How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video

How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video During the construction and installation of a frame house, one should give preference to reliable and comfortable projects.

Today, wooden buildings are increasingly replacing other types of buildings, due to their environmental properties and lower project costs. But the most popular were the frame houses, which, due to their cost, became affordable and real. Practical and beautiful frame houses are being built on plots located not far from the city, which in their properties and qualities are in no way inferior to panel apartments and brick cottages.

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For a good and affordable cost in a short time, you can build a comfortable full-fledged housing with a significant increase in area for the same amount.

Starting the construction and installation of a frame house, you need to understand in detail what materials your structure will consist of.

Types of frame houses depending on the materials used

Among frame construction technologies, it is customary to distinguish two methods of cladding a building:

  • How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video Frame panel technology. The principle of this type of construction of a frame house is the installation of special material, followed by its processing and mandatory insulation. When building a house using this technology, you will have to separately buy each required material, mount it, process and insulate it. The cost of this technology is quite low, however, it is more laborious;
  • Frame panel technology.

    With this technology, special-size shields are produced, into which insulation is immediately mounted. Ready-made panels and elements of the entire structure are delivered to the site, where the frame house is assembled and assembled using special equipment. This technology is very popular, because the terms of installation and construction of the structure are significantly reduced, but its cost increases. In production, all panels undergo high-quality and thorough control and fully comply with the declared standards.

Considering both technologies, we can say with confidence that the cost of building a frame house will be approximately the same, although in the first option it is necessary to pay extra for each type of work - sheathing, insulation and decoration, and in the second option the cost will increase significantly due to the qualities of the material used.

Advantages and disadvantages during installation

When choosing a project, I want the construction of the entire frame house to be at the lowest price and last a long time. Therefore, when choosing the right material and project, pay special attention to the advantages and disadvantages of all construction technologies and their implementation.

How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video Advantages of frame construction:

  • The technology of frame construction is considered an economical option for the construction of individual residential buildings;
  • Reducing foundation costs due to the low weight of the house;
  • Fast installation and dismantling of a frame house can be carried out in a couple of months;
  • Reduction of heating costs due to the high energy efficiency of the frame structure. The thickness of the walls can be made 15 cm, because the frame house has low thermal conductivity and in the winter season the rooms warm up quickly;
  • Frame houses have high thermal protection, high rigidity and resistance to deformation. Also, they do not settle - this allows you to do internal and external finishing immediately after the installation of the frame structure;
  • Reducing the cost of finishing due to the flat surface of the cladding materials.

    Inside, the walls of a frame house are sheathed with plasterboard, and this also reduces the cost of repairs.

Despite all the advantages and advantages of frame construction, these technologies, like other types of construction of this kind of houses, still have their disadvantages.

Cons of frame construction:

  • How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video For construction and assembly frame houses need a team of highly qualified specialists who will strictly follow the construction technology, assembly norms and rules, and will also use a special construction tool;
  • With an increase in the project, the construction costs increase. As a rule, frame houses are not built of large sizes with a maximum height of two or three floors with a length of no more than 20 meters;
  • A wooden frame requires the necessary impregnation and treatment with antiseptics, as well as protection from fire.

If, after studying all the pros and cons of a frame house, you still decide to build it, you need to familiarize yourself with the materials and methods for making the frame and its nodes.

Variants of making the frame

How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video Today, all frames of houses are built in mostly made of wood, but it is worth considering the option of making a frame made of metal. The metal base of the frame consists of a thermal profile, which has a sufficiently high fire resistance, is not subject to corrosion and the appearance of mold and mildew, significantly reduces the weight of the entire structure and its service life is more than 100 years. A wooden frame has a service life of only 60 years and is subject to many negative factors.

And it is important to remember that during construction it is not worth saving, because your safety depends on it. Therefore, leave the installation and assembly of the frame house to professionals.

Making the foundation for a frame house

The foundation is the basis of the structure and it is directly related to its service life. The technology of construction and installation of frame frames provides for the use of three types of foundations - slab, strip and columnar.When choosing a foundation, special attention should be paid to two main factors:

  1. The weight of the entire structure;
  2. The structure of the soil.

How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video If there is planting or muddy soil on your site, then a tiled foundation will be an ideal option for you. This type will help to evenly distribute the weight of the entire structure on the ground, unlike other types of foundation.

For another type of soil, strip and columnar foundations are suitable, they are able to withstand the load of the entire frame house and ensure its durability. An important point: when building and installing a frame house, correctly calculate the weight of the structure and, based on this, choose the required type of foundation.

Types of roofing

How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video In frame construction, the same types of roofs are used, as in brick or wooden houses. Depending on the project of the weeping house, the roof is mansard, gable, multi-gable. The most popular for residential frame houses are gable and mansard roofs.

The roof is easy to install and can be perfectly covered with any required material.

When choosing a material for a roof, you should pay attention to the architectural features of your project, the slope of the structure, the period of use of the material and the financing of the entire project. Consider the most common roofing materials:

  • Metal tiles. Designed for roof slopes up to 45 °. The shelf life with appropriate care is 35 years;
  • Ondulin or bituminous slate.

    Designed for roof slopes up to 40 °. Service life - 50 years;

  • Asbestos-cement slate. Designed for roof slopes up to 45 °. Shelf life for painting - 40 years, without additional treatments - 30 years;
  • Roofing steel. Suitable for roofs with a slope up to 30 °.

    Service life - 30 years.

If the attic room of the frame house is planned to be residential, then you will need special insulation of the roof frame. And the choice of the roof will be carried out taking into account the arrangement of the attic room.

The procedure for building a frame house
How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video
Procedure building a house

When building a frame house device, you need to strictly observe the order and correctness of work - this will help to take into account all the necessary details at all stages of construction . Adhering to this algorithm, we can say with confidence that the house will be built according to all building codes and its service life will increase for a long time.

For the construction of a frame house, first of all, we choose a site and an optimal place . Next, we check the soil and the level of the groundwater in this area. You also need to take into account all the climatic features of the place and the location of all communication systems.

After that we mark and lay the foundation we need.When assembling and installing a wooden frame, we put two crowns from a specially processed timber into the foundation, on which we will mount a wooden frame.

When choosing a metal frame, this operation is not necessary.

How to do the installation of a frame house with your own hands: Step by step instructions + Video
how to make the cladding of a frame house

Next we build the main frame and working on the outer skin. During the installation of external and internal cladding, we install windows and doors. Since the frame house does not sit down, the installation and installation of windows is carried out directly during construction. Next, we move on to the stage of insulation, this is if during the construction and installation ready-made shields were not used, which are simply covered with plasterboard with internal cladding.

After we have assembled and sheathed the entire frame, we assemble the internal partitions, equip the floors and ceilings, and carry out communications. Last but not least, we assemble the roof and produce interior and exterior finishes.

Construction of a frame house is not only the most famous and popular type of installation, but also durable and reliable. Subsequent use costs are significantly reduced due to the insulation and the high level of thermal conductivity of the entire structure.

A big advantage is the very fast construction and use of the building, as well as its durability and high environmental friendliness of the materials used, which help to create coziness and comfort in your home in the shortest possible time.

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