How to close a balcony with polycarbonate with your own hands

How to close a balcony with polycarbonate with your own hands How to close a balcony with polycarbonate with your own hands

At the moment, particular popularity among various works to improve the external type of living quarters. Moreover, most owners of private houses and apartments prefer to carry out all installation work with their own hands, without resorting to the help of highly qualified specialists.

This approach makes it possible to significantly save the family budget and show others what you are capable of. Some of the home craftsmen thus learn something new and at the same time ennoble the appearance of the home.

Balcony cladding with polycarbonate is currently considered a novelty, because such products are mainly used in order to build greenhouses at their summer cottage.

Advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate for a balcony

Nowadays, cellular polycarbonate sheet for decoration has become a popular and innovative type of building material.

The balcony, which is closed by means of polycarbonate, has a huge number of advantages, among which it will be possible to highlight such moments:

  1. Due to the low weight, polycarbonate sheets are considered one of the most light building materials that are used for decoration, including when decorating a balcony. A special feature is the fact that, despite the low weight, the finishing material has sufficiently high strength indicators. An additional advantage that cannot be bypassed is that the load on the mounted frame will be minimal.

  2. Low level of thermal conductivity - this indicator of the material (polycarbonate) is much less than that of glass.

    As practice has shown, the structure of the finishing material consists of a huge number of porous-type cells, which contain air. Due to the presence of such a layer of air, the product has thermal insulation qualities.

  3. High degree of strength and resistance to mechanical damage.
  4. Ideal safety during the operational process - if any element begins to undergo destruction, then there will be no sharp edges, which cannot be said about glass.
  5. High degree of fire resistance.

  6. Easy to set up and handle - no special construction tools are required to drill through polycarbonate sheets because the finished product has a high level of flexibility.

A perceived disadvantage of this type of material for construction is the ability to expand when heated by ultraviolet rays. When performing installation work with a balcony cladding, it is required to do everything with the allowance for the fact that the finishing material begins to expand when heated and return to its original state after cooling. Due to this expansion, a gap may appear that is 0.25 cm by 0.

1 cm when the temperature level rises to +40 degrees. As practice has shown, both cold and heat can get into the formed gaps.Another significant disadvantage, which is noted by most consumers - during the operational process of the balcony, it is enough to simply scratch polycarbonate sheets.

Please note that, if necessary, it is required to mount the balcony roof made of monolithic polycarbonate.


Preparatory stage polycarbonate sheathing

How to close a balcony with polycarbonate with your own hands Before glazing the balcony space with polycarbonate with your own hands, it is important to carry out certain preparation work.

It is required to pre-install the frame on the balcony, to which polycarbonate sheets will be attached in the future. It is for this reason that frames that are made of aluminum must be installed. In the event that there are no certain skills and abilities in the field of construction, it will not work to close the balcony with a material such as polycarbonate, which will require you to seek help from highly qualified specialists.

This is the only way you can get a balcony of the best quality polycarbonate. it should be understood that the final result, strength level and service life of the built structure will fully depend on the quality of the installation work.

If you plan to use cellular polycarbonate for balcony decoration, then you need to cut the building material in advance according to the dimensions of the balcony. As you know, construction polymeric materials have dimensions that are 3.05 * 2. 15 meters. A circular saw with the smallest teeth can be used to cut the sheets into pieces of the required size.

Between the polycarbonate sheet and the aluminum frame there must be a gap, and a small one, which is equal to 0.4 cm - this size is considered optimal according to most experts in the field of construction. Since in a large number of cases, sheets of finishing material can prevent direct rays of the sun from entering the room, it is recommended to opt for transparent products, namely monolithic products. Naturally, if you use color models, then the external design of the balcony will turn out much better.

Good advice! We do not recommend trimming the sheets end-to-end, and it is required to take into account the fact that the dimensions of the products can change depending on fluctuations in temperature conditions.

If you neglect this moment, then the original appearance can be severely spoiled.

Glazing the balcony with polycarbonate sheets with your own hand

Before glazing the balcony with polycarbonate sheets, you should take into account the fact that the sheets should be fixed made by means of self-tapping screws or screws. In order to prevent the formation of microscopic cracks, it is recommended to use specialized clamps, which have a thickened clamping head, when performing installation work.

How to close a balcony with polycarbonate with your own hands Most experts recommend in this case to make a choice in favor of self-tapping screws with thermal washers. The thermal washers used must have a leg, whose thickness will correspond to the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet used.

Thus, the indicator can vary from 0.15 to 0.25 cm. Due to the use of thermal washers, it is possible to protect the product from a possible deformation process and significantly reduce the level of heat loss through self-tapping screws, which in most cases will be cold bridges.

When arranging a balcony using polymer products, it should be understood that such a structure in the future cannot withstand heavy loads, and at the same time the material will remain flexible.

It is for this reason that it is not recommended to make structures of polymeric materials load-bearing.

After the installation is completed, you should carefully inspect the balcony and find out if there are any leaks. As practice has shown, in a large number of cases, there may be seams that are not sealed in the future, which will need to be treated with silicone in the future. Thanks to its high density silicone and weather resistance, you have the ability to achieve a high degree of balcony insulation. Use a special gun to apply silicone.

Finishing nuances of the balcony using polycarbonate

After the aluminum frame is fully ready, you will need to start using the panels, and from the outside wrap them with polyethylene films. This is required in order to protect the products from damage and the formation of scratches during installation work when covering the balcony.

Materials should be cut taking into account the required dimensions and the number of holes for drilling for fasteners. The diameter of the holes must be 0.2 cm larger than the diameter of the fastening element used when installing.

Most experts recommend installing a roof over a balcony made of polycarbonate sheets.


In order to understand exactly how polycarbonate will look on the balcony, you can view photos of completed projects. In this case, polymer products can be used not only transparent, but also colored, which will help to make the appearance more beautiful.

It is not difficult to make a polycarbonate balcony with your own hands, and this is a fairly new phenomenon that is gradually beginning to enter the life of a modern person. As practice has shown, you can do all the installation work yourself, if you take into account the recommendations and nuances.

If necessary, you can watch a video and get acquainted visually with all the processes.

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