How to choose windows for the veranda and terrace? Which one is better to choose? Views- Review + Video

How to choose windows for the veranda and terrace? Which one is better to choose? Views- Review + Video In order to protect the space of the terrace or veranda from bad weather, insects and noise, it takes a lot of effort.

This is an important task, and to create favorable conditions for a good time in any weather, windows for the veranda should be chosen. There are many types of them, each of which has certain features, advantages and disadvantages.

Now in the modern construction market you can find various verandas and their glazing from all kinds of options.

General information about windows

  • Aluminum.

  • Made of polycarbonate.
  • Soft.
  • Wooden.
  • Frameless structures.
  • Reinforced plastic.

Let's take a closer look at all the varieties.

Types of veranda windows

Soft windows for verandas and gazebos

Soft windows - these are special curtains for gazebos and verandas, which are made of PVC coated lavsan fabric. Thanks to their use, you will not need to put heavy glass on the terrace or veranda, but you can protect the space and protect it from insects and bad weather. This is an excellent and practical offer for those who have reliability in the first place + an original and environmentally friendly solution. The price for soft windows is reasonable.

Advantages :

  • They help to create a certain microclimate on the veranda that will protect from bad weather conditions, and at the same time perfectly keep warm.
  • Protects from annoying flies and mosquitoes.
  • Will help protect from unpleasant odors that go outside.
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • Excellent resistance to temperature changes from -30 degrees to +70 degrees.

  • There is resistance to harmful microorganisms and ultraviolet light.
  • Long service life up to 15 years.
  • Light weight compared to glass.
  • Easy to install, as even one person can handle everything perfectly.
  • Easy window care.

    Cleaning from dirt is carried out using a conventional detergent or soap solution.

  • Fire resistance.
  • The components that make up the soft windows are not harmful to the body.
  • Average price and original design.


There are two types of soft windows to the veranda:

  1. How to choose windows for the veranda and terrace? Which one is better to choose? Views- Review + Video Colored.

  2. Transparent.

The latter perfectly transmit light and air, due to which a space saturated with oxygen appears. Such curtains are not susceptible to fading, but their disadvantage is that they are inferior in strength to opaque curtains, since they do not have a lavsan thread.

Colored curtains make PVC in different shades. There are also color options with photo printing.

Through the use of curtains, you can achieve an intimate atmosphere, and hide what is happening on the veranda from prying eyes. With a successful combination, you will create an interesting interior, indoors or outdoors. In some cases, colored curtains are combined with ordinary glass.

Please note, that the combined option is perfect for glazing the veranda with windows, where the lower part is made of opaque and reinforced with lavsan material, and the upper is transparent. In this case, zippers, ties, colored stitching are used, which helps to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Polycarbonate windows

Another of the average materials in the price category is polycarbonate for glazing veranda and gazebos. It is created on the basis of different types of polymers with the addition of various additives. It perfectly replaces heavy and fragile glass, and at the same time has a number of advantages.

Interesting! Very often, polycarbonate is used for glazing wooden verandas.


  • Windows made of this material perfectly let in sunlight.

  • They are durable and can withstand mechanical influences, as well as rainfall and shock.
  • If the polycarbonate windows are damaged, there is no chance of injury from shrapnel.
  • Polycarbonate windows are UV resistant.
  • An interesting point is that you can make a round window out of this material. The feature is available due to the high level of flexibility of polycarbonate.

  • Lightweight windows compared to glass.
  • Easy to install, you can even do it yourself.
  • The material is attractive and has many shades.
  • Located in the budget category.

Important! When you create rounded structures where the bend radius exceeds 6 degrees, you may accidentally break the polycarbonate sheet.


Polycarbonate windows can be of two types:

  1. Monolithic.
  2. Cellular.

Structures of the second type make it possible to protect the house from external noise and were able to show in practice the excellent characteristics of thermal insulation. Although this type of polycarbonate does not let in much light, the room is only slightly darkened. With a huge choice among shades of material, you can create an interesting space in design and make your dreams come true.

