractive appearance that are highly valued, the cult of beauty touches everything, and designers rush to match the tastes and preferences of customers.

Double interior doors are designed in such a way that they do not stand out from the overall design, but harmoniously merge into the interior, making it a highlight, decorating it and complementing it. Unfortunately, domestic manufacturers have not yet achieved the skill in this area enough to please the most fastidious buyers, which cannot be said about European brands.

This, of course, is explained by the long and productive work in this field, which made it possible to easily adapt to the requirements of the market.

how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video Double interior glass doors have a stunning view. The combination of high-class materials in conjunction with intricate patterns on glass or interesting shapes will fit only into a room of a certain style.

For simpler interiors or in high-tech, loft style, such a design will not work at all. After all, harmony and expediency come first.

Double interior door

Design features

The success of the choice depends on understanding which door you want to see in your house or apartment. To do this, you need to take into account the features of the door opening, the design of the rooms and the general space.

Double swing doors

Double swing doors, which have one or two leaves, are more popular.

This design looks much more presentable than the usual one. The main thing is to provide free space for opening the bundles, otherwise there is no point in installing it.

When installing this door, the so-called swing is used, a mechanism in which the sash can open in any direction.

Double sliding interior door

Also a rather popular option, which is suitable for small rooms in which every centimeter counts. Sliding doors have a similar opening / closing mechanism.

They slide on rails that are attached at the top and bottom.

The design of fastening a compartment door can have one rail, which does not affect its operation in any way. With this method, it is possible to make complete floors throughout the house or apartment, allowing you to expand the space.


Roto - from the word round, in a circle, also an acceptable option for installation in small rooms. The way they open resembles a swing, but when they reach the middle, they roll sideways.

how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video

Sliding type

Double interior doors also produced in sliding type. They drive into a specially created drywall opening or, if possible, into the wall.

How to do it?

At the stage of building a house

Often, an opening for double interior doors is formed at the stage of building a house. Of course, before that, you need to agree on everything and decide on the type of construction. It is easier to initially set the required dimensions for the installation of such a door, than later not to know from which side to approach the implementation of the idea.

To order

Interior double swing doors can be made to order, taking into account the size of the opening, and other wishes of the owner. With such a door, you will not know worries, because all the details will be adjusted carefully.

Ready from the store

In the case of purchasing a ready-made door, pay attention to its dimensions. Usually they are: height - 2 m - 2 m 20 cm, width - the same. If the height adjustment can still be done, then the width will no longer work.

The best option for rooms with low ceilings would be high double interior doors that can increase the space upward. To implement such an idea, you need to prepare the doorway in advance.

How to consider the interior design when choosing?

An important point when choosing a double sliding interior door is interior design. Remember that harmony should be in everything. Match the door type and color to suit the style of your home.

Red shades will perfectly fit into the country style or similar to it.

Important! Try to adhere to a single style when choosing interior doors, as well as sizes. This allows you to install the structure without any problems and make your home attractive.

For the Provence style white doors or light blue are most suitable, allowing the space to seem airy and weightless. The classic interior loves muted light shades, and dark ones can make the room too strict.

how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video

Minimalism is emphasized by both dark and light shades, but the main thing is to adhere principle - the less the better.The minimum amount of detail, bright colors, pretentiousness. Modern styles accept brightness, saturation, detail.

If there is a difference between the floor coverings in the house , for example, there is carpet in one room, porcelain tiles in another, parquet or laminate in the third, try to combine these coatings with a common color scheme. Double interior wooden doors can be embellished with decor (inserts of other material or glass).

How to take into account the style of furniture when choosing?

how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video An important point that it is worth considering when choosing, is the color scheme of furniture and its style.

It is easier to choose a door for a certain color than vice versa. Double interior doors with glass allow you to make your home interesting and modern.

Stained-glass windows, mirror inserts and so on are used as decoration.

The material from which the interior double folding doors are made

Can be different.

The pricing policy in this case varies from cheap options to expensive ones. A door can be made from the same material at a low price and at the same time, at a high one.

MDF is a very popular material for making doors of any type. It has good sound insulation and is reliable. In addition, the material is quite moisture resistant.

Fiberboard is most often used for sheathing a timber frame. Distinctive features: low cost, lightness. Cons: fragility, low level of moisture resistance and sound insulation.


Interior double doors from solid wood belong to the category of products with a high price. Such designs will harmoniously fit into the interior of the classical direction.

Pieces of glass are used for decoration. To democratize the value, manufacturers make such doors from pine, and the finish is made from veneer. This also helps to reduce the weight of the product. In addition, the material lends itself to special processing to give it the properties to resist moisture.

Double interior doors in the interior of the photo, which can be found on the websites of manufacturers or forums, are decorated with various elements: glass, painting, etc.

How you can install a double door with your own hands

You can install a double door yourself, having previously studied the instructions

To do this, you will need the following tools:

  • Roulette, level, square, pencil or marker.
  • Spacers made of wood or plastic.
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Chisel.
  • Screwdriver with drills, screws, crown.

Installation is not much different from the process of installing a conventional door. To begin with, the box is mounted, then the fittings are cut in, the hinges for the canopy of the door leaf, the fixing of the platband.

Where to buy and what is the price for double doors?

how to choose - types, material of manufacture, installation features + Video