How to create coziness in the bedroom: Review + Photo and Video

How to create coziness in the bedroom: Review + Photo and Video How to make a bedroom cozy and beautiful with your own hands. Bedroom is the place to be cozy. Such an uncompromising condition will be fundamental for sound sleep, mental rest, and easy awakening without feeling heavy. But with the modern trend towards the use of minimalism, the creation of an overly laconic interior, which is completely devoid of warmth and comfort, is most often provoked. But still, even for the most restrained style direction in the interior, you can add a little softness if you use a number of simple, but extremely effective techniques.

So let's talk about how to make your bedroom cozy.

All year round as a holiday

How to create coziness in the bedroom: Review + Photo and Video in the form of lanterns and garlands they only get it for the New Year holidays. They can be used to decorate the interior, but few people thought about leaving these beautiful lights for use in everyday life. And yet it is worth remembering how cozy it is to sit in the evening by the window, which is entwined with dozens of warm and such small lights! They can be a great decor for bedrooms. Electric garlands help to create a slightly fabulous and at the same time intimate atmosphere, and will also bring thoughts back to childhood, evoke pleasant memories that will further fill the heart with peace, and also bring a smile on the face.

Overview of style options

Universal style


Knitted and beautiful textiles will help in transforming literally any interior. It will be enough to lay on the bed a wide enough blanket that has "braids", add some pillows, which will be in tied covers, and the room will already change its mood. When choosing a yarn color, you should give preference to earthy and natural gray shades. The thread should be cashmere or made of merino wool, which is a natural fiber that can withstand more than one wash, and at the same time will be able to maintain its unique original appearance, shape and softness.

Royal comfort

If you try to hang a beautiful canopy, then an ordinary bed will immediately turn into a cozy nest.

In modern interior trends, for the most part, it plays exclusively the role of a decorative element, although its roots managed to go far into the past, when the royal beds were decorated with the help of silk awnings, so that it was possible to protect the royal ones from insects that bothered them. The canopy will be easily attached to both the ceiling and the wall. The classic version of the canopy is a tent over the bed, which is usually attached either to supports or to ceiling cornices. The simplest and at the same time mobile option would be to install the canopy on the frame. It can be hung from the ceiling or wall, and then removed if necessary.

Candles and more

Fire is a real symbol of comfort.Moreover, candles based on natural oils (aromatic type) are also known as an aphrodisiac. In the interior of the bedroom, a small artificial type fireplace (for example, electric), which will be decorated with white and elegant candles, will look great. And lanterns for candles will be a very successful alternative to a bedside lamp. But nevertheless, it is better not to forget about safety, and in no case leave the burning lights unattended, and also do not put them near the curtains or near the bed, on the floor.

The color of night rest

How to create coziness in the bedroom? Interestingly, the atmosphere in the room will directly depend on what color was chosen for the walls. the color scheme can be very diverse, but if you really want and are trying to create an unusual setting, then you should not dwell on just one shade.

You should choose a leading, that is, the main color, as well as several accents to it, which will be harmonious. Blue, black and red are not the best choice as the main color, since such shades can have a strong and negative effect on the nervous system, and it turns out that it will be quite difficult to relax and recuperate. But if you use blue and black as accents, it will turn out very beautifully, and besides, they go well with orange, yellow and green.

The coziest prepossessing color for a comfortable stay will be yellow, green, and also pastel cream tones.

Elegant solo or successful duet

Wallpaper can be used as a solo or used in tandem with a painted wall. Such a wonderful method is worth paying attention to and zoning the space. Moreover, the texture and well-chosen pattern will help to add volume and change the geometry of the room. Exquisite touches can be added to the interior using wallpaper in deep blue, as well as warm chocolate color.

Dark lilac, wine and rich emerald will also be a great solution for bedrooms. A win-win option would be pastel-colored wallpapers that have small patterns.

Light and space

Veil of light

The light that pours into the bedroom in the morning becomes part of the interior ...

It can be made more diffused and softer by using curtains. Tulle drapery can be very diverse - loose, tied with grabs or careless knots. At the same time, there is no need for heavy curtains at all - they not only interfere with creating comfort, but also make the room heavier, and also create barriers to natural light entering the room. Translucent light cotton fabrics with an unobtrusive texture or pattern will help make your bedroom really cozy.