But monolithic polycarbonate has several other features:

  • Its cost is higher.
  • But it is great at creating good light levels with sunlight.
  • The fabric is stiffer in structure.

Monolithic polycarbonate is strong enough and can withstand all temperature changes, as well as other weather conditions. This material makes chic designs that look good on the facade of offices and houses.

Please note that sheets of material cannot be stored for more than one day when rolled into a roll, as they deteriorate in this position. Ideally, place them on a flat and level surface, while avoiding direct contact with the sun's rays. In this case, the windows for the veranda will serve you for a long time.

Windows for the veranda made of aluminum

These window systems are quite modern, and can become a harmonious element in any interior - from exotic to classic, from luxury building to a small house.

Reference: aluminum windows can be installed on a veranda without heating.


  • The main plus is a long service life compared to other options: from 50 years at least to 80, this is manufacturer's warranty. In fact, they retain their excellent appearance and characteristics much longer.
  • Such windows will not rot and, well, require painting, unlike the same wooden ones, which should be refreshed with a new layer of paint every 2-3 years.
  • You can not adhere to the standards, and make round, arched, triangular and trapezoidal windows.
  • Due to its low weight, no additional pressure is applied to the foundation.

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Veranda aluminum sliding windows open smoothly and quietly.
  • Due to the use of seals, there will be no blow-throughs.


  • How to choose windows for the veranda and terrace? Which one is better to choose? Views- Review + Video The cost of structures is more, than high.
  • In the heat, aluminum will be very hot, and in winter it will cool down quickly.

    With recent developments, this disadvantage has been minimized.

  • Aluminum is poorly breathable, which means you have to take care of regular ventilation.

Tip! If you decide to install such windows on your veranda, please note that the walls of the house must be made of hygroscopic materials.


There are two types of aluminum profiles:

  1. Warm.
  2. Cold.

If you plan to use the veranda or terrace only in the warm season, and heating is not required, you can buy a cold version of the profile. These systems have only one chamber without insulation. The warm profile has special inserts and seals that will help keep warm even in severe frost. In addition, such windows have a high level of soundproofing.

You can also make different window designs.

Aluminum windows can be blind, not open, or be made in the form of one of the types of swing windows:

  • How to choose windows for the veranda and terrace? Which one is better to choose? Views- Review + Video Folding - can be opened for ventilation when the upper part is folded back.
  • Swivel, they can be opened only in one plane.
  • Sliding windows to the veranda, possibly with runners.
  • Combined fanlight windows - the upper transom is tilted horizontally, and the lower one is firmly fixed.
  • Swing-out - they can be opened in both swivel and tilt positions.

  • Parallel-sliding - you can open and move the sashes.

Note: sliding windows for terraces and verandas are the most common option.

Reinforced-plastic structures

This is a popular type of glazing, which is suitable for heated outbuildings. Here you can install the battery, walls and floor, and get the ideal temperature space for the veranda, which will be protected from frost and drafts.

On the terrace and veranda, sliding plastic windows are often used, since metal-plastic structures are quite heavy and are not suitable for every home.

But in the warmest plastic windows there are several air chambers, because of which the weight will also be greater.

Please note, that when installing plastic windows it is better to entrust the work to specialists, since the installation will be somewhat more complicated due to the high level of weight and dimensions.

Wooden frames

Wooden windows to the veranda are perfect for the warm season and are the first in the list of the most environmentally friendly materials of all that we have reviewed. These frames are great for air passage, but are not reliable in terms of heat transmission.

Glazing without a frame (frameless)

A modern and rather expensive type of glazing for the veranda, in which everything will be protected by triplex - tempered glass with a huge number of advantages.

  • You can create a bright room filled with the sun, as tempered glass perfectly transmits light.
  • You will be able to create curvilinear unconventional designs.
  • The strength of the triplex is quite high due to the presence of protective films. So, even with a very strong impact, the glass will not break, but only crack, and this increases the level of safety.
  • Outwardly attractive.

  • For the convenience of entering the room, you can move the glass.

Attention! Installing a frameless structure is not easy, so try to find competent experts in this matter.

For clarity, you can watch a video on glazing and views and windows on the veranda.

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