How to decorate a small cottage as well as designers? Review + Video

How to decorate a small cottage as well as designers? Review + Video How to arrange a small dacha not worse than designers. How sometimes you want to escape from the bustle of the city and just relax in nature! It is quite possible to fulfill such a desire and it is not necessary for this to rent a house in the suburbs for the weekend - you can act smarter and build a house, and then start decorating a small cottage. There is always a place for a house, even if the plot outside the city has a small area.

The main thing is that you decide in advance on the concept and design the building according to your vision and needs. So how can modern housing be designed so that it is no worse than that of professional designers?

General information

Country house architecture

To truly relax and unwind, you must first get into the right atmosphere.

Agree, the impressions of the evening, which will be spent on the threshold of an old barn and on the veranda of a pretty house, will be very different. This will say that even if you are going to build only temporary housing, you should make it outwardly stylish and think over the internal arrangement well, and this will not be possible if you do not delve into the intricacies of construction. So, what options will be relevant for our area?

Russian style for suburban construction

This particular option for building a suburban area will be unchanged in popularity. type of construction. Over the past few years, the style has become more modern and today you can find more than a dozen different directions.

Moreover, the progress has not prevented the style from remaining recognizable. The photo of such country houses shows that they really belong to the Russian style. Most often, a log house is erected, although the houses themselves, made of timber, cannot be called a rarity today.

The second identifying feature of the Russian house is a high basement and special floor insulation, with the rise of the main part of the building above the ground. This technology is popularly called "filling".

The last highlight is the roof. Russian houses are distinguished by a gable pattern, which is mentally wide and often has a beautiful horse as decoration. As for the exterior, it is completely wooden. You can stylize the building like a Russian hut with the help of wooden platbands, and the entrance doors are decorated with wooden jambs. Of the decor, carving is most often used.

Such a building always has either an open porch or a veranda. These elements will be suitable for the arrangement of the owner's vacation spot.

Houses in the Russian style can be divided into subspecies such as urban and rural. In addition, a certain imprint will be imposed by the regional location of the building. Depending on the region in which the housing will be built, new and characteristic decorations and details will be formed in its architecture.

Country house in European style

This direction involves many construction options. The most attractive style for solving this issue is fachwerk style. The building is distinguished by an unusual decoration of the facade, and is also extremely attractive due to its own non-standardness. The method of building a house is quite complicated, and therefore not everyone decides to build it using half-timbered technology. In addition to the fact that it is required to erect an ornate log frame, so also the void between the beams should be laid with a stone, and this should be done in such a way that the wooden beams remain outside.

In a temperate climate, those who want to get something like that try to simplify the task, and I simply arrange everything in accordance with the stylistic canons, but limit themselves to finishing the facade. To do this, people stick imitation beams on the walls at the required angle and a sweet home for a summer residence is ready!

Construction of a frame house

Design of a small country house can be presented in any form and stylized for any direction. In addition, this type of construction is popular in order to build summer cottages. The method is beneficial on all fronts, and especially economically.

Frame houses are chosen because they have the following advantages:

  1. How to decorate a small cottage as well as designers? Review + Video Light weight.

    There will be no need to lay a powerful (and expensive) foundation under them.

  2. Simplicity of installation work. The walls are ready-made, and you only need to fix them on the skeleton according to the project plan, while everything can be done by hand, without the help of professionals, which will also help save money.
  3. Variety in decoration. A small house for a summer residence can be presented in any architectural form, and then stylized for any direction.

    You can choose the material and type of finish yourself.

As you can see, you can get a pretty decent cottage for a small price. Such projects are often of interest to those who do not plan to live outside the city all year round, and in this case, it is not necessary to do insulation, as well as think over insulation. When choosing the architecture of your home, try to choose an option that does not look like a black sheep against the background of the surrounding landscape. For example, a Russian hut looks great in the company of columbariums and other wooden buildings (for example, gazebos).

Modern cottages require a pool. But as an addition to the minimalist design of the facade, a lawn area, which is neatly cut, as well as a well-visible area, can become.

Mini houses for summer cottages

For those who do not want to plunge into global construction, but still want to have a place for a comfortable stay, there is Several variants. Remember the famous proverb about paradise in a hut.Why not bring it to life? A small structure with a roof that descends into the ground will be charming and will fit perfectly into the setting.

In addition, the space under the roof slopes can be used as a storage room. There is guaranteed enough space for storing many things and equipment.

