How to clean the bathroom quickly and easily: Review + Video

How to clean the bathroom quickly and easily: Review + Video The correct design that will help you quickly clean the bathroom + tips and life hacks

Maintaining a sanitary facility is much easier than it might seem at first. The main thing is that it is correctly decorated, and then you will not have problems with how to clean the bathroom to shine. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with useful life hacks, several recommendations that will help your bathroom look always well-groomed and beautiful.

Since the bathroom is characterized by a high level of humidity, as well as constant temperature drops, bacteria in it begin to multiply at the speed of light. This can only be prevented by regular cleaning.

But because of the frantic pace of life, not every housewife is able to devote a lot of time to cleaning and cleaning.

What remains to be done in this case?

For this, we have collected the best life hacks and rules that will reduce cleaning in a sanitary facility several times.


When carrying out repairs in the bathroom, you should immediately resolve the issue of ventilation. If you still think through the planning phase of the bathroom, then in the future you will not have to worry about regularly ventilating the room. A high-quality ventilation system helps fight the appearance of fungus on the walls, floor and other wet surfaces of the room.

To improve ventilation efficiency, you can use two main methods - combine everything with lighting so that it works while taking a bath or shower, or install it at the bottom of the door that leads to the bathroom.

Using smooth tiles of a light shade

As practice shows, traces of stains and drops are more visible on dark tiles. In order not to have to wash the floors and walls every few days, you should choose a tile covering in light shades for decoration. Also, you should abandon the embossed options, because dirt and dust will begin to accumulate in the recesses. As for the tile joints, it is best for them to choose not white, but gray grout.

The fact is that it does not get dirty so quickly, which means that the room will retain its original appearance much longer.

Sophisticated storage system

How to clean the bathroom quickly and easily: Review + Video If you don't want to have there was always a mess in the bathroom in the form of scattered towels, cosmetic bottles with balms and shampoos, as well as other personal hygiene products, then you should think about storage systems in advance. Even in those sanitary facilities that are not spacious, you can make a cabinet under the sink with pull-out and spacious drawers, as well as use the space under the bathroom itself. In addition, wicker baskets and organizers for small things are very popular. They will not only help you keep everything in order, but you can also sort everything for ease of use.

Good advice! Try in no case to save on furniture and bathroom fixtures, as otherwise you will have to change everything after 6-12 months. It is better to choose once a device from a reliable manufacturer, which is famous for the manufacture of quality products, than to constantly change economy-class equipment to new ones.

Say yes to enamel coating

When we clean the bathroom, it often becomes clear that the old enamel bathtubs were much better and easier to clean. Experts strongly recommend opting for enamel, because there are no pores on it. Due to this excellent property, the coating is much easier to clean, besides the fact that it is more resistant to aggressive chemicals.

As for fashionable acrylic, things are much worse here - it is not as easy to clean as enamel, and often begins to deteriorate due to external negative factors. Paint eats up on acrylic surfaces so quickly that it is difficult to save the bathtub and stains have to be washed off in several passes.

Instead of a curtain, a glass screen

A curtain for a bathroom is a classic accessory for a sanitary unit, but apart from the cost it no longer has any advantages as such. But if you install a glass screen, you will immediately understand why it is better. Firstly, it is much easier to care for, and in order to keep it clean, you need to wipe everything with a dry and soft microfiber cloth, or use household paper towels after you have taken a shower.

In addition, the screen is much more beautiful, presentable and aesthetic. As for the curtain, after a certain time its appearance leaves much to be desired and a plaque appears. And if you do not straighten it every time after carrying out water procedures, then a fungus will form on it.

Installing the toilet close to the wall

The best option for a toilet, which helps to reduce a lot of nerves and time in the future, is an antibacterial toilet that can install close to the wall (it is built in with special hidden fasteners). There are two types of such plumbing - floor-standing and suspended.

