How to correctly calculate the number of sockets and switches in an apartment

How to correctly calculate the number of sockets and switches in an apartment How to correctly calculate the number of sockets and switches in an apartment. Any person who was just starting to carry out repair work in his own apartment was sure to wonder how many switches for light and sockets should be in the rooms, and also where to place them. If in an amicable way, then everything should be determined by a well-designed project, and with the current possibilities, you can not even start reworking in its absence. But most of us have to continue to do things the old fashioned way, while relying on the experience or advice of an electrician.

Ultimately, someone goes overboard with the quantity, and because of this, the electrical panel turns into something that vaguely resembles a small substation control panel.

General information

Some people, on the contrary, fall into minimalism, and after all their lives they suffer with carriers, tees and extension cords. Now let's try to figure out and calculate the number of switches and sockets in the apartment, while each room will be considered separately. In addition, we will briefly talk about all the tasks that should have been completed in certain places.

Number of electrical units


Consideration should start with the hallway. Almost immediately after the front door, a pass-through switch must be located at hand.

Please note that it should be just a pass-through, not a single-key. Now you will understand why. This switch will be responsible for lighting in the corridor, and if you open the door with your right hand, and your left hand is free, then it is desirable that everything is located on the left, at a height of 0.9 meters from the floor. If you have an intercom, then near the door you need to lay a power cable and 1 twisted pair.

This is required in order for the video signal to arrive. If you want the signal to be transmitted even to the TV in the bedroom or living room, you should lay two twisted pairs.

Under the ceilings in the hallway, it is imperative to allocate a place for a miniature server room with a separate outlet, router and other things. In modern conditions, such an equipped place should be in every apartment. This will be the very place where all cables from the Internet and cable TV initially flow from the entrance, and then the signals go to individual apartments.

Naturally, an electrical panel should be brought into the hallway. Most often, a mirror with a small cabinet hangs in the corridors, and such a place can be called a beauty zone.

How to correctly calculate the number of sockets and switches in an apartment Such a corner must be supplied with electricity. To do this, you need to lay 2 sockets at once - to connect a hairdryer and other beauty devices, and also a separate switch that will be responsible for highlighting the makeup area. At the very end in the hallway, be sure to install a second pass-through switch.

It will work in conjunction with what you put to the left of the door to the entrance to the house.

The main rule for lighting in the hallway is to create a light switch for the "dirty" area while you are still in the "clean" area. It turns out that when you get into the apartment, you immediately turn on the light. Next, take off your shoes and go to a clean room or kitchen. In order not to return in clean socks on the dirty floor, you turn off the light at the exit from the hallway of the room and that's it.

Also, the block, which is made of two outlets at floor level, does not fit you, since it will be convenient to connect a vacuum cleaner to them for cleaning, and you can also connect a shoe dryer. In the spring and fall, you will thank the electricians who recommended laying the sockets at the bottom. With the hallway, everything is over, and this is to summarize the result, then you will need a 220V power cable and 1 twisted pair for an intercom, space for a server room and an electrical panel, as well as a simple switch (1 piece), 5 sockets and 2 pass-through switches.

Hall or living room

Now let's talk about another residential-type room, and immediately upon entering the hall, a switch should be installed. You need to place it on the back of the one where the door will be opened.

Installation height will also be 0. 9 meters. On the side where the furniture will be located, lay the power cable and a socket for connecting the backlight. Believe me, not a single "wall" is complete without it. How to calculate the number of outlets in the living room? It's simple.

By the way, an LED strip is used for the backlight, and the 12 or 24 V unit must be powered from the cable itself. The backlight is turned off and on using a contactless and small infrared switch. You should also install a block consisting of two sockets in order to connect portable device types. As a rule, in the corner of a living room, a work or study place with a desk and a PC is usually desired.

What electrical points are better to display in this case? The PC and monitor require at least 3 outlets and a separate twisted pair lead.

This unit should be installed under the table.

