How to connect a video intercom in a private house

How to connect a video intercom in a private house How to connect a video intercom with your own hands - step-by-step instructions

Today, for safety and convenience, a device that will be called an intercom is commonly used. In addition to the standard function, the usual identification at night or day, and the device can take a photo when called; he also organizes communication, and also performs many other operations.

In order to avoid having to go to the gate for opening in a country house every time guests arrive, you can use a video intercom that has a door opening function. If someone comes to the apartment and rings the doorbell at the entrance, it is not at all necessary to look out the window - just connect the monitor from the intercom and you will see who came.

It will not be difficult to buy an intercom.

But a logical question arises - how to connect a video intercom with your own hands? Although at the moment there are many varieties of intercoms on sale, all devices are approximately the same in terms of connection type and functionality.

Video on-door speakerphones - varieties, application features

If we consider all the most modern types of doorphones, they work practically without the use of wires. Blocks from the device will communicate via wireless channels, as well as computer protocols. It should also be noted that connecting a device such as a video intercom with your own hand does not present any particular difficulties. Here are just wireless video intercoms are not relevant at the moment.

The reason for this is the need for constant monitoring of the battery charge. If they are discharged, then the camera, call panel, as well as other technical units stop working. There is no such drawback for wired intercoms, the principle of operation of which will be clear to everyone.

So, in wired video on-door speakerphones there are the following components:

  • Camera (one or more).
  • Means of signal reflection in the house (panel on the video intercom).

  • Call panel.
  • Electromagnetic or electrochemical lock.
  • Power supply unit.
  • Controller reader.

It is required to additionally say that the connection diagram of a device in a country house is often determined by one or another engineering solution.

In particular, the principle of power distribution is taken into account. Different systems differ in design and installation methods.


Intercom system components

Depending on what the principle is power supply, from the number of components and their type in the system, it is customary to distinguish the order, as well as the required method of installing the video intercom. There is a certain order in the arrangement of places for blocks, which make it possible to use the equipment to the maximum comfortably.

Panel for calling

At the very beginning, when installing the intercom with your own hands, install the call panel.

Without such a block, the access system is completely meaningless. There may be different types of panels for calling:

The usual installation work of the call panel can be carried out at a height of 1.

5 meters from the ground. Such an arrangement of the device makes it possible for persons to use the panel without obstacles - there is no dependence on growth. Moreover, if there is a camera on the panel, it will be much easier to identify guests from it.

Power supply

How to connect a video intercom in a private house? Unfortunately, there is no complete answer to the question. It all lies in the fact that in modern systems there are three types of distribution of electrical power:

  • Connection using one cable, with a built-in type of converter in the intercom or on the internal monitor.

  • Powered by an external unit, which is installed inside a country house.
  • Installation of a separate power supply unit to which the call panel will be connected, as well as an electromagnetic or even electromechanical lock.

Please note that self-installation of the video intercom in the house must be carried out carefully according to the rules specified by the manufacturer of the device. At the same time, it is possible to arrange different blocks from the system at your own discretion. Power supplies are installed where it really makes sense - with or without extension cords.

Still, certain types of power lines have some limitations. For example, if the video intercom is connected using a twisted pair cable, then the length of the route should not exceed 100 meters.


As for the system lock, it is selected based on the required functionality. As a rule, electromechanical locks are most often used in city apartments. Even if the electricity is turned off, the lock will still remain closed.

The best version of the lock will be one that can be opened manually without power, that is, with a key. If we take an electromagnetic lock, then when the power is turned off, it will open in automatic mode. This castle is the ideal solution for public institutions, but the same cannot be said for apartments. Even if the owner of the apartment decides on the preference for electromagnetic locks, then it is necessary to take care in advance to additionally install an uninterruptible power supply in case the electricity goes out in the main network.

Screen (main panel of the video intercom)

Every modern intercom has a flat and convenient monitor.