Both the first and the second option, forgive in the care, and in the installation. But nevertheless, experts in the field of decorating a sanitary unit recommend opting for suspended models, since in their case the tank will be built directly into the wall. As a result, the toilet looks fashionable, beautiful and modern, and also easy to care for.

Using liquid soap

Lumpy bacteria accumulate on solid soap in the form of bars, and after it smudges often remain. But liquid soap looks much more aesthetically pleasing and has excellent characteristics that are much better than standard soap.

Express Cleaning

You shouldn't start the rooms and then spend half the day off to put the room in order.It is better to spend 15 minutes every day to remove "hot" spots - today to wipe the mirror surface, tomorrow to wash the floor, and the day after tomorrow to put things in order in the cabinet and drawers. Such a routine will be much more effective, and also significantly helps to save time and energy.

Now let's look at some simple but effective life hacks:

  • Pour the cleaning agent into the brush holder. This way, you can do a mini-cleaning every time you use it.

  • To prevent the mirror from fogging up in the bathroom, you should apply a little shaving foam to it, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. This trick will help prevent plaque and stains.
  • Waxed paper, which is used for baking, is ideal for cleaning faucets. It contains wax, which helps protect plumbing items from the appearance of ugly plaque.
  • If there are tin bottles on the bathroom shelves, cover them with a thin layer of nail polish (transparent).

    This will help prevent rust from forming on the containers.

As you can see, quickly cleaning a bathroom is not that difficult.

Excellent cleaning in the bathroom

From time to time it is worth doing a general cleaning, and our recommendations will come to help with this.

Preparatory work

  1. Remove all unnecessary things from the bathroom . For this, it is worth taking away everything that should not be in this room - empty bottles, clothes, garbage.

    Move everything you need from the surfaces, and if you have a small bookcase or cabinet on wheels, then you should remove all the pieces of furniture to clean the floor under them.

  2. Pour some whiteness or whatever disinfectant you are using into the toilet. Dip a brush down the toilet so that it is also disinfected. Open the bathroom door, and then turn on the fan, if you have one. For a greener cleanser, add a tablespoon of baking soda to clean water and mix 3 to 1 with white vinegar.

  3. Wipe off dust . When cleaning a room, start from top to bottom. Remove the cobweb with an angle, sweep dust and dirt to the floor; you will remove all this a little later. A dusting brush is perfect for this, but you can also use a regular broom. If the bathroom is covered with wallpaper, then wrap the brush with toilet paper or paper towels and moisten a little.

  4. Apply any cleansing powder to particularly dirty areas . If a plaque has formed around the taps, sinks or bathtubs, then you should slightly moisten these places and clean with a powder, for example, Pemolux or Komet. If you leave the product on for 15 minutes and do something else at this moment, then you can easily get rid of dirty spots and plaque, and then you will not need to scrub them for too long.Be sure to read the label to make sure the product is suitable for your type of surface. Before using the product, test it on an inconspicuous surface area.

Now let's move on to the main part.

Surface cleaning

  1. Wash the walls, window (if applicable) and ceiling in the bathroom. If mold appears on the ceiling, first apply liquid type of bleach or disinfectant to the surface and leave for 10 minutes. Repeat the same steps with the walls (if they are tiled). Wipe the surface to which the product is applied with a clean cloth or sponge.

    Rinse everything thoroughly so that there are no streaks, and wipe dry with a cloth. Wear rubber gloves when handling cleansers to protect your hands from drying out. Gloves are a must if you use harsh cleansers!

  2. Rinse the shower. Spray the cleanser onto the walls and shower and shower head, then leave it on for a few minutes. Spray products that have been specifically designed to remove soap deposits are ideal for cleaning showers and bathtubs that have not been cleaned right away.

    Detergents for removing rust and plaque are ideal for cleaning areas where hard water gets in and leaves red or green spots. Never clean ceramic surfaces with abrasive products, scouring pads or metal scrapers, as this will quickly wear off the surface. You should also soak the shower head if it has a strong coating from soap or hard water, and for this you should remove it and soak overnight in a solution of vinegar and water, and then clean it with an old toothbrush.

