How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video

How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video How to clean the shower cabin - the best ways to solve the problem. The shower fixture in a standard city apartment has long ceased to be something unusual. Shower cabins compare favorably with bathtubs in that they are compact and convenient to use. When such a structure appears in the house, the question arises of how and what is the best way to clean the shower stall when it gets dirty.

Yes, everyone in the house uses the shower cabin, but after each wash on the glass and walls of the cabin, as well as in the pallet, drops of water, stains and foam from soap and shampoo.

After some time, the dirt becomes very noticeable, and you need to clean the shower cubicle. All types of cleaning can be divided into scheduled and regular.

Varieties of shower stall cleaning


So that you don't have to bother with removing limescale, you can simply prevent the occurrence of such. For this, regular cleaning is required. It should be done every day, or at least once every 2-3 days.

So, after taking a shower, you should rinse it first with hot and then cold water. The easiest way to do this is to use a hose with a shower head. When you wash the walls and chrome elements, you need to take a soft cloth and wipe all the elements in the shower stall thoroughly, dry. If this is not done, then salt deposits will appear in place of the drops over time.

Such cleaning will take from 10 to 15 minutes, but it will help to maintain an attractive appearance of the shower stall and simplify its further care.


Routine cleaning should be done once every couple of weeks. It should be carried out even after you have not used it for a long time (for example, you were on a business trip).

The cleaning process should be carried out in several stages:

  • How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video Cleansing the walls.
  • Door rinsing.
  • Cleaning chrome parts.

  • Rinsing the pallet.

During general cleaning, you should try to get rid of all types of contamination that have accumulated. To do this, you need to apply the selected cleaning agent to the surface of the walls of the cabin, and after some time rinse with water. Be sure to pay attention to the seams between the individual slabs. The fact is that it is in this place that mold often appears.

Door glass should be cleaned with spray purchased from a household chemicals store. You can use ammonia, vinegar, citric acid, but after cleaning, you need to wipe everything dry with a soft dry cloth.

Please note that the head for hydromassage, as well as the body and parts of the mixer, together with the rest of the chrome-plated elements, should be cleaned to a high gloss using the same means as the doors.

To finish cleaning the shower stall, it is required to wash the tray. Usually this part of the booth is made of enamelled metal, acrylic, plastic or other material.

Acrylic pallets must not be cleaned with compounds that contain formic acid or formaldehyde. But enamel-type products are not afraid of cleaning with chemical agents, but abrasives cannot be used for them.

The following tools are required to clean the trays:

  • Soft rags / napkins, microfiber is possible.
  • Rubber scraper.
  • Spray gun.

  • Toothbrush.
  • Foam sponge.

Please note that you should never use metal scrapers as they will scratch the surface of the sump, so it is best to use a steam cleaner. It is safe, and besides, no amount of dirt can withstand the hot steam.

Important! If during cleaning you notice dark spots in the corners, they will need to be washed off using an antifungal agent, a mixture of soda, ammonia and 9% vinegar.


Means for cleansing

Selecting a product that will be used to clean the shower cleaning, extremely diverse. You will be able to wash the shower stall using various store and home remedies made according to folk recipes. There are a lot of household chemicals, and you can choose your favorite format - gel, liquid, soap or cream.

The following products perfectly cope with even the most severe contamination:

  1. How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video Seth. The composition has a creamy consistency, it copes well with removing rust, soap deposits and lime on the surface.

    It also smells good, has bleaching properties, and also perfectly cleans plumbing items.

  2. Mister Muscle. This spray does an excellent job of adding shine and transparency to booth glass.
  3. Acrylane. It is usually applied with a spray bottle to areas that are heavily contaminated, as well as places where mold has appeared.

  4. Tylex. An excellent remedy for soap streaks and stains. It has good antibacterial properties.

Please note, that you should not buy detergents that contain abrasive materials. The fact is that they are capable of creating scratches on the surface of the pallet and walls, and because of this, dirt will begin to accumulate in the microscopic grooves.

Aluminum or chrome-plated products / parts are usually installed in the shower. Please note that chrome-plated faucets are extremely capricious, as they quickly develop limescale, which is difficult to remove. A tool like Frosch will help you cope with the problem. It will not harm the steel and will be great at rinsing off lime. In addition, such a composition does not have a harmful effect on humans.

