How to choose wallpaper for drawing in the nursery on the wall: marker or chalk, which is better: Tips and Ideas + Video

How to choose wallpaper for drawing in the nursery on the wall: marker or chalk, which is better: Tips and Ideas + Video Very often children show an extraordinary interest in drawing. Of course, in a creative impulse, no one wants to restrict a child, however, not every parent can come to terms with the desire of children to paint on walls, especially if the repair has just been done and fresh wallpaper is pasted.

Today there are wonderful solutions bypassing the misunderstanding of children and their parents - special wallpapers for drawing, which can be used as a drawing board.

Such children's wallpapers, very popular in Western Europe and the USA, are presented in a sufficient range in Russia, which will allow you to decorate a room beautifully, with the preferences of mom and dad, and practical, without interfering the child to develop art skills.


In addition to special wallpaper, it is possible to cover the existing material of walls and furniture with a special composition, transparent or in the color of the interior, on which you can write and draw with markers, as well as blackboard paint for drawing with crayons, but this article will be devoted to wallpaper.

Also, the wallpaper can be used for notes to adults, in the kitchen, or for interesting decoration of a part of the interior. Also, such wallpaper is a very good tool and an outlet for studying.

How to choose wallpaper for drawing in the nursery on the wall: marker or chalk, which is better: Tips and Ideas + Video Important! When calculating the required amount, especially when pasting a larger area, it is worth considering the allowance, "for the whip" of the wallpaper when gluing. Also, before buying, it will not be superfluous to add five to ten percent to the total amount obtained in the calculations.

The painting wallpaper is self-adhesive.

They consist of two layers: the front one - with vinyl spraying, and the wrong side - with a paper layer, under which there is an adhesive surface. It will not be difficult to paste such wallpapers. The main thing is to use a laser level or plumb line at least when gluing the first piece. Further, gradually, starting from the corner, remove the paper or polymer protective layer and, constantly smoothing and expelling the air, without haste and fuss, glue the wallpaper.

High-quality painting wallpapers from bona fide manufacturers are easy to stick on and just as easily, without leaving marks, can be removed as needed.

It is easy and pleasant to draw on them with crayons or dry markers, as well as erase what has been drawn with a dry or damp cloth, sponge or napkins. The front side of such children's wallpaper, according to manufacturers' tests, is designed for about ten thousand drawing-erasing cycles.

INTERESTING! Wallpaper for drawing of some types and manufacturers can be re-glued from one place to another. This possibility is indicated on the rolls in the technical description.

IMPORTANT! Not all materials are ideal for wallpapering for painting.

Ideal will be more resistant to deformation and damage, with an even surface texture: tiles, glass, paint, plastic, vinyl, wood, metal and the like.

The main types of wallpaper for drawing and their features

Marker wallpapers

Wallpaper for drawing with a marker, they are produced in rolls measuring 90 cm in width and 50 m in length. A similar convenience is that sellers can cut such wallpaper for drawing into pieces of the length you need - this also saves the budget, makes it possible to create an interactive "board" for creativity and allows you to cut out various shapes from the pieces that the child can add and decorate.

How to choose wallpaper for drawing in the nursery on the wall: marker or chalk, which is better: Tips and Ideas + Video Not all markers are suitable for drawing on such wallpapers, but special ones called dry ones.

The main advantages of marker wallpaper over chalk wallpaper: no dust from chalk is formed, marker does not crumble and does not stain hands and clothes with careful handling, drawing lines are smoother and of the required thickness.


This is a type of wallpaper with black-and-white outlines of pictures of various subject complexity and silhouettes on the front side. In this case, you can draw with pencils and brushes with paints, felt-tip pens and markers. Presented are the types of wallpaper with which you can erase the painted areas and start the process over and over again.

Initially, when planning the purchase of wallpaper for drawing, it is worth deciding on the tool that will be used for drawing: crayons, markers or anything else that draws - the type of wallpaper that needs to be pasted depends on this. You will always find instructions in the description on the rolls and you will not be mistaken in the store.

The best solution would be to combine both types of wallpaper. Here we will present descriptions of both types, on the basis of which you can make your choice right now.


As a rule, rolls are produced with a typical size of 107 cm wide and 50 m long. A very convenient moment is that in stores such wallpapers for drawing are cut into pieces of the length you need - this saves the budget, makes it possible to paste over part of the surface and allows you to cut out a variety of shapes from the necessary pieces, leaving the child the opportunity to finish drawing and decorating.

The advantage of chalk wallpaper in a lower cost, as well as in the fact that it is necessary to draw with chalk, which means that if the child switches creativity to himself, clothes or other home interior - nothing terrible will happen: chalk does not eat into the materials and is easy to clean.

NOTE! If you take care of the collection of chalk dust in advance, for example, attach a gutter or strip at the bottom of the chalk wallpaper, then the room will be cleaner and the problem of chalk dust and crumbs on the floor and feet of the child will be resolved by itself.

So far, the wallpaper for drawing with chalk is presented in colors: black, emerald green, dark green.

Chalk wallpaper can be pasted over furniture or doors, this will protect the surface and allow you to get an unusual color solution from a small designer.