How to choose washable moisture resistant wallpaper for the bathroom? Review & Tips + Videos

How to choose washable moisture resistant wallpaper for the bathroom? Review & Tips + Videos Washable moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom. Naturally, ceramic tiles are considered the most common material for finishing in a bathroom. But still, many people prefer that the walls in the bathroom be decorated not with tiles, but with wallpaper, which will not only help in saving money, but also make it possible to bring the most crazy ideas to life. To do this, you need to properly organize the space and choose the right wallpaper.

In this case, it is recommended to use moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom, which can be bought at any hardware store.

General information

Advantages and disadvantages

For most types of premises, the most suitable finishing materials (including and washable wallpaper) have a number of undeniable advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

Disadvantages include the following:

  • How to choose washable moisture resistant wallpaper for the bathroom? Review & Tips + Videos The main drawback is moisture, which will have a negative effect on the wallpaper. Everyone knows very well that when exposed to water, paper gets wet, deteriorates, and in fact most of the wallpaper is made on a paper basis, which is why they are unsuitable for use in bathrooms.
  • On the material that is glued, glue defects can appear in moisture - they sometimes swell and come out, and thereby spoil the appearance.
  • One of the properties of paper is hygroscopicity, namely the absorption of water vapor, which often causes wallpaper peeling.

All of the above disadvantages can be avoided by choosing the right wallpaper for wet rooms. (for example, moisture resistant wallpaper or liquid wallpaper).

But besides this, there are positive aspects in wallpapering in the bathroom:

  • The main advantage is the low price for material and finishing. In addition, not every person knows how to decorate a room with tiles, but the wallpaper can be glued with your own hands, which will reduce costs.
  • Another significant plus - you can always change the interior in the bathroom, since wallpapering is a simple and short-lived business, it does not require investment.

    This means that, if necessary, you can always remove the already boring drawing and make a new pasting.

  • The last one is the choice of pattern, color and relief, since when choosing wallpaper suitable for these parameters, everything will be much easier than with ceramic tiles.

When you have evaluated all the pros and cons, it is worth deciding whether to make a choice in their favor. With a positive decision, consider this nuance: you never need to glue wallpaper over a bathtub or sink, since these are places that are in direct contact with water.

Choosing a moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom

So, when you have already made a decision, you just have to make a choice.

You shouldn't even look towards cheap paper-based wallpapers or poor quality - they won't last long on the bathroom walls.

Overview of varieties of wallpaper for the bathroom

It is better to consider these options:

Washable moisture-resistant wallpaper

They have a special coating - it will not let moisture into the deep layers of the material, which in turn will prevent swelling and delamination, and ensure a long service life. In addition, it is easy to remove dust, dirt, fungus, etc. from them, due to which they will last a long time and at the same time retain their original appearance.

Such wallpaper is glued in stages:

  • How to choose washable moisture resistant wallpaper for the bathroom? Review & Tips + Videos a strip of wallpaper follows grease well with glue, pay special attention to the edges.

  • The canvas must be pressed firmly against the wall.
  • Next, smooth the strip with a smoothing roller from the middle to the edges to get rid of air bubbles.
  • Smooth out the seams carefully so that the wallpaper does not come off.

Vinyl wall-paper

Great for the bathroom, where the humidity is constantly high. This wallpaper perfectly withstands not only excess moisture and evaporation, but also contact with water.

But they have a minus - high cost, which scares off many who are trying to save money during repairs. But still it is worth paying attention to them, as they will really last you a long time.

They are glued in this way:

  • First, the wall and dry mix for pasting are prepared.
  • Next, the vinyl wallpaper should be cut and allowances for a length of about 10 cm, if there is a pattern, try to make it match.
  • Apply glue to the wall under one strip.

  • Wallpaper is glued joint to joint, always together, so that the stripes do not overlap. In this case, the first person should apply the upper edge to the wall, and the second should be combined with the vertical markings.
  • Next, gently press it against the wall and drive out air bubbles with a roller.

Self-adhesive wallpaper

This is a kind of vinyl sheet and is easy to use. They do not need special glue, since they are already present in their composition, due to which application is simplified at times.

To do this, just moisten a piece of wallpaper with water and press it strongly against the wall, trying not to overlap each other and the pattern matches.

Liquid wallpaper

In rooms with high humidity, they are water-based plaster, which, after drying, becomes impervious to splashes of water and steam.

They are applied in this way:

  • before starting the application, the walls must be well primed with a certain composition, and then fixed with a colorless water-repellent varnish.
  • Stir the dry mixture so that it has the consistency of sour cream.
  • Liquid moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom should be applied using a spray gun with a plastic float, or by hand sprinkling in small portions of the composition, after which it is rolled out with a simple paint roller.

Glass wallpapers

A unique type of wallpaper in its appearance and composition, which does not absorb moisture at all. Their technical properties, which are available due to their composition (glass), have made them quite popular for such premises. Glass fiber can be easily painted, which means that they allow you to choose the color of the interior that you will like. In addition, you can always change the color if you are tired of it. Pasting with such wallpaper is available in the same way as vinyl.

Wall murals

Also an interesting option for the bathroom for a quick and inexpensive design change in the room. They give in a few hours to achieve complete transformation, the creation of interesting fantasies. The main thing is that you choose moisture-resistant photowall-paper. The gluing of this type of coating is similar to the previous ones.

Gluing process

How to choose washable moisture resistant wallpaper for the bathroom? Review & Tips + Videos Gluing in the bathroom - this is a fairly simple procedure, in which the most important thing is to follow certain rules and make a choice in favor of those wallpapers that are suitable for this room.

In addition, you should choose wallpaper that matches the color of the interior, so that the result will definitely please you. Just like the bathroom is important in everyone's house, the right wallpaper is so important, since it is in the bathroom that a person receives the energy he needs for the whole day, and in the evening relieves stress after working days.

In addition, the use of photo wallpaper or wallpaper-panels with flowers, drawings and other additions that can be played up with the right lighting, accessories and others will help you decorate the walls.

Important: wallpaper with a large pattern can also decorate a bathroom, but it will also visually reduce it, so the use of such wallpaper will only be appropriate in large rooms.


When choosing finishes for the bathroom, pay attention to the wallpaper, because they look great in the interior, but do not forget that you should choose only those that can withstand operating conditions, such as moisture level, contact with water and vaporization.

If you choose the wrong one, you risk a new renovation, as the wallpaper can come off.

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