How to decorate the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper with your own hands? Ideas + Videos

How to decorate the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper with your own hands? Ideas + Videos Decorating the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper with your own hands. We spend a good half of our lives in the kitchen. We eat, communicate, host friends and relatives with refreshments. Cooking is a separate, intimate process in which all family members are engaged.

The kitchen for such purposes should combine the center of pleasant processes, good mood, comfort, cleanliness.

Overnight, the room should be very light and comfortably darkened. Indeed, in the kitchen we also relax over a cup of tea.

Kitchen with finishing

Requirements for finishing the kitchen

The finishing of a room with such characteristics should combine the resistance of the stone to temperatures, frequent cleaning with a lot of water and chemicals, and a place of presence to have a warm and cozy corner. Therefore, the space is divided into parts according to functionality and the decoration of the kitchen is made with tiles and wallpaper for comfort.

Divide the kitchen space

Before starting finishing work on the improvement of the kitchen space, it is necessary to make several important decisions on filling a relatively small space in terms of dimensions.

It is better to draw everything on paper for a clearer picture and as a future plan for decorating this room. Conventionally, everything is divided and filled in the following order:

Working area

It should be the most functional for its intended purpose. Everything should be within close reach of the hostess.

This zone includes:

  • How to decorate the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper with your own hands? Ideas + Videos Wall cabinets for storing small dishes, spices, loose seasonings. At this level, an extractor hood is masked to remove vapors during cooking, and a microwave oven and a dryer for vegetables and fruits are located.

  • Cutting tables are equipped with cabinets for placing kitchen utensils and bulk food products in them. At this level there is a built-in appliance, a dishwasher. Washer and dryer. Closer to the edge, a multifunctional sink for small dishes, vegetables and fruits is arranged.
  • On the opposite side there is a brewhouse with an oven and a stove with hot plates for preparing hot dishes.

Food intake area

And it smoothly goes into the zone of comfortable rest and communication. If the area allows, then a separate recreation area is formed. It is arranged in a soft style:

  • Chairs or comfortable sofas with soft seats.
  • Dining table.
  • For relaxation and communication, a bar counter with special chairs.

  • Drinks bar.

Choice of materials for finishing

It is worth starting by solving simple questions. Ceiling and floor decoration. It is necessary to be guided by important rules.


  • How to decorate the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper with your own hands? Ideas + Videos The ceiling is finished in light colors, and more often white is chosen.

    The finishing material must meet the criteria for resistance to sudden changes in temperature, exposure to steam.Give in to cleaning with wet cleaning with solutions of chemical fatty solvents. The ceiling receives most of the evaporation effect from the presence of fats when cooking.

  • A multi-level cascade made of plasterboard sheets is allowed. But everything is aimed at ease of surface maintenance.

    Paints based on acrylic and silicone resins are of interest. They serve for a long time. Do not deform under the influence of temperature differences. The smooth surface is easy to clean. The color remains throughout the entire service life.

  • The floor is covered with materials capable of withstanding frequent cleaning with large amounts of water and chemical solutions. For these purposes, ceramic tiles without a textured pattern, porcelain stoneware, linoleum of a commercial line for production are suitable. It has a thick protective polymer film.
  • Kitchen walls must be divided according to predefined functional zones:

Working area

May have a solution for the use of several different types materials for finishing. A protective apron is positioned over the entire cutting table area.

Provides a protective function against splashing water, grease and steam when cooking hot food. From exposure to high temperatures from the hob and from the oven during their operation.

  • Ceramic tiles are considered to be such material. She fully fulfills all these tasks.
  • It is easy to clean it without damaging the surface from dirt, even with the use of abrasive chemicals.

  • It is produced in different surface options; glossy, textured, with patterns in the form of prefabricated panels, matte tiles.
  • Glued to walls with tile mortar. Seams must be sealed with grout without fail.
  • As an option, an imitation of natural stone is used for finishing the apron. In terms of its quality characteristics, the material is not inferior to ceramic tiles, but it has a lack of color.

  • Above the apron, which occupies a third of the wall surface. Wallpaper is glued.

Tip! Experts advise choosing for these purposes a material with a vinyl surface on a non-woven base. Wallpaper of this quality can withstand high temperatures. They can be washed without losing their color and texture.

Dining area

To be distinguished by the quality of materials for finishing in the direction of giving calmness and a feeling of softness. Wallpaper with a pronounced textured pattern fits these criteria. But since the zone is located in the same room with the working part, it is better to use wallpaper with a vinyl top in terms of quality. They are easier and safer to clean.

Correlation of colors of the kitchen space

The selection of colors is an important point in the production of kitchen finishes.

Designers use several design rules:

  • The entire kitchen space, including furniture and equipment, can have several colors.But the use of more than three types will lead to a visual heavier perception of the space of a small room.

Ceiling and floor should be different in tone. They are responsible for the perception of the volume of the room. The ceiling should be light and the floor darker by several tones.

  • The walls of the work area and the headset can be the same color. But then the furniture of the recreation area should differ in contrast. But it will be lighter than the floor color.
  • It is better to choose the worktop of the cutting tables with the same texture as the working apron.

Decorators have created approximate color combinations for surfaces:

  • How to decorate the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper with your own hands? Ideas + Videos White goes well with blue, black and red.

  • Red goes well with yellow, black, green, white.
  • Gray shade is close to violet, signal blue, red.
  • Brown looks nice with blue, pink, beige, green with a bright shade.
  • The universal base color is black. He accepts and emphasizes all color illusions.

Artificial lighting plays an important role in the game of color filling of space. It is necessary to correctly select and place lighting devices in the kitchen. So that they do not bring stress, but help rest and relaxation.


The choice of color and its distribution in the kitchen space mainly depends on the perception of the owner of the room. After reproducing the planned plan in the interior of the kitchen, it will be difficult to make changes.

Better to spend more time, but come to the only correct solution.