An additional block of 4 outlets should be installed above the table, where the following will be connected:

  • Table lamps.
  • Any other PC-dependent devices (scanner, printer).

Do not ignore the slopes on the windows. Believe me, it is very convenient when you are sitting at the table and you can turn off the light on the ceiling, while not walking to the front door of the room, but simply clicking the appropriate switch, which will be in the slope and always at hand.

It turns out that the light switch at the entrance and the slope must be of the through type. Plus, in such a block with a switch, it is worth placing another outlet. Most often it is used to charge a tablet or phone. The sofa area must have a block of three electrical points. These are two switches that will be responsible for both light sources that are located on the wall along the edge of the sofa.

It is worth remembering once and for all that only one lamp cannot be mounted above the sofa, since otherwise you will not see the screen while watching TV in the evening, but the reflection of the lamp will be perfectly visible. This flare will be very annoying. Wall-mounted lamps with low power are required, if you do not want to spoil your eyesight when watching a movie in complete darkness. By the way, so that low-power ones can be made from standard lamps, if between instead of standard switches there are dimmers. However, you should be careful when choosing models, because they are not always great for light sources (LED).

In the same block, there will be a third switch, and it must also be pass-through, since it will be responsible for the main lighting. You are unlikely to constantly get up from the couch and walk to the door to turn off the chandelier before watching TV.

So, you will have three switches that will be interconnected. In the TV area, it is worth installing a block that consists of two sockets, a cable for TV and an outlet for the Internet. Please note that the latter is mandatory, because all modern TV models can independently access the Internet.

Another corner of the room, which is opposite to the PC table, is usually reserved for the makeup area of ​​the hostess. Here you should install two sockets for a curling iron, hair dryer and other devices. In addition, there should be a switch for illuminating the mirror.

The last cable for the hall is pulled through the grooves in the living room - power for the air conditioner. Not all of it is installed immediately, but if its purchase is in the plans, do not forget to issue this electric point in advance.

They connect it most often as a separate circuit from the shield itself. In the living room, the result is as follows - 10 sockets, 3 pass-through switches, 3 ordinary switches, 2 twisted-pair Internet sockets and 1 TV socket.


Now let's move on to the bedroom. According to the logic of the premises, which were considered earlier, at the entrance on one side of the door we again mount the pass-through switch for the main lighting. It is imperative to install two lamps above the bed, which will have separate one-key switches.

Nearby in the same block, a pass-through switch for ceiling lighting is installed.

Near the bedside table on each side, it will not be superfluous to install a block, which consists of a 220V socket and a special USB socket for charging the phone. The power supply for the air conditioner can be taken out at will. It is imperative to install one or two sockets on the slopes, as well as an additional light switch from the chandelier. To calculate the number of sockets and switches in the bedroom, do everything by analogy with the hall.

In the corner near the window, where the training or work area will be, the layout is similar to that discussed earlier.

A TV usually hangs on the opposite wall from the bed, and below there is a receiver, a game console and additional gadgets. Here you need to make a block of 4 outlets, and on top you can even repeat the living room scheme. That's enough.

Kitchen room

How to correctly calculate the number of sockets and switches in an apartment Unlike a bedroom, in the kitchen, everything is very interconnected with the selection of furniture for the kitchen and those electrical appliances that will be built in.

There are no universal options here, since only some changes will be made to the headset, and the entire electrical will be changed in a dramatic way.

Toilet and bathroom

The bathroom remains, and usually in such a room only a fan can be installed on the hood. A unit with a switch for hanging a mirror, as well as a socket (1 piece) can be installed within a permissible distance from the sink and while observing at least the minimum distance for a wet area. Note that non-standard sockets should be used for this room. Another switch should be installed at the entrance to the bathroom, so that you can control the main light of the room.

If you do all the electrics according to the recommendations given above, and also install the specified number of outlets in a two-room apartment, you will get a safe, lighted, ergonomic and comfortable apartment, in which you will not need to grind walls and lay new wires and cables.

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