How to decorate a niche in the wall in the kitchen

How to decorate a niche in the wall in the kitchen A niche in your kitchen isn't necessarily a headache for you or your designer. This is an opportunity with which the apartment will get a stylish decorative element or additional space for functional storage. Have you decided to make a renovation?

Do not forget to design your niche in an original and even functional way. So, how to decorate a niche in the kitchen and stay satisfied?

Let's plunge into history

During the Soviet era, in our country, the building of the housing stock was carried out by leaps and bounds in connection with shortage of residential space. Most of the layouts of apartment buildings, in particular, popularly nicknamed "Khrushchevs", in those days had kitchens with a niche in the wall.

This part of the apartment most often served for comfortable storage of all kinds of household items and was called a pantry.

Experienced housewives could not do without a pantry, because many necessary and not very items could be placed in it - conservation and empty jars for it, stocks of cereals and spices, dishes, basins, forms were kept there for baking, rarely used household appliances and anything that usually gets in the way of order in your kitchen. An additional plus of such a niche in the Khrushchev's kitchen was that it had closing doors and did not spoil the appearance of the kitchen room, without creating a feeling of clutter. The door could be locked with a key and in this way protected children or neighbors from prying eyes.

Nowadays, not all layouts of apartments in new buildings have this feature.

If you happen to be the happy owner of this very apartment, you should know that a niche can be equipped using the ideas of modern design and turn this small flaw into a significant plus.

Functional and beautiful. It happens!

Nowadays it is not necessary to lock a niche under a lock, as our mothers and grandmothers did. Today this part of your home can become not only a functional storage, but also an important element of decor, a highlight of your apartment.

How to decorate a niche in the wall in the kitchen

Using your ingenuity, you both independently and with the help of specially invited professionals your business can build open shelves made of glass, plastic, natural wood or drywall.

An excellent solution would be to equip the niche with additional storage space. For example, drawers or static drawers, various decorative baskets and fill the resulting storage space with beautiful dishes, food and cute little things - then the design will solve not only the storage issue, but also become a bright and original solution for decorating your kitchen design and will delight your eye.


Many large chain stores specializing in the sale of household goods are happy to use the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopen shelves in a niche in the kitchen in their collections. We recommend looking at catalogs and advertisements to find the right niche refurbishment solutions.

We hide household appliances

It is not uncommon for niches to be created artificially, in order to conveniently arrange large household appliances.

As a rule, these are refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, less often microwaves and ovens. You can use various building materials to decorate a niche, but the base, as a rule, is made of plasterboard. For the convenience of operating such a niche, it is important to consider the location of electrical outlets and wiring. For these purposes, we recommend contacting specialists, then you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Do not forget that all the remaining free space of the niche can be used for your convenience.

For example, place shelves for household chemicals next to a washing machine or storage compartments near a microwave oven. In the free space of a closed niche, you can hide household cleaning equipment or rarely used kitchen utensils. Such ideas will significantly save the space of your kitchen, freeing up the work area and countertop.

Wine cabinet

Why not use a vacant kitchen niche to decorate a wine cabinet? Even the most spoiled guest will be surprised at such an idea for decoration. If space permits, you can organize not only a bar, but also a bar counter with high chairs.

As a result, you will have another location in your home for a pleasant pastime with family and friends.

How to decorate a niche in the wall in the kitchen

Important !

When planning wine racks or other structures for storing food, make sure that the back wall of the niche is reliably protected from moisture, and the temperature in the room meets all storage requirements. Then you will save your wine collection from threats caused by incorrect storage technology.

Decor element

If your desires do not stop only at functional solutions and the wallet agrees to a flight of fancy, then use any bright ideas to decorate as interestingly as possible a niche in the wall!

First of all, the place for the location of the niche to be decorated must be in the center of the room and must be properly illuminated. If there is not enough natural light, you can use additional sources of lighting - from LED strips to stand-alone floor lamps.

This technique will help to highlight accents and visually expand the kitchen space.


Make sure that the future structure does not interfere with the working kitchen area, is not too close to the stove and sink. This matters, because the inconvenience and unscheduled cleaning of the spray will darken the positive emotions from the appearance of the art object in the niche.

The design will look especially interesting if decorated with decorative elements. It all depends on your ideas and courage - stucco, glass and wood products, souvenirs brought from travels.

For finishing the background of a niche, mirrors, textured wallpaper that stand out against the general background or photo wallpaper depicting nature are great.Do not forget about home plants - your favorite ficus will help make the room not only stylish, but also cozy.

If you are the owner of a small apartment, then one of the design options - a decorative niche can be turned into a home library. Then you can not only save precious space and arrange books, but also enjoy your favorite publications more often with a cup of freshly brewed tea.

A built-in sideboard for dishes can also be a great idea for decorating a free niche in the house.

The solution with the placement of a sideboard will not only allow you to aesthetically place kitchen sets, but also help you save a lot on furniture - an expensive wooden frame will perfectly replace the walls of a niche, you only need glass doors and shelves.

Subtleties of design

If you have already seen the photos of the wall niche in the kitchen that interest you and decided to decorate the empty space in your own apartment in the same way, then you should pay attention on color accents. For example, if the walls of the room are decorated in light shades, then it is better to arrange the recess in dark or bright colors. It is important that the colors match with each other. The work can be done in any style, the main thing is to stay true to the overall design of the room and to your taste.

Designers working on projects of such niches in the kitchen often pay attention - first of all, it is necessary to develop a competent project for the kitchen so that it looks stylish and harmonious in the room, does not look out of place or bulky. Pay close attention to the quality of finishing materials, choose the decor with taste, and then the updated kitchen with a decorated niche in the wall will not only delight you and your household, but will also serve you for many years.


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