How to connect gas to a private house? Gasification device and implementation + Video

How to connect gas to a private house? Gasification device and implementation + Video Gas connection to a private house. New rules for connecting gas to a private home have prevented many troubles. Due to the lack of competition, connection prices were inflated and ordinary people could not afford it. Thanks to the changes, the price has become lower, and the connection process is faster.

Still, this is a very complicated process, it is necessary to collect all the necessary documents, draw up a plan, a diagram, conclude an agreement and settle issues with companies connecting gas to a private house.

If the homeowner follows the sequence correctly, things will happen a little faster and be less of a hassle.

Connection procedure

The first step is to contact the owners of the nearest gas pipelines in order to find out if a tie-in is possible. If the answer is "yes", then it is worth writing an application for the issuance of technical specifications. It will include the last name, first name, patronymic, your address, and you should also indicate the amount of gas that you will need within an hour.

In addition to this information, you must provide a photocopy of your passport, documents proving that you are the owner of a private house and a plan of the area where your site is located.


The new rules indicate that all installation work on the site and in the house is carried out by the owner, and outside the site by the gas company. It turns out that the owner of the site performs all the preparatory work and equipment. To connect, you must select a company that has the necessary licenses. It will perform everything related to the connection, which is spelled out in the technical specifications.

First of all, the firm must develop technical specifications, they include:

  • Highest gas consumption in one hour,
  • Terms for connection work,
  • The validity period of the technical conditions.

ATTENTION! Within 14 days, the company must send the draft TU. The company can also send a refusal if the private house is further than 200 meters from the gas pipeline. The way out of this situation - you can group with other residents. If there are enough of them, the pipe is installed absolutely free of charge, this is prescribed by the new rules.

After you agree with the TU, you need to contact the company to conclude a connection agreement.

The final contract must contain:

  • How to connect gas to a private house? Gasification device and implementation + Video Indication of the nearest gas pipeline,
  • Limit of pressure fluctuations,
  • Norms of gas consumption per hour,
  • Dimensions of pipes and the material from which they are made,
  • Obligation to equip the meter with construction.

The customer requests a gasification project for the site, this is a very expensive process. There is a conclusion of an agreement with a company that provides such services. If you want to save money, you can contact the gas service, but their implementation takes a very long time.

Project implementation

The applicant makes the first payment, and work begins on laying the pipe from the route to the site.

After that, installation work begins in the room. Your best bet is to hire workers from the gas distribution company that you contracted with. The advantages of such a team are that they are registered, have a license and are responsible for leasing the site for use, therefore they are able to solve many of the troubles that have arisen. The downside is that such workers will have little interest in this work. As a result, the wait can drag on for a long time.

After the completion of all work, the customer, the "Regiongaz" service and representatives of the gas company are checked. This happens after no more than 30 days. At this time, all equipment should be in working order. A test run is carried out if everyone regularly issues a receipt for payment from technical supervision.

Gas appliances for a private house

When submitting documents, it is advisable to have an idea of ​​what appliances will be used.

This applies especially to boilers. Power is chosen based on calculations for every 10 sq m, 1 kW is needed, and if you plan to use hot water, add an additional 25%. By the type of fastening, boilers can be floor-standing and wall-mounted.

Method of operation :

  • How to connect gas to a private house? Gasification device and implementation + Video Volatile,
  • Dependent on electricity,
  • Condensing.

The operation of energy-dependent equipment is based on the rule of natural circulation.

They can be connected even to large pipes, but flexible room temperature control cannot be made. In the room where the device is equipped with an open chamber, it is necessary to be equipped with an exhaust hood or a chimney.

Boilers that depend on electricity have a tank, a pump and an automatic control system. Only electricity is needed for continuous operation.

Condensing units are the simplest, most reliable and economical.

Steam works from hot water, it gives off heat heat. Most often, such boilers are mounted. They are overpriced, but it is justified by the fact that such a device will last twice as long as the others.

Workers introduce gas into the room, then connect all gas-dependent devices. All work should be done exactly as on the project.