Parts made of aluminum should be handled with extreme care - do not use abrasives, scrapers, alkalis or acids for cleaning.

How to remove limescale

How to clean the shower from limescale? This problem worries many owners with showers, as it is very difficult to remove plaque from the surface. If you are deciding how to clean the cockpit from plaque, try using folk remedies. To do this, mix 1 cup of vinegar 9% and 2 cups of clean water. Pour such a solution into a spray bottle and apply to contaminated areas.

After 15 minutes, rinse the surface with water. Lime can be removed from the whirlpool head and mixer using a more concentrated mixture of 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar.

Take the resulting solution, moisten a cleaning cloth in it and put it on all places where there is limescale. It is better to do this at night, so that the next day everything is rinsed with water and wiped dry. Another equally effective way would be to use 100 grams of citric acid powder and 500 ml of water at room temperature.

The resulting mixture must be sprayed on the places where limescale has appeared. After 15 minutes, wash off the solution with water. Chrome parts can only be wiped with fresh lemon juice, which will give the mixer and the hose a shine. You can also add baking soda to citric acid, everything should be done in a 1 to 1 ratio. Dirt and streaks can be removed with alcohol or good vodka.

Disinfect the cabin with a similar composition. To do this, dilute 1 tbsp. l. drink 2 tbsp. l.

water. Next, moisten a napkin / soft cloth in the resulting solution and wipe all soiled areas with limescale. In the end, it remains to wipe everything dry.

Good advice! To get rid of limescale, use the first aid kit - hydrogen peroxide. Within minutes, it will help soften and remove salt deposits on every part of the cab.

If the old layers cannot be removed in one go, then leave the moistened cloth on the dirty places, but for a longer time.

Cleaning the glasses of the cabin

Part of the walls and the door of the shower cabin itself are made of special glass. How to wash the glass? In order to return them to their original appearance, as if from a shop window, use ammonia. Often in everyday life it is called more commonly "ammonia". A spoonful of such a substance should be diluted in 1 liter of cold water.

Next, moisten a napkin in the finished solution and wipe the glass doors of the booth. Clean the walls with a similar solution. Since ammonia has an unpleasant odor, it is better to carry out work with an open fort / window. After the work is finished, wash it off with clean water.

In the store you can buy Sif or Tylex products.

They do an excellent job of removing soap stains and plaque.Also, do not forget about your own safety, therefore, aerosol products cannot be sprayed in a room that is closed on all sides. The outer surfaces of walls and doors should be wiped with rags, which are slightly sprayed with a spray agent.

Cleaning the tray

How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video Enamel and acrylic trays are best cleaned with a regular toothpaste. It should be applied in a thin layer to the surface, and after a while, remove the traces of the paste with a damp foam rubber sponge for washing dishes, and drain the water into the pan.

It is even better to use tooth powder for cleaning, which will not play the role of an abrasive, and will also be able to cope with all types of contamination. It should be sated on a dirty dream, and then rubbed lightly with a damp cloth. The work can be finished by allowing the rest of the powder with clean water.

To clean your acrylic shower, use a spray or creamy cleaner called Acrylak Cleaner. Thanks to him, you can remove all soap and dirt spots, and in its composition the product does not have abrasives and does not leave scratches on the surface.

The enamel drip tray is smooth and cheap and should be easy to clean with sprays, gels and powders. Such means as Komet and Kliner were able to gain great popularity.

The pallet made of a material such as porcelain stoneware has a mirrored surface that does not require special maintenance. The material differs from the rest in that it does not accumulate dirt, so it is sufficient to simply wipe it regularly. Of the means that can be used to clean the porcelain stoneware pallet, Mellerad distinguished himself in a positive sense.

Ont is excellent at removing soap scum, grease and limescale.

How to remove mold

The shower is, first of all, a damp place where mold can form. It not only spoils the appearance of the entire structure, but also harms the human body. To prevent black mold from appearing, we recommend that you ventilate the booth after every shower. To remove any mold marks that appear, use dishwashing detergents.

Use a microfiber or any soft cloth to wipe.

Folk methods of cleansing

Cleaning the shower cubicle can be performed not only with household chemicals, but also with the help of folk methods. These include:

  • Vodka.
  • Vinegar.
  • Citric acid.

