How to control your expenses during apartment and house renovation. Construction crew selection

How to control your expenses during apartment and house renovation. Construction crew selection Have you planned the renovation of an apartment or house?

And how to control expenses?

After all, if you do not do this, in the end, your expenses will increase for reasons you do not understand, and the terms will be disrupted.

Do not let the repairs take their course, because you will have to live in such an apartment.

Obligatory documentary registration

Do not ignore the conclusion of a work contract even if the repair work is performed by a private trader.

Note: According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, it is allowed to conclude an agreement with the foreman of the construction brigade.

The following clauses must be specified in the agreement:

  • How to control your expenses during apartment and house renovation. Construction crew selection Name given to all parties. The scope of work is detailed;
  • Terms of work;
  • Appendix to the contract with the schedule of work.

    Also, the conditions and form of payment;

  • In the paragraph "obligations of the parties", specific terms for correcting violations and unfinished work should be added;
  • An obligatory point is the removal of construction waste from the apartment, as well as the responsibility of workers in case of damage property;
  • Indicate the period of warranty repair at the expense of the contractor.

Important: Although the contractor will do everything possible to ensure that the terms of the warranty service are not prescribed in the contract, but you insist at the beginning of the warranty period from the moment of complete completion of work and signing of the acceptance certificate.

  • Procedure for resolving disputes;
  • Details of the parties.

Carefully study all sections of the agreement. And it is better to do this with the help of a specialist knowledgeable in this matter.

Estimated documentation

In most cases, be it a construction company or a private owner, they do not want to make an estimate with a detailed description of the work. The more detailed the estimate is, the more difficult it will be to hide the amount of work in it.

Check out the number of jobs and volumes. Each stage consists of several technological operations. Therefore, it must be written in great detail.

For example: Floor screed will consist of the following works:

  • cleaning the old coating;
  • marking;
  • dirt removal;
  • floor primer, etc.

The item "consumables" indicates the quantity, cost and quality. It is important that the materials specified in the estimate are linked to the brand. A verbal agreement without paper confirmation of the name of the trademark, manufacturer, will most likely lead to the fact that the contractor will buy materials of cheaper and worse quality. Which, of course, is

It is important that the builders you choose understand and be able to read the drawings.

Nuances of payment

How to control your expenses during apartment and house renovation. Construction crew selection Negotiate immediately, that payment will be made for each stage, and not for the entire volume.

Author's construction supervision

Note: Mandatory, the contract must include warranty repairs for at least a year ..


There is no need to save money and it is better to turn to an independent lawyer who will tell you how to get away from the contract drawn up in favor of the contractor.

If you conclude an agreement with a designer, then his work includes control and responsibility for the quality of the work performed. Of course, it makes no sense to stand above the soul of the workers, but control over the responsible workers Plumbing, electrical equipment, should have already been acquired at the beginning of construction work. After connecting the plumbing fixtures, be sure to check how the drainage system works.

The builders must draw up an executive diagram, which indicates all the places where cables and pipes pass. This will come in very handy if you do any further renovations.


If you did not plan to align the walls at ninety degrees, check it out. Otherwise, ideally even alignment should be in the area of ​​the baseboard and along the doorways.

The dimensions of the niches for built-in furniture should be appropriate in size, especially if everything has already been ordered.

There will be many nuances.


How can you personally control the repair of your living space without interfering with the contractor? In this article, we introduced you how to control all the stages. The main challenge facing the customer is management skills.


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