Also thoroughly clean the taps, hoses, shower walls and head. They should be rinsed with hot water after soaking and dried with a towel.

A regular or paper towel will help to rub the taps until shiny. Don't forget about curtains as they can stain too. To get rid of mold stains, make a solution of 2/3 water and 1/3 whiteness, and pour everything into a spray bottle. Or there is another option - remove the curtain and wash it in hot water, where a little whiteness and soap will be added. It is not difficult to clean the bathtub until it shines.

  1. Wash the sink and the area around it. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a dishwashing sponge and thoroughly wipe the sink to remove any traces of soap and paste, remembering to rinse the sponge. You should also wash the trash can, toilet paper holder and other items that are always in the room. To clean the dirt behind the faucet, it will be best to use an old toothbrush or cotton swabs. Never clean the sink with the same rags or towels used to clean the toilet.

    Doing so can bring bacteria and germs that are harmful to your sink. To prevent this, use a separate toilet rag or use disposable paper towels that will be thrown away immediately. Wipe down drawers and cupboards. If you're worried about disinfecting, add a little whiteness to the soap solution.

  2. How to clean the bathroom quickly and easily: Review + Video Wash the mirror.

    It should be wiped clean with a specific product, and it should be rinsed and excess water should be wiped off with a rubber scraper or towel. To make the mirror shine, add a little vinegar to the water.

  3. Clean the outside of the toilet. It is worth starting with the flush handle, so that afterwards dirt from other places is not brought in. Use a rag and disinfectant detergent to thoroughly rinse the outside of the toilet, including the cistern, rim, outside of the bowl, seat on both sides and mountings.

    Then wipe all surfaces with a wet, clean cloth so that the detergent is washed off. Remember to use only a toilet rag or disposable paper towels.

  4. Clean the inside of the toilet with a brush. You won't have to scratch for a long time - let soapy water and a little patience do everything for you. Pour the inside of the bowl with a thick detergent in a bottle that has a curved neck.

    Apply most of the product under the rim and it will gradually drain down the sides of the toilet. Leave it for 1 hour, and then rub the bowl with a brush to evenly distribute the product along the walls and leave it for a while, and then rinse everything.

  5. Sweep and mop the floor. Start at the farthest place from the door, sweeping away all the debris. Next, wipe the floors with hot water, add some bleach and soap.

    Remember to re-rinse the floor to remove any soapy streaks. Also remember to wash the area around the toilet as this is usually the dirtiest.

And now a little about how to keep it clean.

Maintaining cleanliness

  1. Be careful. Sometimes we say that the room is "dirty", but in reality it is only a mess.

    If unnecessary items start to accumulate in the bathroom that need to be washed, put them in a separate container or basket. To prevent toothbrushes from lying around, place them in a stand or glass. The rest of the products can be put in old shoe boxes and stored under the sink to keep the main surfaces free.

  2. Rinse off the toothpaste. What's left on the mirror and sink makes the room dirtier than it actually is.

    After brushing your teeth, you should rinse the bathroom to keep it free from stains.

  3. When cleaning, constantly rinse the brushes and sponges, change the water in the bucket more often. The purpose of cleaning is to wash away dirt, not smear it around the room.
  4. There are many places and nooks in the bathroom where a dish sponge won't help.A toothbrush and cotton swabs come in very handy for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

  5. In order for the shower head to be cleaned and to maintain the same pressure, apply a rust and plaque remover to it, and for best effect, do this once a week.

  6. The rubber scraper helps to clean glass surfaces without streaks.
  7. Remember to wipe down the joints between the tiles.
  8. After cleaning, apply a leave-in solution to the bathtub to help keep it clean for as long as possible.
  9. Read product labels carefully to ensure bleach can be used with the product.

  10. Do not mix ammonia and bleach as this creates poisonous chlorine in the gaseous state.

Now that you know how to clean your bathroom quickly, we hope these tips make cleaning easier.