  • Liquid ammonia (ammonia).
  • Toothpaste / powder.
  • Glycerin.
  • Baking soda.

You just have to choose one of the tools that will help in cleaning the shower cabin at home.

Lemon solution

How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video To get rid of dirt, use natural lemon juice or citric acid sachets. The substance should be applied to an acrylic tray and washed off after half an hour.With the same juice when adding ammonia and vinegar, you can wash the walls, which are lined with tiles. Juice can be applied to chrome-plated parts for 10 minutes, and then rub all parts with a cloth. Lemon juice may be substituted for powder acid.

There is another option - for a specific recipe, use 1/2 of the proportion of powdered citric acid, and 1/2 of natural juice from lemon.

This food supplement is an excellent and very effective remedy in the fight against soap residues, grease and limescale. The working solution should be made from 1 glass of water and 1 tbsp. l. citric acid.

It is better to use hot water. Then moisten a sponge in the solution and wipe all dirty places. Where there is strong dirt, the solution should be left for 15 minutes, and then rub all these places with a dry clean cloth.

Toothpaste or powder

To clean the cabins, toothpaste / powder is ideal, as already mentioned. The composition should be applied in a thin layer to the dirty areas and after a couple of minutes, wash off all residues with heated water.

This method of cleaning the shower stall from limescale and streaks is excellent for enamel and acrylic surfaces. Powder helps to remove all contaminants on the pallet even faster. The product is not abrasive and will not scratch the walls and pallet after use.

Hydrogen peroxide and soda

In the fight against plaque from soap suds, ordinary hydrogen peroxide and food soda. To use, prepare a solution of citric acid (2 tbsp.

L.), Soda (4 tsp.) And dissolve all this in a glass of heated water. Next, shake the solution and spray with a spray bottle over the area of ​​contamination. After 10 minutes, you can wash off everything with water.

First, moisten the contaminated area with water, and then sprinkle with baking soda on top. Using a soft cloth, rub the powder over the entire surface and remove any traces of dirt. The disadvantage of this treatment is that the baking soda can leave scratches.

Please note that the best way is to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in tandem. This mixture can remove mold and various fungi.

To do this, pour soda on the contaminated area of ​​the pallet and after 10 minutes remove it with a sponge for washing dishes. Next, apply hydrogen peroxide to this place and leave to dry.


To remove mold from the room, use equal proportions of vinegar and ammonia. To do this, the solution should be applied with a brush to places where there is black mold, and then rinse with a solution of water and soda. For 1 glass of water, you need 5 grams of baking soda.

Also, with the help of vinegar, it is possible to quickly get rid of limescale if mixed with water. To do this, apply the liquid to the surface with a dishwashing sponge or spray and leave for 10 minutes.Then we wash it off with water and wipe it dry. Vinegar also helps in removing rust stains and soap streaks. The solution is prepared in this way - first, 1 tbsp is poured into a glass of water.

l. vinegar, and then mix and apply to places with rust for about 20 minutes. Then remove everything with a scraper, and the cleaned places should be well rinsed and dried.

Basic rules for caring for the cabin

The shower cubicle in the house / apartment is an excellent purchase, as it is beautiful, multifunctional, takes up less space than the bathroom, but still accumulates a lot of mold and dirt. To clean the shower stall from mold and other dirt, you will need to regularly clean it using folk remedies or high-quality household chemicals.

Clean doors, walls and taps regularly, and wipe them dry after all showers. It is also recommended to use soft rags and special rubber scrapers for cleaning, which will definitely not leave scratches.

The entire cabin should be sprayed a couple of times a week with the following composition from a spray bottle:

  • How to clean the shower stall - the best ways + Video 1 glass of water.
  • Baking soda - 4 tsp
  • Citric acid - 2 tbsp. l.

To prevent mold from growing in your home, often ventilate the bathroom that contains the shower room. In no case should you use chemicals, alkalis and acids if you have plastic and acrylic parts in your shower stall. It is required to keep clean not only the booth itself, but also the tile covering in the bathroom, where the bathing facility is installed. In this case, there is no universal detergent. Glass, metal, plastic require special powders and liquids, so housewives often combine purchased products and conventional components.

The main thing is that you do not forget to rinse the cabin with hot water after every shower. Once you've rinsed all taps, doors and handles, wipe them dry with a cloth.