How to draw the interior of a room with your own hands

How to draw the interior of a room with your own hands How to draw the interior of a room in stages using a pencil and not only

If you have a great imagination, then this is very cool. However, quite often, during the planning of repair work, one wants not only to imagine what was conceived, but also to visualize all this. Moreover, sometimes there are situations when builders or other specialists need to know about everything that you want to bring to life. It will be more convenient to explain everything in a tangible picture. How to draw the interior of a room in stages? Now we'll find out everything.

To begin with, we will try to draw the interior step by step in perspective, namely with a distorted visualization of the shape and dimensions of interior items. If it is not clear, then we suggest you imagine parallel roads.

If you look at them in perspective, then on the horizon they will necessarily converge at one point - this will be the vanishing point, although in reality they will never be able to intersect. So, with this vanishing point example, let's move on to drawing.

Step by step instructions

We suggest you create a sketch of a living room with a cozy fireplace:

  1. On blank A4 paper, we propose to draw one line, which will be parallel to the edge of the paper, and then draw a second - the horizon line, and in the middle of it we will determine the vanishing point, and behind a part of the parallel edge of the line sheet, it will be possible to determine the second.

  2. How to draw the interior of a room with your own hands After that, the outline of a rectangle should be drawn on the image, with most of it located lower than the horizon. From the main vanishing point, the rays should be drawn to the edges of the lines, which are parallel to each other - this will appear the outlines of the walls, floor and ceiling.
  3. Delete the lines inside the rectangle with the eraser and start drawing out the outlines of the pieces of furniture - the door, the floor lamp, the back of the sofa, and more.
  4. Next, draw a couple more lines from the vanishing point, draw rounded outlines of the lamp, and outline the fireplace a little more.
  5. Delete the unnecessary lines and you can continue to draw the outlines of furniture.

  6. Next, draw a couple of lines from the main vanishing point, which in the future will turn into a sofa, floor lamp, window, paintings or other important objects.
  7. Draw out the outlines of the pillows, coffee table and other items - this way you will understand exactly how all the items should look on the sheet of paper.
  8. Keep in mind that you still have one more vanishing point? It is required in order to correctly place the pieces of furniture on the second side of the drawing. Draw the required lines and outline the outlines of the ottoman and chair.

If you wish, you can modify the elements of the drawing, although a lot will already be clear, because all the most important interior elements will be visible on the sketch.

In the same way, you can depict all the rooms, but do not forget - in the interior of the children's room, for example, a place for lessons should be drawn, and in the kitchen room, the work wall and the placement of the kitchen table.

Popular questions

How to make a room interior on a PC

Separately, it is worth dwelling on image methods interior perspective using a computer.

How to draw the interior of a room with your own hands Because modern technologies will make it possible to do this even with minimal knowledge of the corresponding computer programs. In drawing on a PC, you will be helped by such popular and very common programs as Adobe Photoshor, Payint and Corel, which, if both paid and in a conditional demo version, will last enough to create many drawings throughout the repair process. So, we suggest you consider how to depict a room step by step using the Payint program.


It is not difficult to draw the interior of a room on a computer. Before you will be a screenshot of the initial page of the program. As you can see, the interface is very clear, and there is also a version in Russian, there are a lot of tools for creating drawings, the range of colors will include at least 24 shades. And further on in the photo you see a drawing showing the vanishing point and the edge of the paper using a simple Line tool with a thickness of five pixels, and also a drawing of links with inserted text.

In order to make it easier to perceive everything, use color highlighting - inscriptions and lines are made in red and blue tones.

Next, using the "Basic" tool =. "Rectangle", and add a back from the sofa, and also a mantelpiece, using the Line tool draw lines for the walls, floor and doors. Moreover, it is possible to draw jagged lines, circles, ellipses, links and arrows, and you can also choose different colors, fonts, sizes and text placement. Allowed overlay layers, clarity and anti-aliasing, dashed lines and rows of dots - the program's possibilities are almost limitless.

In a similar, simple way, you can finish painting the entire interior, which will be clearer and smoother than manually on a sketch, but first you need to practice on light images.

How to draw a home interior online

During interior planning, you can turn to competent designers for help, who will be able to realize all your wishes online in the field of furnishing an apartment or house. But this pleasure costs a lot of money, and therefore will directly depend on your financial capabilities. But you can use free interior planning services, of which there are a lot at the moment.

Before you will be able to draw the interior of the room for free and online.

The interface is clear, accessible, and even beginners will be able to figure it out - it is possible to build a miniature copy of a house or apartment, as well as arrange decor items and furniture, change the shape, placement and even color of objects, and most importantly, printing the results of your creation will be provided.

Look at another screenshot of the online designer, which, in addition to the arrangement of decor items and furniture, will provide for the selection of the exact dimensions of the area of ​​the room, which is required for planning design and repair, will offer several options for doors, windows, ceilings and other structural elements. Do not forget to read our tips, arm yourself with a pencil and a sheet of paper, download the program on your PC and start learning, because graphics, even computer graphics, are very interesting and exciting. And if it helps you to make an unusual and original renovation, this is what you dreamed of.