How to connect a three wire LED chandelier

How to connect a three wire LED chandelier How to connect an LED chandelier with three wires

Connecting lighting fixtures may seem like an easy task. You may be thinking that it can be difficult to connect the two wires that come from the ceiling? But in certain cases, an ordinary man who has taken up household chores may face an unexpected problem - what to do if there are 3 wires coming from the ceiling, how to connect a chandelier?

We suggest you figure it out question.

Where to start? What tools are required

To properly connect the chandelier, you will need the following:

  • Insulating tape.
  • Terminal block for 3 terminals.
  • Knife.

  • Pliers.
  • Multimeter.
  • Indicator type screwdriver or voltage gauge.

Also, you will definitely need a stepladder or even a stable stand, a sheet of paper, a marker and a passport of the lighting device.

Process details

Determine the purpose of the wires in the chandelier

The simplest option would be to use a specialized electrical circuit that you can find in the passport for the lighting device.

There, as a rule, indicate the purpose of all types of cables and step-by-step connection instructions. For normal standards, cable color marking should be done like this:

If there is no documentation for the chandelier, and the color coding of the wires will not indicate unambiguously their belonging, it is required to determine their purpose using a multimeter.

  1. To do this, put the multimeter in the ringing mode and short-circuit the probes. In this case, a sound signal will be heard, which indicates that the measurement side-limit is selected correctly, and the device is working properly.
  2. Next, you need to unscrew the bulbs from the chandelier. In the holders, visually determine 2 contacts - phase, namely springy - it is located in the center, and zero, which is located on the side and when the bulb is screwed in will come into contact with the base.
  3. Find the neutral wire.

    Put the first probe from the multimeter on the side-type contact on any of the cartridges, and the second one in turn should touch the stripped wires that come out of the chandelier. When you touch one of several wires, you will hear a sound signal - this wire, and there is also a zero. It must be marked with a marker or any other method.

  4. Find the phase wire. To do this, you need to put the multimeter probe on the middle contact of each of the cartridges, and next touch the two wires that remain.

    By means of a sound signal, it is required to determine the phase wire, mark it or just remember it.

  5. Determine the number of contours.To do this, fix the first of the device probes on the phase wire found, and the others in turn need to touch the middle contact of the phase type of all cartridges. For a single-circuit type chandelier, a signal will be heard if any of the types of holders is touched. If some of the cartridges are not connected to the circuit, then you need to check for the presence of another circuit by touching the probes to the middle contact of such cartridges and to the last wire.

    The signal will be able to confirm that the chandelier is of a double-circuit type, and the second wire is also phase.

  6. If the chandelier is single-circuit, then the purpose of the last wire is exactly grounding. You can check in this way - touch one probe to the metal parts of the chandelier body, and the second to the third wire. A signal should also sound.

Let's consider how to connect a double-circuit chandelier to the network.

How to connect a double-circuit chandelier to the network

How to connect a chandelier with 3 wires? To do everything right, and two of the three are phase, you need to inspect the switch and the wires coming out of the ceiling. The simplest option is when the switch is a two-button type, and only 3 cables come out of the ceiling. You can find out the purpose like this:

  • Take an indicator-type screwdriver or voltage indicator.
  • Turn on the two keys from the switch.
  • In turn, touch the voltage pointer to the stripped ends of all wires in the amount of three pieces.

    When in contact with the phase wires, the lamp on the voltage indicator will light up.

  • Place a marker on the wires.
  • Turn off the breaker. It is required to check all three wires again, and the lamp should never light up.

  • Connect in turn the phase wires from the lighting fixture to the marked wires of the phase of the electrical wiring, and also connect the neutral wires.

    It is required to connect everything by means of a terminal block or twisted using insulating caps or even insulating tape.

  • Check the operation of the chandelier, and turn on both keys in turn.

If the switch is of one-key type and only a couple of wires will come out of the ceiling, then you need to check them with the switch connected with a voltage indicator and find the neutral and phase wires. The latter are required to be connected to each other and to the phase wire of the electrical wiring, and the zero ones are also connected. Check enable and disable.

If the switch is one-key, and there are three wires in the electrical wiring, you need to find out the purpose of the third wire. To do this, turn on the switch and check the presence of voltage on all wires. If the phase is detected on two wires, and the chandelier can be connected in a three-wire pattern. If the phase is only on one wire, and the third wire is yellow-green, then the connection is made as in the last case - connect both wires of the chandelier phases to the phase wire of the electrical wiring, and the grounding type conductor must be insulated and removed.

How to connect chandeliers with a ground wire

If the lighting fixture has a metal case, it must be grounded.

In new apartments, all electrical networks, including lighting, according to standards, must be with a yellow-green grounding conductor. If your electrical network meets this requirement, then to connect the chandelier it will be enough to connect the wires with the corresponding color markings using an adhesive block or even twisting.

If the network is old, and the insulation of all wires has the same color, then it is important to proceed in the following sequence:

  1. How to connect a three wire LED chandelier Determine the number and purpose of the wires that come out of the ceiling. If there are only two wires, then turn on the switch and find the zero and phase with the voltage indicator. Turn off the switch and connect the wires to the corresponding wires of the lamp, and the ground wire of the chandelier must be insulated.

  2. But how to connect a chandelier with three wires? Proceed in a similar way. If there are two separate circuits and a two-key switch in the network, then combine the phase wires from the wiring and connect to the phase wire from the chandelier, and the neutral wires of the chandelier and the wiring are also connected, and the grounding wire is insulated.

Now let's look at safety precautions.


Care should be taken when connecting any electrical appliances. All connections and connections are required to be carried out only with the switch off after checking the absence of voltage on the wires.

The places where there will be twists must be insulated with insulating tape or special caps. If you doubt that you can connect a chandelier with three wires, that's right, you should entrust such a thing to professionals in their field.

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