The older models have a lamp-backlit screen, while the modern ones are equipped with modern LED monitors. Moreover, there are other models that can be connected to the DVR. For this, interfaces are provided for digital or analog signal transmission. The monitor, like the rest of the video intercom elements, is installed according to the recommendations provided by the manufacturers. Earlier we said that the monitor can act as a head power distributor.

For this reason, the installation of such a system part should be given special attention. On sale there are video intercoms not just with an internal camera, but also those in which the owner of the house / apartment can choose the webcam. Such a device connection scheme makes it possible to expand the functionality of the device.


Expensive models of video intercoms also have a set of wires in the kit. This eliminates the problem of choosing conductors.

In general, video intercoms are equipped with three types of lines:

  1. How to connect a video intercom in a private house Multi-core cable - makes it possible to distribute power between different nodes devices. Certain types of cables can be laid even in the ground, through the air - without using additional protection.
  2. Coaxial cable - allows you to transfer video and audio. With such a conductor, the line length can be very long.
  3. Twisted pair - used to transmit a signal from digital devices.

    For such a purpose, even the simplest cable that can be laid in open spaces is perfect.

It should be noted that cable connections, regardless of the type, must be carried out in strict accordance with the advice from the device manufacturer. Such work will not require special skills. In order to break down in what kind of conductor is required in order to connect the video intercom, special marking of cables is provided by means of colors - the conductors are marked in different colors, and terminal strips are installed on the nodal terminals that are capable of making accurate connection. No soldering is required to connect the cables.

Nevertheless, to protect the conductors from moisture, as well as other types of influences, it is best to use a copper type cable.

Stages of intercom installation

So, let's look at how to connect a video intercom. To begin with, you need to decide in what place this or that functional part of the intercom will be installed. Next, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Calculate the conductors with a margin - this makes it possible to carry out the required types of connections without obstacles.
  2. Make grooves on ceilings or walls, cut grooves in timber structures for cable routing.

  3. If the surface allows it, it is required to make such a groove depth in which the protective corrugated hose for the conductors is placed. To lay the cable over metal structures, it is imperative to install a protective tube.
  4. Direct equipment installation. To begin with, it is required to cut the lock, and when installing it in steel doors, certain difficulties may appear, and a qualified specialist will help to solve them.
  5. Installation of power supplies.

    Usually at this stage it is recommended to seek help from specialists. However, such basic knowledge in the field of electrical engineering will help solve problems with your own hands. during the installation work of an intercom for an apartment, the power supply is installed in the dashboard itself, that is, in the entrance. In a country house, a place is allocated for this, which is protected from atmospheric precipitation. If the flap is of the overhead type, a reliable fastening must be made for it.

    Mortise and hidden flaps are "hidden" in the wall, and for this you need to make a niche in advance according to the size of the box.

  6. Combining all elements of the video intercom into a single system. For each of them, the video system is switched, the conductors are connected, and the equipment itself is installed in pre-prepared places. It is required to carry out all the work carefully, carefully so that it is not required to redo the entire system from scratch.
  7. The grooves in which the cable will be laid must be covered, as well as the finishing elements restored.

We recommend watching a video tutorial on installation.


It turns out that even a non-professional is able to independently mount a video intercom in an apartment or in a house. The most important thing is accuracy at all stages of the installation. The ideal assistant in this matter is the instructions that are attached to the device by the manufacturer. In no case should you deviate from the stated requirements in terms of the type of conductor used, the length of the lines, the power source, etc.

If all the work is done according to the rules, then the video intercom will work correctly. Otherwise, interruptions in work will be permanent, as well as access to the system. A person who has certain skills in working with electrical networks will be able to do all the work from scratch with his own hands.

If certain difficulties arise during the installation of the device, it is recommended to contact the specialists. Keep in mind that certain device models cost between $ 800 and $ 1,000.

Incorrect installation of a complex system can negatively affect the functioning of the device in the future, leading to financial losses.