If you have an old, untravelable trailer gathering dust in your garage, you can make the perfect seasonal home. In this case, arranging a country house inside with your own hands will not require global financial and time costs. Isn't this a reason to roll up your sleeves and turn your caravan into a comfortable home of 20 m 2 with all the amenities? Such a trailer can always be parked in the garage for the winter, and then you will not worry about its condition, and will also save unexpected guests from visiting.

You can make a modest house with an area of ​​6 m 2 in just 1 day. It is collected from improvised means, and in its shape it will resemble the letter "A". Naturally, in such a house there can be no question of large windows. Light will enter through the half of the roof that rises. Under its shade, you can make a kind of veranda.

It will turn out to be quite comfortable and beautiful interior decoration of the room.

Also it will fit:

  • 2 beds.
  • Small refrigerator.
  • Several shelves.
  • Sink.

  • Miniature dining table.

Even such a small space can be zoned into the kitchen and bedroom! And who said that a country house is something gloomy and dark? If you build it from glass, and this partially touches the roof, you get a very bright house. The only condition is not to put it under the scorching sun, but rather to hide it among the trees, and then it will be much more comfortable. If you want to stand out by decorating a small summer cottage, then you should not rush to build a country house with a balcony, veranda or other architectural delights. It will be enough to install the classic version on the site and simply paint its facade in a beautiful color.

Building will help set the mood for the surrounding landscape. The dacha should be presented as a fabulous corner or made very elegant by using structural elements with a contrasting effect in the exterior decor. It is not difficult to make a beautiful white house, and it does not need to be painted. A structure framed by curly greenery will look much more effective. To do this, you just need to fix the mesh on the walls and let the creeping plants along them, while not forgetting to leave the window openings unshaded.

If there is a child in the family who is scared to let go to play in an orphanage in a tree, then you can select a play corner in the house and send it to the attic for entertainment. In addition, you can additionally organize a baby bed, and then you will be calm. When considering projects of country houses with a layout in the photo, you will definitely find the right building option for yourself, and maybe even several options.You can try to dissolve the walls of the house into the surrounding landscape, and make it almost invisible. To do this, you should decorate the facade with mosaics or mirror tiles.

The effect is amazing. That will help make the house stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can use a flat roof, which is not typical for our latitudes.

In the role of temporary housing, use a trailer, it should be covered with a roof and a couple of windows cut through. Then it remains to disguise the facade, and such a miniature miracle of the house will delight with hospitality.

Design of a country house

If you go inside a country house in a modern design, you will immediately notice a stunning similarity of decoration with urban interiors. It's good? May be. But still, when arranging seasonal housing, you can deviate from traditional options and embody everything that you wanted so much in the interior. What will influence the choice of room decoration style? First of all, these are the building materials used in the construction. The cottage can be made of brick, foam concrete, cinder block, panels or wood.

And if using the panels you can immediately do something ultra-modern and minimalist, with decorating the walls with textured plaster, paint, then brick and cinder block walls will require more serious finishing work, with leveling the surface and plastering before the final coating. In a wooden house, you don't have to bother at all, and also leave everything as it is.

Furnace for home interiors

How to decorate a small cottage as well as designers? Review + Video Furnace in this house is an irreplaceable thing. The fact that such an element of the interior has gained popularity again is very encouraging. Fireplaces and stoves are not only replacing modern heating systems, but also playing the role of an interior center.

The decoration of the house will dance precisely from the fireplace or stove. The last element can be added to the decor of any room, but it is especially suitable for the interior of the living room and bedroom. Just imagine how comfortable it will be to fall asleep under the quiet crackling of burning firewood. You can get just as much pleasure if you spend the evening in an armchair by a live fire. Humanity has not yet come up with the best way to relax.

The stove can be made in any design. At the request of the owners, it can be laid out either in the old fashioned way, in a rustic spirit, or presented in a modern interpretation, even a combined view is allowed, where the use of symbiosis with a fireplace is provided. It is impossible to replace such energy, which the oven carries. The magic of fire is mesmerizing, and this is the best home amulet, so if possible, you should definitely add it to the country interior.

Features of the furnishings

As shown in the photo of the design of a small cottage, the country houses are mainly furnished with furniture that was previously used in a city apartment.

This approach to filling the room will leave a certain imprint on the style in the interior.If you think that a summer cottage furnished with different pieces of furniture is completely tasteless, then you are wrong, because the variegation of the palette is a characteristic feature of kitsch.

Home-made furniture will be far from the last place in the interior of the house. The wooden structure, which is outdated, can easily fit into the environment. It doesn't matter whether what you put in the living room from one headset, or you get a prefabricated hodgepodge of different items, but the main thing is that all this is convenient to use, and everything is appropriate in the room where the furniture is installed.