Air cloud

The soft headboard is an attribute of a cozy and elegant interior.

It will muffle and call to itself to soak up carefree in fluffy pillows, as well as smoothly find yourself on a soft bed. You can make such a headboard yourself or use certain life hacks. For example, you can hang a long pillow on the wall behind your bed, or decorate your headboard with upholstered chair seats. Another 100% safe option would be to use a high and voluminous back, which will be fixed with a base to the wall. it will help create a sense of security and will turn even an ordinary bedroom into a cozy and quiet corner of peace.

Natural beauty

To add a little light negligence and carelessness, it is worth using decor items that are made from materials of natural (natural) origin. For example, you can put a couple of stumps instead of a bedside table or make a curtain rod from birch branches. Such little things will help give charm, as well as individuality, emphasize freedom and create a truly cozy atmosphere. In addition, this way of decorating the interior with taste is the most budgetary.

Soft covers

It is not difficult to make a bedroom cozy and beautiful, because comfort consists of many little things.

Wicker baskets for your favorite magazines, a couple of shelves for books - such solutions will make it possible to create a very cozy and exclusive interior with minimal funds. Applied and even decorative interior elements that are made of rattan will almost always look appropriate and even harmonious. The tulle familiar to everyone can be replaced with wicker roller blinds, and you can also put wicker pots for flowers on the windowsill. Remember that if you approach interior design for your own home with imagination and love, then you will never be disappointed with the result.

Color schemes

"Mood color .


How to create coziness in the bedroom: Review + Photo and Video This is not exactly what was said above. You can do a little differently and choose one of the shades in combination with gray and white tones - not bright colors are in fashion at the moment, but muted colors, for example, dusty green. For it is best to choose matte paints.

If you do not want to take risks and paint the entire wall green, then it is better to select with it at least a part of the wall of the bed to get a shaped panel. The easiest way to make the bedroom cozy and fashionable, as well as to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere inside the room, is to buy jade, herbal, reed or sage bedding.

Natural materials

For example, buy a wooden bed, complete with a dressing table, a wooden cabinet and a chest of drawers. If you do not want to replace the old chest of drawers and dressing tables, which have been serving faithfully for more than one year, then you can decorate old pieces of furniture with photo frames, figurines or wooden vases.

You can also do a DIY restoration and update the furniture in color, without spending a lot of money on buying new pieces of natural wood furniture.

Baskets will successfully act as bedside tables, and bed linen should be made of cotton or linen. As many natural products as possible should appear in the bedroom. Today, environmentally friendly interiors have become extremely popular, where wood is used in furniture, and in decoration, and even in decor items. Designers do not try to disguise or even paint over the structure of the wood, but on the contrary, they use natural patterns as a natural decoration

Carpet over the bed

Believe me, carpets are back in fashion and, probably, this is the most extravagant solution that appeared in 2018. Naturally, this is no longer about grandmother's carpets, which are familiar to us from childhood.

Now a thin kilim (oriental patterned rug), a motley panel or a dense canvas of fabric with geometric patterns and regular lines can hang on the wall. The carpet will perfectly complement the bedroom interior, which is designed in the style of multicolored eclecticism or ethnic spirit.

Not a bedroom, but a greenhouse

A cozy interior in a bedroom practically cannot be possible without the use of plants, and the more, the better. Palm trees in a tub, cacti placed above the windowsills, pots with flowers that curl, phytowalls are the most comfortable art objects for several years to come. Note that plants in the house appear not only in their natural form, and if you are not friends with plants, then floral prints will come to the rescue - bed linen, pillows with tropical flora, carpets with floral patterns or photo wallpapers (which are becoming popular again) with depicting a forest in the morning hour.

The most simple furniture

The cozy interior will also be minimalistic. It should not be overloaded with unnecessary parts. The principle is quite simple - if you can do without something in the bedroom, then it should be removed. The remaining items must necessarily be able to perform several functions - the bench by the bed will become a shelf for books, and the bedside table will serve as a miniature coffee table.


Moreover, as it turned out, the usual furniture can always be replaced with one that is simpler, and at the same time not to lose in the originality of the interior, but only win.

For this reason, a table or a curbstone can be replaced with a laconic wooden stool, and a bookcase with a minimalist rack with several shelves, which he can do with his own hands.

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