How to decorate a house for the New Year

How to decorate a house for the New Year The best and easiest ways to decorate the house for the New Year

New The year is a sincere holiday, and on the eve of it, it's time to create the appropriate mood - joyful, romantic and magical. Moreover, it can be done practically for free. These are bright candlesticks, and garlands, unusual Christmas tree decorations and scented candles - we will tell you how to find a use for all the available light, and even those things that may seem unnecessary.

So, we offer you simple ways to decorate your house for the New Year.

Overview of ideas

Festive atmosphere

To make New Year's Eve really special, it is worth dimming the lights and placing candles around the house.

You can even make candlesticks with your own hands, and jars, cones, flower pots and even cinnamon sticks are perfect for this.

"Made with love"

You can also make Christmas decorations with your own hands - for example, mold from plasticine for children or sew from velvet / felt. And if you hate sewing, you should try making toys out of transparent balls or an old light bulb that no longer works. To do this, you will need to cover the glass surface with an adhesive and lower the ball or lamp in a bowl of sparkles.

More, more light

How to decorate a house for the New Year Luminous garlands will definitely make the mood festive, and also help to decorate the house.

They should be hung everywhere - on stair railings, walls and ceilings, along cabinets and doorways, and on a Christmas tree. You can even make a garland with your own hands, though not luminous, but no less beautiful. To do this, use corrugated paper or foil.

Natural gifts

Beautiful decorations for the New Year can be made even from natural materials such as cones. To do this, you need to attach the bumps to a ribbon or thin string.

Then it remains to hang garlands throughout the house, to the delight of loved ones.

Party at home

Surprisingly, you can make a bright New Year's cracker out of a toilet paper roll. You just need to wrap it with corrugated or colored craft paper and tie the ends of the improvised crackers with a string or ribbon, and do not forget to put bright confetti inside the crackers.

Art Wreaths

Make festive wreaths from spruce twigs - this will help fill your home with warmth, give an unusual New Year mood. Wreaths can be decorated with berries, ribbons and sparkles, and then hang them on the windows, walls and doors of the house.

Moreover, wreaths can be made from New Year's candies or family photos - for this, attach all the necessary elements with tape.

Little miracle

A small Christmas tree made of buttons, cones, woolen threads or even colorful stickers will be a wonderful New Year's decoration.The finished Christmas tree should be decorated with sparkles, ribbons and beads - and then it will be able to compete perfectly with real trees.


How else to decorate the house for the New Year? Do not forget about window decorations and draw beautiful patterns as if from frost. To do this, cut out stencils from thick paper and prepare a "paint and varnish composition" - for this, mix the toothpaste with clean water to a thick consistency.

Next, it remains to attach the stencils to the windows and blot with a sponge that is soaked in the resulting solution.

Edible garland

If you are looking for an unusual and uncommon way to decorate your home before the coming New Year, then you should bake fragrant cookies and make small holes in it. Then you pass the ribbon through the holes and please your loved ones with an unusual and at the same time edible garland.

Splendor of forms

If your tree is not very ready for the holiday, and not lush, then you should put a green tinsel garland at its base. So the Christmas tree will seem lush, and you can save the situation even with the help of decorative elements - the more garlands and toys there are on the Christmas tree, the more voluminous it will look.

Retro Style

How to decorate a house for the New Year Decorate a Christmas tree not only with the help of garlands, tinsel and New Year's toys. To make the holiday brighter, it is worth hanging printed photos of the family on the Christmas tree - such an unusual decor will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Just like in a fairy tale

An unusual New Year's decoration will be even pine or Christmas tree branches, which will be painted with silver paint from a spray can and attached to the cornice or chandelier. Then hang Christmas tree decorations on the branch and a fabulous atmosphere will be guaranteed.

For beloved children

To please children, you can make one more decoration with your own hands.

To do this, you need to put a children's car / doll and a mini-Christmas tree in a jar, and use cotton wool as snow.

Soft decor

You can make Christmas tree toys from anything, even from an old scarf or sweater. It does not take much time - you just need to take an old Christmas ball and wrap it tightly with a cloth, and then fix everything at the base with a ribbon and you can hang the ball on a railing, tree or window.

Decor with aroma

We offer you the following - let this year tangerines be an ornament not only for the festive table, but also for the Christmas tree. Place all the fruits in regular plywood crates lined with craft paper.

When they are dry, you should decorate everything with cinnamon sticks or ribbons. Such fragrant, but at the same time simple crafts will look great next to the rest of the Christmas tree decorations.

Balls that float

The best way to decorate a house for the New Year is to use Christmas balls not only on the New Year tree, but also and on windows, chandeliers and other places.The balls can be easily attached to colored ribbons and hung, even on the same cornice.


A cozy fireplace is almost the most important attribute for traditional decor for the New Year, and if there is no real fireplace, you can make the decor yourself - for this you will need a large box in the form of a rectangle, and you need to attach it to the wall, and then paint it white.

Next, it remains to draw the brickwork and decorate the fireplace.

Non-standard approach

Small apartments are not a reason to refuse a Christmas tree. By the way, a traditional spruce can be transferred to the wall - draw or compose a silhouette from separate small objects, and you will have a beautiful art object.

War rétit!

Do not forget to decorate the dining table - a standard tablecloth can be complemented with a table runner with bright patterns, and classic napkins from flax can be decorated with a sprig of rosemary or spruce, folded into a Christmas tree or snowman figure. The picture will help to complement the use of scented candles and a wreath.

In a festive rhythm

It is easy to make glasses from glass bright - decorate them with satin ribbons. Just a couple of minutes, and such familiar glasses will be transformed beyond recognition.

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