Furniture can be made with your own hands.

Places to sleep

The organization of such a place is another feature of the arrangement of a country house. The number of sleeping places should vary not only depending on the number of residents, but also taking into account the family's lifestyle. If you like to receive guests, then additional sleeping places will not be superfluous. When choosing between a sofa and a bed, it is better to rely on practicality.

The advantage should be given to the first one, because when unfolding it, you can put at least two people to sleep at once. When assembled, the furniture will not take up much space and will not disturb the comfort of using the areas.

DIY furniture

Truly suburban interiors do not need exquisite furnishings. Provided that nothing has survived from the old interiors, you should not immediately rush to the store. You can even make quite practical and comfortable furniture with your own hands.

Such unusual furnishings will perfectly suit the following styles:

  • Loft.
  • Provence.
  • Scandinavian.
  • Country.
  • Rustic.

It will be indispensable for arranging a veranda, especially an open type. Here you can install pallet sofas, stump tables, beautiful wooden benches and even make a fireplace. Look further for ideas in the photo, how to furnish a country house with a veranda.

Design-type refinements

Even if you plan to use the house only seasonally, this is not a reason to make it boring and faceless in decoration. Naturally, it will be superfluous to hang painting masterpieces, but beautiful reproductions will be worthy of taking a place on the wall in the bedroom or hall.

But this is not the only way to make a cozy summer cottage. Its interior should be filled with handmade items. a good choice would be tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains and rugs using patchwork technique. Embroidery on pillows looks beautiful, and not only ordinary, but also beaded. Such interior items will help to make the atmosphere unique and colorful.

Additional comfort can be obtained through the use of unusual lamps. With their help, you can give the interior a touch of romanticism or convey the direction of the avant-garde. Whatever accessories you use, they will sparkle in a new way if you make the right cut, which will be used as a general background.See how the design of a country house usually looks in the photo inside. Professionals do not use high-tech styles and most often beat the house in the rustic country.

Lots of wooden accessories, a rocking chair and wicker furniture are the perfect addition.

The dacha, which is decorated in the spirit of Provence, looks no less beautiful. There is a lot of wood here, but not natural, but painted white. Such an interior should be furnished with furniture of grandmother's times, old, and the rougher it is, the more stylish the atmosphere will be. Those who are reserved in their emotions, but love stunning comfortable interiors, should consider making a Scandinavian finish.

Everything here is modest, but tasteful. A large number of decorations on the nature and hunting theme will be offset by strict forms and dull colors of the furniture. The furnishings will be something like minimalist asceticism, so you don't even need to hang curtains in the room, but this is not for everybody.

Interior decoration in frame and stone country houses looks somewhat different. It is better to paint the walls here, while in cheerful and bright colors.

Here you can implement all the ideas that you cannot implement when renovating urban housing. The only place where you should be careful with the selection of the color palette is the bedroom. Sleep should not be disturbed by anything, so it is better to give preference to powdery and pastel colors, without shine and satiety of colors.

Internal layout

It is better not to load the kitchen of a country house with lockers and large furniture. No matter how small the house is, there must be several rooms inside.

It is not necessary that they be large, the main thing is availability. What will appear specifically in your case is worth deciding in accordance with your own lifestyle. Entrance hall and bedroom fell into the category of required premises. If you have frequent guests, a living room is required. The kitchen can not always be left under the roof of the house, it is often shifted to the veranda or even placed separately as an additional extension.

In terms of interior design, the kitchen can be classic or modern. It is desirable that this room has wide windows, so that there is good natural light and ventilation. it makes no sense to load the kitchen in a small house with cabinets. You don't need a lot of dishes here, but it's better not to give up the used modern household appliances. Your assistants will be a microwave and multicooker, a food processor and a toaster.

In the living room, you should arrange a place for gatherings, but in good weather it will be more pleasant to receive guests on an open veranda. If you have children, then it is worth approaching the arrangement of the children's territory responsibly, and for this it is better to allocate an attic. By the way, this place makes wonderful bedrooms. Lightweight partitions or mobile screens can be used to separate areas. And do not forget about the arrangement of summer cottage amenities.

A cast-iron bathtub, which stands on powerful legs, will perfectly fit into the interior, and there are enough shelves, a pencil case, a mirror and a towel holder from the furniture.


There is no deficit in the projects in the photo of country houses. When choosing an alternative option for yourself, it is worth correlating the project with the size of the site. Do not try to chase after something big, if even you are going to spend only warm money on it, because there is no point in sitting within four walls. In general, it is better to build what you like, since personal comfort is most important.


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